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The Reception of the music of Gustav Holst in Australia 1900 - 1950

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The contribution of Gustav Holst to the establishment of a distinctive British voice in the European compositional tradition has been historically undervalued and generally focused on just a handful of works, particularly his suite for orchestra, The Planets. Yet Holst’s individual style and contribution in Britain and beyond must be re-evaluated to provide a fuller picture of British music and its influence in the first half of the twentieth century. Much of what was written about Holst in his own era reflected the concerns of British nationalism at the time and the prominence of other figures such as Ralph Vaughan Williams. Recent scholarship has been attempting to redress the balance and this research constitutes a contribution to the efforts to re-evaluate the contribution of Holst, the originality of his music and his legacy. The historiography surrounding Holst has been examined and analysed to establish the prevailing attitudes and opinions of his work in Britain in this period and how these were propagated. The thesis then compares the objective reception history of Holst’s compositions in Britain and in the far-flung outpost of Australia...

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