ACKER, Yolanda

PhD Australian National University In Progress (2014) Pages:

Music in Madrid during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)

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The main objective of this thesis is to document and critically analyse the music that was performed in Madrid from the beginning of the war in July 1936 to the end of the conflict on 1 April 1939, making a timely contribution to the issue of music and the Spanish Civil War, which has largely been ignored and passed over by Spanish (as well as foreign) musicologists and music historians until now.
It will also help to paint a picture of music in Spain during the conflict that goes beyond the folksongs sung by the International Brigades and the Falangist *Cara al Sol* anthem that form the bulk of the material recorded and published on this theme to date, and fits in well with the current interest in the relationship between music and war, and music and politics, providing information relating to the musical life in Madrid and in Spain in general during this period, in an international context in which it has previously received little or no attention whatsoever.

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