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AnonMusic learning and teaching for the blindPhDUniversity of Adelaidein progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe effect of music therapy on early intervention outcomes for Australian children with hearing impairmentsMMus (Therapy)University of MelbourneIn Progress (2009)
AnonThe effect of singing training on respiratory and voice function for people with quadriplegiaPhDUniversity of MelbourneIn progress (2008)
AnonSpecial education teachers' perceptions of music therapy in MacauMMusUniversity of QueenslandIn Progress (2009)
AnonThe value of therapeutic flexibility within a national early intervention music therapy program as perceived by registered music therapistsMMus (Therapy)University of QueenslandIn progress (2008)
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HENSE, CherryMusical identities of young people recovering from mental illnessPhDUniversity of Melbourne2015
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JONES, KimberleyThe potential role for music therapy in a Deaf Education Centre in New Zealand MMusTherNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)200781
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KENNELLY, JeanetteSights, sounds and feelings: The views, experiences and practices regarding professional supervision for Australian-based music therapists.PhDUniversity of Queensland2013345
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