COLE, Malcolm A

PhD James Cook University 2014 Pages:

Tropical Sounds: A Music Education History of Cairns and Yarrabah: 1930 to 1970

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The city of Cairns and the Aboriginal township of Yarrabah in North Queensland, Australia, comprise multicultural populations that have rich musical histories. The music education histories of the Aboriginal, Anglo/Celtic and Torres Strait Islander communities of these two locations between 1930 and 1970 were researched to determine how music was learned and taught between generations within cultures, and if any intercultural music transmission took place.

The study presents a hitherto non-existent music education history of the two locations as, currently, there is no comprehensive history of music education or indeed, of music in Cairns and Yarrabah. Interviews, newspapers, annual reports of Government departments, recordings, films and other ephemera were researched using a combination of historical ethno-musicological, historical and oral history methodologies....

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