ANDREW, Ian Gregory

PhD University of Adelaide 2016 Pages:

Singing a new story: a composer's exploration of textual synthesis through composition

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This submission for the degree of PhD at the Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide, is a portfolio of nineteen original compositions supported by an explanatory exegesis. These compositions are grouped into three major works: 1. Winds and Waters – a 53-minute song cycle for four singers and orchestra, comprising 13 individual songs, including solos, duets and a central quartet. 2. Nor the Storms That Pass – a 16-minute collection of five overlapping works for advanced a capella S.A.T.B vocal ensemble or choir. 3. Vespers – a 30-minute large-scale, non-liturgical setting of the Roman-Catholic Vespers mass for symphonic orchestra, chorus and vocal soloists. This project explores the compositional techniques involved in the development and realisation of original narrative-driven works by synthesising existing textual material from various unrelated sources, authors, historical eras and geographical locations into new and cohesive works with a perceptible storyline that was not necessarily present or implicit in any of the pre-existing works. This is achieved through an examination of the cognitive processes by which humans infer missing information from a partially-defined narrative, and the subsequent exploration and application of compositional techniques and treatments of synthesised texts which exploit this knowledge to most effectively guide a listener’s perceptions of textual cohesio

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