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Cuban Folkloric and Traditional Music Styles: rumba, danzón, punto libre and bolero adapted for Jazz Big Band in Australia using Modern Compositional Techniques

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This research has focused on the adaptation and interpretation of Cuban folkloric styles of rumba, danzon, punto libre and bolero. The dearth of commercial recording during the troubled years of Gerardo Machado's presidency (1925-1933) and the revolution of 1959 made it necessary to source archival recordings of rumba and punto libre as well as conduct interviews with living Cuban musicians and musicologists in order to research these folkloric genres. Whilst numerous recordings of danzón and bolero for large ensemble exist no texts were found regarding the orchestration of these styles across a standard jazz big band. This research investigates music and dance elements specific to each style and supports the orchestration of nine compositions for standard jazz big band using these elements...

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