PhD University of Melbourne 2012 Pages: 299

Postmodern attractions : music videos 2000-2010

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Postmodern Attractions: Music Videos 2000 – 2010 revisits music videos nearly twenty years after the majority of scholarly material was first written about them, and shortly after YouTube and other internet video aggregates have wrought massive changes on their production, exhibition and reception. The thesis both identifies and tries to explain the prevalence and persistence of certain formal traits in contemporary music videos. These traits include a preoccupation with visual hyperbole, exhibitionism and showmanship; catchy, shocking or clever concepts; and a rapid-fire alternation of diverse spectacles, novelties and intertextual references. Whereas other writers tend to interpret these as ‘postmodern’ traits, indicative of the cultural contexts in which music videos first emerged, Postmodern Attractions argues that these traits are better understood as belonging to much longer and broader traditions of popular entertainment and attractions. ...

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