ANDREWS, Helen Marie

DCP University of Newcastle 2015 Pages:

Cognitive impairment, spontaneous recovery and environmental enrichment post stroke

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Background: Cognitive impairment post stroke is common yet few studies have investigated cognitive deficits in the early stages post stroke. Spontaneous recovery of post stroke cognitive deficits has been reported. Studies assessing this phenomenon require the use of repeated neuropsychological assessments, however, the majority of this research fails to account for practice effects. The effects of intervention for cognitive deficits have also been explored. Stroke animal models reveal significant improvements in cognition following environmental enrichment, although human stroke studies are limited. Aims: The current study aims to 1) assess cognitive impairment in the early stages of stroke 2) assess spontaneous recovery of cognitive deficits while accounting for practice effects 3) assess the effects of enrichment on cognitive functioning post stroke...

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