AO, Yumin

PhD University of Otago 2011 Pages: 270

A study on the thematic, narrative and musical structure of Yuan Zaju Injustice to Dou E

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My PhD is a systematic structural and textual analysis of Dou E yuan 竇娥冤 [Injustice to Dou E], one of the extant Yuan zaju 雜劇 (variety plays) originally composed by the Yuan playwright Guan Hanqing 關漢卿 (fl. 1260). My analysis is based on the edition of the play in the Yuanqu xuan 元曲選 [A Selection of Yuan Plays] compiled by the Ming publisher Zang Maoxun 臧懋循 (ca. 1550-1620). I propose that Dou E yuan, as a dramatic narrative which develops through its enactment on the stage, rather than by verbal presentation as a story, displays its integrative structure of narration through its thematic development and within its musical conventions. ...

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