MPhil University of Queensland 2011 Pages: 172

Parental engagement in stringed instrument learning [electronic resource] : a case study investigation of the familial factors that shape children's stringed instrument learning

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The research presented in this thesis contributes to the body of research relating to parental engagement in children’s music learning. The aim of this study was to investigate parental engagement in children’s stringed instrument learning. The study examined the factors that facilitate or inhibit parental engagement, as well as how teachers engage parents in the learning process, and teachers’ beliefs about the value of parental engagement in children’s stringed instrument learning. Data were collected through a survey of Australian string teachers, providing an overview of the phenomenon. The survey consisted of 25 questions, which were a mixture of open- ended questions and questions requiring a 5 point Likert scale response. Case studies were also carried out in two private Australian string teaching studios, and offered deeper insight into parental engagement. ...

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