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Les prétentions du violoncelle [electronic resource] : the cello as a solo instrument in France in the pre-Duport era (1700-1760).

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When Hubert Le Blanc published his Défence de la basse de viole in 1741, the cello had already established itself as a solo instrument in Parisian musical life. Several cellists, both French and foreign, had performed to acclaim at the Concert Spirituel, and the instrument had a rapidly expanding repertoire of published solo sonatas by French composers. Among the most significant of the early French cellist-composers were Jean Barrière (1707-47), François Martin (c. 1727-c. 1757), Jean-Baptiste Masse (c. 1700-1757), and Martin Berteau (1708/9-1771). Their cello sonatas are innovative, experimental, often highly virtuosic, and, in spite of unashamedly Italianate traits, tinged with a uniquely French hue...

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