YEADON, Daniel Edward

PhD University of Sydney 2016 Pages: 232

The Sydney Conservatorium Early Music Ensemble: An activity-theoretical study of the impact of period instruments, historically-informed performance and a unique pedagogy on tertiary group-learning experience

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This PhD thesis is focused on the learning experiences of students in the Sydney Conservatorium Early Music Ensemble (EME). It sheds light on an area that remains relatively under-researched to date: the group-learning experiences of tertiary-level music students. EME provides its members with an opportunity to experiment with period instruments and to explore repertoire from the late Renaissance to early Classical periods with a historically-informed approach to music making. The tutors of the ensemble, all of whom are expert practitioners in the field of historically-informed performance (HIP), have nurtured a pedagogy that embraces elements of informal peer learning and stimulates active participation and collaboration. The main claim of the thesis is that period instruments, HIP, a broadly constructivist tutor approach and collaborative peer learning all play a significant role in stimulating deeper learning and actively engaged music making...

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