ANTHONY, Brendan

MMus Griffith University 2015 Pages:

‘The Stairways to Mixing Heaven’: Designs for the Optimisation of Creative Mixing Practices in Popular Music Record Production

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As music technology ever develops, so too the creative practices and sonic outcomes of popular music productions evolve in response. This project therefore investigates the ways in which user-led system design informs the author’s practice as a recording studio mix engineer and as co-creator of popular music recordings. The dissertation details a two-year study into the Stairways mixing preparation framework developed by the author. Stairways will be tested for its suitability to design personalised mixing systems with a view to achieving optimum creative results for various musical styles. The study documents the creation of mixes for eight original pieces of music, as written by six artists /​bands, and where this development has been traced to provide a number of interpretations as 18 tracks on an accompanying CD portfolio...

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