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AnonDictionary of New Zealand violin makersPhDVictoria University of Wellingtonin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe folk music revival in OtagoMAUniversity of Otagoin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonHistory of Early Music performance in New ZealandPhDUniversity of Aucklandin progress (2007?)
AnonNew Zealand's published music 1850-1913PhDUniversity of AucklandIn Progress (2009)
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BATHURST, Ralph JamesThe music of organisations : an aesthetic ethnographyPhDVictoria University of Wellington2006427
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BLACK, Christopher JamesSound-as-art : the rise of the corporeal and noise in twentieth-century art practiceMMusVictoria University of Wellington201291p+1CD
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BRKOVIC, MinjaVisual Phrasing: manifesting the power of musical expressionM.AAuckland University of Technology201064
BROMBERG, BrianM.Mus composition portfolioMMusUniversity of Otago20087 Scores + 3 CDs
BROWN, Alan GladstoneThe application of the teaching methods of Opher Brayer in the compositions of jazz pianist Yaron Herman: Developing a portfolio of original compositions based upon these conceptsMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2013115p+1DVD
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BROWNLEE, PhilipPhD in composition [Part 1. Folio of compositions -- Part 2. Structural functions of timbre in selected works of Philip Brownlee]PhDVictoria University of Wellington2007
BURNS, ChristopherParading kiwis : New Zealand soldier concert parties, 1916-1954MAUniversity of Auckland2012157
CAMM, CherylIn the teeth of itDMusUniversity of Auckland19951 score
CARTER, TristanInfluence, intuition and integration : an exploration into my creative processM.M.AVictoria University of Wellington201245p+2CD+2DVD
CATTERMOLE, Jennifer AnneThe routes of roots of reggae in Aotearoa/New Zealand: the musical construction of place and identityMAMusUniversity of Otago2004224
CHENG, Hsin[portfolio of compositions]MMusUniversity of Canterbury20051 vol + 1 vid + CD
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CONNORS, Teresa MarieMaster of Music in CompositionMMusUniversity of Waikato201359
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DOBSON, Elizabeth JaneA Portfolio of CompositionsMMusUniversity of Waikato2010
DOBSON, PhilipMaster of music portfolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Otago2011219
DONALDSON, Judith DianeBetween two worlds : tensions of practice encountered by secondary school music teachers in Aotearoa New ZealandPhDMassey University2012283
DONALDSON, Judith DianeBetween two worlds : tensions of practice encountered by secondary school music teachers in Aotearoa New ZealandPhDMassey University2012283
DU PLESSIS, HeleenCello for AfricaPhDUniversity of Otago2015
DUNLOP, James David MacKenzieComposition portfolioMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)200747 + 3CDs + DVD
EGENES, John R. The Record Producer's Evolving Role: A Study of Three Recording ProjectsDMAUniversity of Otago2016
ETE, IgeleseMalae : music portfolioMMusUniversity of Auckland2005score + cd
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GILMOUR, HannahComposition portfolioMMusUniversity of Waikato2010134
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HANNAY, KarenThe Wellington Youth Choir, 1989-1997: A comprehensive bibliographyMLISVictoria University of Wellington199872
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HILL, CarolynNew Zealand music: into the 21st century: an investigation into the factors affecting the successful post-compositional promulgation of contemporary New Zealand musicMMusAustralian National University200192
HOLBOROW, JanetInstrumental and electroacoustic compositionMMusVictoria University of Wellington20022 vol + CD
HOLMES, LeonieDoctoral portfolio of compositionsDMusUniversity of Auckland2006307
HOW, Shona LouiseInteraction within the Therapeutic Relationship : Exploring the Relationship between the Music Therapy Practices of a Music Therapy Student and the Concepts Used in Intensive InteractionMMusTherVictoria University of Wellington201477
HOWE, BenGetting older : the construction of place, history and identity in New Zealand independent music MA (Anthrop)University of Auckland2000129
HUNTER, KarenWords & groove : a collection of extremely dark storiesM.Mus.University of Auckland200990 + 2 CDs
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JEONG, Ah Young (Angela) How did Music Therapy Contribute to a Patients' Quality of Life in a Hospice and Palliative Care Setting?MMusTherVictoria University of Wellington2016100
JEWELL, StephenNumber eight wired : a history of New Zealand dance music and club culture from 1970 to 2001 MAUniversity of Auckland2001146
JOHNSON, Julie AnneA woman's work: a music composition portfolioMMusUniversity of Canterbury2007482 + 15 + CD
Johnston, Emma Healing Maori through song and dance?: three case studies of recent New Zealand music theatreMAUniversity of Canterbury200784
JONES, Barry AlfredIdentifying and developing the gifts and talents of students with musical ability in New Zealand primary schools M.EdMassey University2006243
JOYCE, ZitaHearing ourselves: globalisation, the state, local content and New Zealand radioMAUniversity of Canterbury2002163
KAHUI, Dennis JonA cultural approach to music therapy in New Zealand : a Māori perspectiveMMus TherapyVictoria University of Wellington2008139
KAIFA, Alana SiuliaThrowin' words at U : a lyrical analysis of MC Lyte's rap textsMAMassey University2001224
KAIWAI, Hector MoanaPūkana rawatia! : Mickey Mouse does the hakaMAUniversity of Auckland2003152
KARINI, AngelaThe status of contemporary Māori musicMPhilMassey University200998
KAUR, AmritaRāgamālā : a garland of architecture and musicMArch University of Auckland2015181 + soundfile
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