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Writersort iconThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pages
ABECASIS REQUENA, Silvana BeatrizA study of the Argentine composer's style through analysis of selected instrumental pieces with piano. [Guastavino Carlos] MMusUniversity of Newcastle2005102
ACKER, YolandaThe Castilian composer Antonio José Martínez Palacios (1902-1936) : a biographical study with a catalogue of worksMMusUniversity of Melbourne1995470
ACKER, YolandaMusic in Madrid during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)PhDAustralian National University2020
ADAMS, Christopher PattenComposition portfolioMMusUniversity of Auckland2006126 + 2 CDs
ADAMSON, AmandaPetrucci's Motetti C : a critical edition and study of the anonymous motetsMMusUniversity of Auckland1992310
ADDISON-SMITH, Dorothy JaneCollections of Australian music recordings in Melbourne public libraries MAMonash University199385
AGGETT, CathyAustralian art song: Pedagogical strategies for singers and singing teachers (working title)PhDUniversity of Western SydneyIn Progress (2005)
AGOSTINELLI, JosephineTradition and innovation in Percy Grainger's Ramble on Strauss's The rose-bearer (1927) : the performer's role in interpreting this transcription in relation to the specific Graingerisms used MA (perf)Monash University200567
AITKEN, Thomas CraigRichard Meale: a stylistic surveyMMusUniversity of Queensland1975115
ALDRED, Helen MaryIfi palasa: brass bands in TongaMMusVictoria University of Wellington1997330
ALLAN, David A.The problems and development of chordal and polyphonic technique in violin playing, 1650 to the late eighteenth centuryPhDLaTrobe University2001229
ALLAN, John McDonaldDie tote Stadt: An Opera by Erich Wolfgang Korngold (1897-1957)MAMonash University2000348
ALSOP, Peter R.Using aspects of language in computer based composition: three approaches to current Australian textsMALaTrobe University1999201 + 3 audio CDs
ALSOP, Peter RogerMapping gestures in the creation of intangible artworksPhDRMIT University2011238
AMARAL, Ulisses CoutinhoNot from here, not from therePhDUniversity of Sydney2014
AN, Yu LeePublishers of New Zealand Music: a historical survey from 1840-2002MA MusUniversity of Otago2003364
AN, Yu LeeMusic Publishing in London from 1780 to 1837 as reflected in music-publishers' catalogues.PhDUniversity of Canterbury2008 (nyiC)350 + 932
ANDERSON, ElizabethA study of fingering in selected sources of English virginal music MMusUniversity of Melbourne1984174
ANDERSON, Gordon AtholThe motets of the thirteenth century manuscript La Clayette MMusUniversity of Adelaide19692 vol
ANDERSON, Gordon AtholThe development of the motet in the thirteenth centuryD.MusUniversity of Adelaide19773 vol
ANDERSON, Peter JamesThe innovative music of Percy Grainger : an examination of the origins and development of free musicMMusUniversity of Melbourne1979114 + cass
ANDREEVA, Natalia VladimirovnaAnalysis and interpretation of the piano sonatas of Galina Ustvolskaya in three volumesPhDUniversity of Sydney2012168p +2CD
ANGUS, Andrew S.A critical examination and a transcription of the six published oboe sonatas of Giuseppe SammartiniMMusUniversity of Western Aust.20031 vol
ANNABELL, Angela RuthMusic in Auckland 1840-1855 : with reference to aspects of music in the Bay of Islands area both before and after 1840.MAUniversity of Auckland1968239
AnonAspects of the music of Henry PurcellMMusUniversity of NewcastleIn Progress (2006)
AnonFifteenth-century modality: a comparison of the practice of Ockeghem and the theory of TinctorisMAMonash Universityin progress 2005
AnonAnalysis of selected chamber works by Haydn and BeethovenMMusUniversity of Newcastlein progress (NiC08/07)
AnonSets and Violins: an investigation of contemporary performance styles of Artist/Violinists, with particular reference to the work of Laurie AndersonGradDipMusAustralian National Universityin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonAndrew Schultz's Black River: an analysisMMus (Hons)University of Wollongongin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonRelationship between the words and the music in the songs of Ivor GurneyPhDGriffith Universityin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonMusicological study of Australian contemporary music with reference to cross-fertilisation of jazz and world musicMMus (Hons)University of New Englandin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonVocal writing in Stravinsky's Neo-classic music and especially The Rake's ProgressMCAUniversity of Wollongongin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonGiuditta Pasta and Maria Callas: phenomenon and impact of the acting singerMMusAustralian National Universityin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe use of the tuba family in Wagner's RingMMusUniversity of Newcastlein progress (NiC08/07)
AnonTimbral perception: a study in sound colour, with emphasis on the listener's perspective, and aspects of Skryabin and KandinskyMMusUniversity of Melbournein progress (NiC08/07)
AnonPractice-led research on The Scapegoat in Musical Theatre Writing/Composition at QUT. Key concepts include songwriting, queer musicology and postcolonialism.PhDQueensland University of Technologyin progress (2005)
AnonFemale Vocal Writing in Operas of the Late 18th CenturyPhDUniversity of Newcastlein progress (NiC08/07)
AnonExtramusical structures in the concerti of Larry SitskyMMusAustralian National Universityin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe orchestral music of Pierre Boulez: an examination of the musical and extramusical influences on three major works for orchestra by Pierre Boulez, from the point of view of the conductorPhDUniversity of Western progress (NiC08/07)
AnonPerformance practice in selected works of Sergei ProkofievMMusGriffith Universityin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe Diva Desire: an examination of the perceptions and aspirations of Australian women striving to achieve an operatic career.PhDAustralian National Universityin progress (2007)
AnonThe harmonic language of The Triumph of Time by Harrison BirtwhistlePhDUniversity of Otagoin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe Australian song cycle for voice and piano in the second half of the twentieth century: themes of a multi-layered societyPhDUniversity of Adelaidein progress (NiC08/07)
AnonSense of the sacred: Selected a cappella works by Anne Boyd, Nigel Butterley, and Clare MacLeanPhDUniversity of Adelaidein progress (2001)
AnonDramma per musica: A critical study of Handel's cantatas for solo voice and obbligato instruments, 1706 - 1709MMusUniversity of Sydneyin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonLate 19th-century Italian operaMMusUniversity of Newcastlein progress (NiC08/07)
AnonFernando Sor's theory of harmony applied to the guitarPhDUniversity of Auckland20111008
AnonAspects of the operas of MenottiMMusUniversity of Newcastlein progress (NiC08/07)
AnonFrank Bridge and the English pastoral tradition.MAUniversity of Western progress (NiC08/07)
AnonConceptions of time and their implications in the analysis of selected twentieth century compositionsPhDUniversity of Newcastlein progress (NiC08/07)
AnonAnalysis of Scenes de Ballet by Igor StravinskyMMusUniversity of Adelaidein progress (NiC08/07)
AnonWilliam Walton's solo songs and song cyclesMMusUniversity of NSWin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonTonal and atonal fusion in Bartok's studies, Opus 18PhDUniversity of Melbournein progress (NiC08/07)
Anon"Light Music" by Australian composers in the postwar era.PhDUniversity of Adelaidein progress (2007)
AnonThe life and music of Charles Edgar Ford (1881-1961)MAUniversity of Western progress (NiC08/07)
AnonA comparative analysis of the 'Sonate Posthume'GradDipMusAustralian National Universityin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonA study in the comparison and contrast of the English Anthem of Pelham HumphreyMMusUniversity of NSWin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe world interpreted: extra-musical influences on the composition and interpretation of Benjamin Britten and Peter PearsPhDUniversity of Queenslandin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonArrangements of Mozart's Operas for HarmoniemusikMMusVictoria University of Wellingtonin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe Preludes of ScriabinPhDUniversity of Newcastlein progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe inner voice: musical language and meaning in Clara Wieck Schumann's Piano Sonata, Lieder and other worksPhDGriffith Universityin progress (2007)
AnonAesthetics in the Orchestration of Maurice RavelPhDUniversity of Melbournein progress
AnonKurt Weill: music and politics in GermanyMMusGriffith Universityin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe life and music of English cellist Robert Lindley (1776-1855)PhDUniversity of Melbournein progress (2006)
AnonThe virtuoso performer-composer: Brigid Burke's contribution to the clarinet repertoireMMUS (perf)University of Western progress (2006)
AnonAn evaluation of the concept of third stream music and its applicability to a selected work of Mark-Anthony TurnageMusMUniversity of Western progress (NiC08/07)
AnonA Comparative Study of the Romantic Liederkreise with the Song Cycles of the 20th Century British ComposersMCAUniversity of Newcastlein progress (NiC08/07)
AnonAn analysis of Stockhausen's TraumformelMusMUniversity of Western progress (NiC08/07)
AnonSatie's Socrate: an analytical studyMAUniversity of Otagoin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe symphonies of Carl VineMPhilUniversity of Sydneyin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonVocal expression and text portrayal in the music of BerioMMusGriffith Universityin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe use of popular music techniques in contemporary Australian guitar compositionsMMusAustralian National Universityin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonDavid del Tredici and the curse of tonalityMAMonash Universitywithdrawn c.2006
AnonDer Freischütz , Gothic Drama and representations of Witchcraft and the supernatural through LeitmotivPhDUniversity of NewcastleIn Progress (2000)
AnonFacing the Music: A study of Italian musician portraits c. 1640-1780PhDUniversity of MelbourneIn Progress (2007)
AnonDame Joan Hammond - A Diva of CircumstanceMAMonash UniversityIn Progress (2007)
AnonMax Reger and the orchestraPhDUniversity of Adelaidewithdrawn 1967
AnonThe music theatre of Franz SchreckerPhDUniversity of Adelaidewithdrawn 1968
AnonComposing Women and Feminist Movements in France, Germany and England at the turn of the twentieth centuryPhDUniversity of NSWIn progress (2005)
AnonForm and harmony in the later concerted works of Elliott CarterPhDAustralian National UniversityIn progress (2007)
AnonCrossover trends: The nexus between the Third Stream Movement and contemporary musicMMusGriffith University2010107
Anon"An integration of score-based and digitally produced composition" - folio of compositions and critical commentaryPhDUniversity of QueenslandIn Progress (2009)
AnonNew Zealand's published music 1850-1913PhDUniversity of AucklandIn Progress (2009)
AnonSoviet Music in the “Great Patriotic War”, 1941–45PhDUniversity of MelbourneIn Progress (2008)
AnonAn Aural Analysis of Bel Canto:Tradition and interpretations as preserved through selected sound recordingsMMusUniversity of AdelaideIn progress (2006)
AnonAcoustic Ecology and the Documentation of Environments Using Soundscape Composition [working title]PhDUniversity of South AustraliaIn Progress (2009)
AnonDefining the Indefinable: An historical and cultural exploration of excellence in musicPhDAustralian National UniversityIn progress (2010)
AnonThe Concert Virtuoso Then And Now: From Nineteenth-Century Virtuosity to ModernityPhDUniversity of SydneyIn Progress (2012)
ANSLOW, DayleThree masses by Antonio Cifra and their background in the Roman Counter-Reformation: a study and edition.MMusUniversity of Auckland1998348
ANTONOV, EdwardFormulating an interpretation of Frederick Septimus Kelly's Violin Sonata in G major through an assessment of the performance style of the work's dedicatee, Jelly d'AranyiMMusMonash University2015
AO, YuminA study on the thematic, narrative and musical structure of Yuan Zaju Injustice to Dou EPhDUniversity of Otago2011270
ARMSTRONG, NewtonFolio of compositions [plus analysis of Brian Ferneyhough's Fourth string quartet]M.MusUniversity of Melbourne199649 + 7 scores
ARONOWICZ, AndrewComposition folioMMusUniversity of Melbourne2013
ARTINGSTALL, Elizabeth M.Dufay, a man of the world: An investigation into Dufay's ceremonial motetsMAMonash University1996110
ASHTON-BELL, Robert Linton TavisSound in sight: an autoethnographical case study of teaching and learning western music theoryPhDMonash University2015271
ASZODI, JessicaVoicing subjectivity: Artistic Research in the realization of new Vocal MusicPHDGriffith University2016189
ATCHISON, MaryThe structures and scribes of the chansonnier of the Oxford Bodleian MS Douce 308PhDMonash University19952 vol
ATCHISON, Morag CatrionaThe soloist as an ensemble singerDMAUniversity of Auckland2013141
AUDAIN, Yvette MichelleComposition folio MMusVictoria University of Wellington20022 vol
AUÉ, Johannes(E)merging idioms [music] : integrating jazz and classical ensembles : portfilio of compositions and exegesisMMusUniversity of Adelaide2010240 + CD
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