BUTLER, Peter Maurice

PhD Australian National University 2015 Pages: 222

Primary school music education: a study of teachers, composers and original works in a pedagogical context

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Link to Thesis: http://hdl.handle.net/1885/101810

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This research project addresses the nature and function of compositions within the context of primary school music education. A longitudinal review of the literature, and the analysis of empirical data gathered in this research reveal the shortcomings between teachers’ expressed requirements and the currently available works. The researcher’s survey of over 1000 popular primary music resources by prominent Australian music education composers reveals the great majority are designed primarily for sing-alongs and basic percussion play-along. The melodic and rhythmic notational complexity of most of the music exceeds the music literacy level of all but a very small percentage of primary teacher graduates. It is intentionally published in a format that does not require music literacy. Through qualitative research methods, including the analysis of data gathered within interviews with educational practitioners and composers from Victoria and Tasmania, this project identifies and explores several deficiencies in music for primary school programs. The exegetical component of this research examines the nature and function of music used in Foundation to Year 6 school music classes across Australia...

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