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Escapee gloss : a symphony of polymedia

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Escapee Gloss: A Symphony of Polymedia has explored the methods and meaning of polymedia processes through the composition and subsequent performance of a folio of interactive works, particularly a large seven-­‐movement piece, Escapee Gloss. The creative work contained in the folio has been documented in musical and graphic scores and polymedia recordings, including my own performance as a clarinetist and polymedia artist and is contextualised and analysed in the accompanying exegesis. The feature work of the folio, Escapee Gloss, embodies a personal creative response to some old, used clarinets, irreparable and unplayable, and sundry discarded clarinet parts. It integrates these physically and emotionally into experiments with sound, art works, layering of light, reflections and manipulated art work and music in performance through multi-­‐ channel audio and video mixing. The composition combines digitally processed clarinet sounds, live acoustic instruments (flute, Eb/​Bb and bass clarinets, double bass and piano), live processed acoustic environmental sounds, props and projections...

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