DUNSCOMBE, Samuel Ekkehardt

MMusPerf University of Melbourne 2011 Pages: 72

Ruptured causality : laptop performance and the concert audience

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This thesis examines the effect of the rupture of visual-aural causality on concert audiences at Laptop Performances. Laptop Performance has been criticised as unengaging, uninteresting, and inauthentic. Negative responses to this disconnect are examined from various angles, from cognitive neuroscience to economic theory, to build a comprehensive understanding of the problems faced by the contemporary laptop performer. Suggested solutions to the challenges faced by musicians engaged in Laptop Performance are examined in the writings of artists and theorists such as Kim Cascone, Julio d’Escrivan, and Caleb Stuart; and in the performance practices of artists working in the field themselves, in particular the works of Robin Fox and Francisco Lopez. The findings suggest a basic method that can be employed by laptop artists and those wishing to integrate the laptop into their artistic practice.

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