ASHTON-BELL, Robert Linton Tavis

PhD Monash University 2015 Pages: 271

Sound in sight: an autoethnographical case study of teaching and learning western music theory

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This thesis explores the phenomenon of teaching and learning of western music theory within university level education. The teaching and learning of western music theory concerns an intangible medium, which can pose difficulties in its understanding. Western music theory is multifaceted and pluralistic in nature, with its learning hinging upon the interpretation of individuals situated within particular musical cultures. This being said, the subject also contains historical and sociocultural structures that define particular approaches to music. Due to this interpretative nature of music, a divergent educational approach is required rather than one that is convergent. Adopting a hermeneutical phenomenological stance stemming from a constructivist epistemology, the current study uses an autoethnography as central to its examination. Expanding around this central inquiry is a student survey and investigations to current pedagogical approaches adopted in western music theory teaching and learning...

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