YEOLAND, Rosemary

PhD University of Tasmania 2006 Pages: 272

La contribution littéraire de Camille Mauclair au domaine musical Parisien à la fin du dix-neuvième siècle. The literary contribution of Camille Mauclair to the late nineteenth century musical world of Paris

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Published as: La contribution litteraire de Camille Mauclair au domaine musical Parisien (Ceredigion : Edwin Mellen Press,2008). ISBN: 9780773448605
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Abstract (provided by author)
The monograph La contribution litteraire de Camille Mauclair au domaine musical Parisien situates itself in the intertextual domain of literature and music. It examines how the French homme de lettres, Camille Mauclair (1872-1945) made a significant contribution to the musical education of the Parisian public at the end of the nineteenth century. It is the only text to date that explores in depth, Camille Mauclair’s relationship to music. In fact, very little has so far been written on this French author, either in French or English, despite his having been a prominent figure in the scintillating artistic milieu of fin de siécle Paris. This book highlights the process by which Mauclair’s musical aesthetic was shaped by both symbolist ideals and ideas based on beliefs expounded by Schopenhauer, Wagner and Bergson. Along with demonstrating the musicality which emerges in his fiction and is consolidated in his texts on music, the book also emphasises his international spirit with relation to his broad appreciation of European music. Throughout the text, the particular writing style he uses to describe musical matters is examined. It is a style that eventually throws him into conflict with the newly emerging Parisian musicologists. Overall the text provides a keyhole view of Parisian life at the turn of the century, as recorded by one of its most ardent writers, Camille Mauclair.

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