WOODLEY, Kathleen Frances

MMus University of Auckland 2014 Pages: 277

Voice science and vocal pedagogy : joining the dots

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Vocal Research/Vocal Pedagogy Research has, until recently, been largely based on qualitative research methods relating to the aural training and perception of the vocal researchers. Voice Science Laboratories (VSL) are now developing computing programmes which can link many vocal parameters to a visual and data presentation to be interpreted by the vocal researcher. Analysis of this information can then inform both the singing teacher and the singer. This research examined the presentation of scientific ideas to singing teachers/students. Exploring vocal literature emphasizes how the concepts have not only changed over time, with new scientific discoveries being incorporated into the pedagogy, but the misunderstanding and resistance to these ideas in the vocal community. Research was undertaken to explore singing teachers/students’ perceptions and understandings of current voice science knowledge and find a research tool to help close the gaps. This research used inductive qualitative methods to trial a questionnaire research tool that may allow vocal teachers and voice scientists to communicate more clearly. Findings from the trial have provided recommendations that will assist voice scientists and vocal teachers in communicating these ideas and finding ways to use them in the vocal studio. This ’joining the dots’ is essential to the progress of vocal pedagogy.

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