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Portfolio of recorded performances and exegesis: the late piano works of Robert Schumann.

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This doctoral submission consists of 4 CD recordings of my performances of Schumann’s piano works (from Opus 72 to the last piece he composed) supported by an exegesis. The works performed and discussed are: Vier Fugen Op. 72 (1845), Vier Märsche Op. 76 (1849), Waldszenen Op. 82 (1848/9), Bunte Blätter Op. 99 (1836-49), Albumblätter Op. 124 (1832-45), Drei Fantasiestücke Op. 111 (1851), Drei Klavier-Sonaten für die Jugend Op. 118 (1853), Sieben Stücke in Fughettenform Op. 126 (1853), Gesänge der Frühe Op. 133 (1853), and the Geistervariationen WoO 24 (1854)...

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