ASHTON, Graham R

MPhil Griffith University 2015 Pages:

Got ‘em on a String: The Collective Skills, Knowledge and Attributes of Group String Teachers in Queensland

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There appear to be considerable differences in the outcomes of group string teaching programs in Queensland. Some teachers appear to be able to generate, manage and administrate highly efficacious programs; others seem to experience difficulty transferring the knowledge and skills required for students to become successful string players. This study investigates the collective skills, knowledge and attributes apparent in group string teaching. As a case study with multiple participants, the investigation documents the reflections of group string pedagogues, observes the outcomes of their programs and teaching methods, and synthesises these elements into a profile of collective skills, knowledge, and attributes. The collective profile is then compared with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers mandated by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL), to ascertain points of corroboration and where there is a disconnect. Whilst there is significant overlap between the collective profile and the AITSL standards, some mismatch is evident. Implications of the study include the need to review the training and early-career mentoring of group instrumental music teachers.

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