CAREY, Benjamin Leigh

PhD University of Technology Sydney 2016 Pages: 328

_derivations and the performer-developer : co-evolving digital artefacts and human-machine performance practices

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This thesis concerns the development and use of interactive performance systems designed for improvised musical performance. Written from the perspective of a performer-developer, the research traces the development of personal approaches to designing for musical interactivity in human-machine performance, culminating in the development of the _derivations interactive performance system and related creative outcomes. The contributions and outcomes of this research project are as follows: - The development of novel computer music techniques for use in interactive musical performance; - A novel self-reflective study of the development and use of interactive musical performance systems from the perspective of a performer-developer; - Theoretical perspectives on the design and use of interactive musical performance systems. In addition to the published thesis, this research has generated significant creative outcomes in the form of software, studio recordings, documentation of live performances, video documentation and a publicly available website dedicated to the _derivations system...

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