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A study of compositional techniques used in the fusion of art music with jazz and popular music

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An analysis of the author’s composition portfolio is presented with reference to selected compositions by relevant contemporary composers interviewed in this study: Australian composers Judy Bailey, Stuart Greenbaum, Mark Isaacs, Andrea Keller, and South African composer Stefans Grové. The aim is to identify the existence of fusion in the art music composed by the above mentioned composers and to determine the kind of fusion. Enquiries are being conducted into a composer’s body of work, whether or not there is a specialization in a fusion of genres or whether only certain compositions feature this phenomenon. Further reference is made to the influence of American composers Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays, Maria Schneider, and Australian composers Paul Grabowsky and Carl Vine, upon the accompanying composition portfolio. Composers have to employ certain compositional techniques in order to overcome difficulties in practice. Presenting classical or jazz performers with musical genres they do not normally perform can be confronting. This thesis is an evaluation of compositions, as well as innovations by composers used to overcome difficulties in fusion.

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