This site is devoted to serving the needs of Australian and New Zealand music researchers.

MSA Thesis Register

In the MSA Thesis Register section you will find the bibliographical details of more than 3,000 music-related theses completed or currently in progress in Australia or New Zealand since 1917.

  • Each thesis is placed in as many of the forty categories upon which the database has been designed as is appropriate. You can search by a single category or a combination of categories. You can also search directly from any page on this site by using the keyword search facility in the sidebar.
  • Links to electronic copies of theses are included if known. Many recently published theses are online.
  • Abstracts are included where authors make these available.
  • The register is updated monthly
  • The register includes the details of projects that are currently in progress. If you are a postgraduate student researching anything related to music and your project is not included please tell us! This is the only way you can be included.
  • If you want to contact another postgraduate student about a project that is registered as "in progress" we will pass on your request if we have their email address.


In the Links page you will find links to:

  • Webpages for each Faculty, School or Centre that supports music-related research in each University in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Australian and New Zealand Journals that publish music-related articles.
  • Music-related Associations and Societies.

RILM RILM Abstracts of Music Literature
RILM is the first stop for the music researcher who wants clear, verified bibliographic information on world-wide, music-related publications, fully cited, abstracted, and indexed. By submitting bibliographic citations and abstracts to RILM, you are ensuring that music researchers worldwide will find out about your work. Online forms are available from the website. You are able to submit retrospectively for works that have not been submitted in past years. Submission is a simple process. You can submit citations and abstracts to RILM directly via the RILM website.

If you are researching a music-related topic in Australia or New Zealand, this site is yours: any suggestions are warmly welcomed