Writersort iconThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pages
ALLEN, SusanRené Maran's "Batouala", jazz-textPhDUniversity of Newcastle2012
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ANGUS, QuentinPhrasing and polyrhythm in contemporary jazz guitar: a portfolio of recorded performances and exegesis.PhDUniversity of Adelaide2014307
AnonMusic, Media and the ArtsDPhil Ed.University of NSWin progress (2006)
AnonInterpretation through improvisationMMusUniversity of Queenslandin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonMusicological study of Australian contemporary music with reference to cross-fertilisation of jazz and world musicMMus (Hons)University of New Englandin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe Art of Lyric Improvisation: A Comparative Study of Two great Jazz VocalistsMMusUniversity of Canterburyin progress (2007)
AnonJazz Improvisation: Addressing VocalistsPhDGriffith Universityin progress (2007)
AnonAn evaluation of the concept of third stream music and its applicability to a selected work of Mark-Anthony TurnageMusMUniversity of Western Aust.in progress (NiC08/07)
AnonAcquiring the ability to improvise: a cross-cultural study examining the learning processes and performance strategies of musicians in jazz, Hindustani music, and Arabic taqsimPhDUniversity of NSWin progress (2007)
AnonCrossover trends: The nexus between the Third Stream Movement and contemporary musicMMusGriffith University2010107
ARNOLD, MartinWhy play jazz? : an investigation into meaning of participation in a primary school music ensemble M.EdUniversity of Melbourne2000126
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AUÉ, Johannes(E)merging idioms [music] : integrating jazz and classical ensembles : portfilio of compositions and exegesisMMusUniversity of Adelaide2010240 + CD
AUGUSTYNIAK, SylvanaThe impact of formal and informal learning on students' compositional processesPhDUniversity of NSW2011290
AYRTON, BrookKeith Stirling : An introduction to his life and examination of his music MMusUniversity of Sydney201157
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BARLOW, DaleA portfolio of transcriptions and analyses towards Masters of Music MMus (Jazz)University of Canberra19972 vol
BARTLETT, Simon JohnAn Exploration of the Origins and Expression of Implied Harmony in The Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Chet Baker (1952-1953)MMusUniversity of Sydney2016102
BAYNES, Mark EdwardAnalytic, descriptive, and prescriptive components of evolving jazz : a new model based on the works of Brad MehldauDMAUniversity of Auckland2015229
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BEVAN, AndrewFrom conception to realisation : instrumentation and recording quality in creative music making for the jazz multi-instrumentalist MMusUniversity of Adelaide200644+3cds
BORNMAN, Richard M.An analysis of the jazz guitar style of Lenny Breau : late 1960sMMus (Perf)University of Sydney20041 vol
BORTHWICK, JeremyHal Crook : an analysis of his improvisational style from the period 1994-1996, by the examination of core material common to three representative recordings and their related transcriptions MMusUniversity of Sydney200088
BOTTING, ThomasThe Effect of Outside Genres on Techniques and Devices in Modern Jazz Composition (1988-2008)MMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2014114+1DVD
BOTTOMLEY, John AJazz/culture : styles, formations, politics MAAustralian Catholic University199194
BRAKE, RyanDevelopmental Devices Used to Create Coherence and Unity in Multi-Movement Suites in a Modern Jazz Orchestra SettingMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)201382p+1CD
BREEN, AndreaCreating a place : women, land and improvisation PhDUniversity of Tasmania2000335 + 2 cass + 2 CD
BRIEN, StephenAn investigation of forward motion as an analytic template MMus (Perf)University of Sydney2004112
BROADHURST, Philip DouglasAgainst all odds : the life and music of Michel PetruccianiMPhilMassey University2007157 + 3CDs
BROMBERG, BrianM.Mus composition portfolioMMusUniversity of Otago20087 Scores + 3 CDs
BROOMHEAD, ChristopherThe second line influence in the drumming of Keith Carlock: a practical and theoretical investigationMMusMonash University2012
BROWN, Alan GladstoneThe application of the teaching methods of Opher Brayer in the compositions of jazz pianist Yaron Herman: Developing a portfolio of original compositions based upon these conceptsMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2013115p+1DVD
BROWN, JamesIntellect and intuition: reflections on the role of improvisation in contemporary jazz composition and performance MMusUniversity of Adelaide200762 + 2CDR
BRUER, TimA study of pianist Keith Jarrett's approach to the structuring of an improvised performance, based upon the standard song, from the years 1985 to 1989 MMus (Jazz)University of Sydney2003
BUCKLEY, DarylFrom body schema to score: creating spatial grammars in contemporary electric guitar practice.PhDRMIT University2015108
BURGESS, NadiaAn overview of third stream/confluent music and the involvement of Australian composers + Portfolio of original compositionsMMus (Comp)University of Sydney20042 vol + CD
BURGESS, NadiaA study of compositional techniques used in the fusion of art music with jazz and popular musicPhDUniversity of Sydney2014
BURKE, Robert LouisAnalysis and observation of pre-learnt and idosyncratic elements in improvisation : a reflection study in jazz performancePhDMonash University2013141
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BYWATER, Philip FrankAs the spirit moves : a study of personal spirituality as a source for musical inspirationMMus(Perf)University of Melbourne201090 + 1 CD
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CAESAR, MichaelThe processes used by high school music instrumentalists when improving music and the factors which influence those processesM.EdUniversity of Canberra1999262
CAESER, MichaelThe processes used by high school music instrumentalists when improvising music and the factors which influence those processesM.EdUniversity of Canberra1999262
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CARBONE, GwenAustralian ragtime music 1946 to 1996: an historical and analytical survey of selected scoresMMusAustralian Catholic University1997119
CARTER, James Stuart ReadImporting and exploring the kramerian theory of musical postmodernism within contemporary Jazz performanceMArtsMonash University201580
CATANCHIN, HelenAn exploration of composed and improvised wordless singing in performance: skills for the 2Ist century contemporary jazz singerMMusMonash University2015
CAVE, JennaPortfolio of compositions /​ Jenna CaveMMus.University of Sydney201068p + 1CD
CHAMBERLAIN, Grant MichaelTranscription and analysesMMus (Jazz)Australian National University19981 vol + 1 cass
CHAO, Peter Yu-ChunMulti-stylistic fluency on the saxophone: Delineating pedagogical strategies for the interpretation of jazz-influenced classical saxophone worksMMusUniversity of Sydney201683
CHICOINE, Matthew Robert "The Detroit Way": creative exchange in music production, 1950-2000MAUniversity of Auckland2014150
CLARK, RowanAn analysis of the bass playing of Scott LaFaro as part of the Bill Evans TrioMMusVictoria University of Wellington2014202
CLARKE, BrendanAn investigation of the background, influences and performance practices of five Sydney based jazz double bassistsMMusUniversity of Sydney2014177
CLARKSON, TimothyChromatic Thirds Relations In The Improvisations of Mark TurnerMMusUniversity of Sydney201359
COADY, Christopher WilliamAfro-modernist compositional strategies in selected works by John Lewis: 1952-1962PhDUniversity of NSW2011310
COOPER-DE VRIES, Teresa M.To be or not to be : balancing process and product in the classical piano lesson through improvisationMMusUniversity of Auckland201483
COTTELL, SamAustralian Light Music 1950-1980: An analysis of genre and stylePhDUniversity of SydneyIn Progress (2014)
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CUTLAN, PaulDifferent every time : the integration of improvisation into through-composed musicM.MusUniversity of Sydney201276p +1CD
DAMBERG, ErikExotic Australia songs from the 1920s-1950sMAMacquarie University200367 + 2 CDs
DE SOUZA, MarianThe development of the improvisational technique of Louis ArmstrongM.LittUniversity of New England1983182
DELVES, Benjamin DavidMartin Jackson and The Melbourne Jazz Cooperative; how they influenced the Melbourne modern jazz scene.MMusMonash University2016
DENSON, LouiseCreative Practice as research - jazz composition and arrangingDMAGriffith University200842
DENSON, Marjorie LouiseMusic from the Margins: An Autoethnographic Study of the Development of a Jazz Composer’s VoiceDMAGriffith University2014190
DIPNALL, Mark FairlieIntroducing instrumental students to improvisationM.EdUniversity of Melbourne201274
DJURIC, DeannaMessiaen’s musical language for the jazz pianist - an exploration through performanceMMusUniversity of Adelaide20092 Discs + exegesis
DOWDALL, PeterThe impact of technology on the role and function of the bass in jazzPhDUniversity of Adelaide2012293
DOWER, DavidSelf-accompaniment and improvisation in solo jazz piano: Practice-led investigations of assimilation, ostinatos and ‘hand splitting’MArtsEdith Cowan University2015147
ELLIS, ChristopherPan-stylism in the music of Dave DouglasMMusPerfUniversity of Sydney201375
ELTON, Kim CecileTango, from Perception to Creation: A Pianist’s Quest to Capture and Embody Tango in Performance and CompositionDMAGriffith University2014
EVANS, Sandra JanetteMeetings at the table of time: a creative practice enquiry into Carnatic jazz intercultural musicPhDMacquarie University2014367
FALEATUA, Andrew KelevaConstructing compositional concepts to exploit contemporary compositions MMusUniversity of Auckland201376
FLEMING, Jenni K.Transcribing improvised music: a comparison of part of the original transcription with the recording of Keith Jarrett's Koln concert.MMusUniversity of Queensland199588
FORRESTER, PeterAn exploration through improvisational music and verbal dialogue of the construct "working together"M.EdLaTrobe University200176
FORSTER, RaymondAn investigation into a cohesive method of teaching jazz harmony and improvisation to elective music students in secondary schools using the basic principals of chord-scale theoryMMusUniversity of Sydney201091
FRANKLIN, Gavin E.Stylistic Features in the Recorded Improvisations of Herman "Woody' Shaw (1944-1989)PhDUniversity of NSW2001 (NiC)3 vol + CDs + bookle
FREEMAN, LliamDeveloping an improviser's "tool-kit" : exploring methodologies towards the development of improvisational skill and fluency in the performance of original work in jazz ensemble MAMonash University200656 + CD
FREER, NicholasEvening the odds : an analysis of methodologies used to generate harmonic rhythm in asymmetrical meters since the 1950s and their subsequent implications for contemporary improvisationMAMonash University201076 + CD
GALBRAITH, JaneThe Necks - an acoustic experiment : PlacesDCAUniversity of Technology Sydney2010267P + 1CD
GALEAZZI, MichaelAn overview of the musical sources of "Wedding Song"MMusUniversity of Sydney200953
GARCIA, ALStringshift : solo guitar improvisation : process, methodology and practiceUnknownUniversity of Tasmania2014
GARCIA, Anthony LamontAn introduction to guitar harmony and improvisationMMusUniversity of Queensland1999121
GENOUX, Christophe EmileInspired : I want to play music like the elephant looks at everything! : 'The eye of the elephant' as a metaphor for performing improvised jazz musicM.Mus.University of Melbourne200942
GILLETT, Rachel AnneCrossing the pond: Jazz, race and gender in interwar ParisPhDUniversity of Otago2010
GINSBURG, MarkReaching for an inner voice : the influence of Jewish cantorial singing on Jewish jazz musiciansMMusUniversity of Sydney201053 + 1 CD
GONZALEZ, Roger Orio¡Latin jazz! : a syncretic journey from Spain, Cuba, the United States and backM.A.(Research)Queensland University of Technology2009273 + 1 CD
GOODMAN, DaveTony Williams' drumset ideology to 1969 : Synergistic emergence from an adaptive modeling of feel, technique and creativity as an archetype for cultivating originality in jazz drumset performance studiesPhDUniversity of Sydney2011491
GOYER, EdwardCreating unity within an album for compositions defined as "jazz style"DCAUniversity of Wollongong200861 + CD
GOYER, KjellCreating an improviser's system for jazz standards on the classical guitarMCAUniversity of Wollongong201042
GRAHAM, Jessica L.Crossing in style : an exploration of the vocal and presentational elements to be considered when classical singers cross over into the jazz genreMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)200861
GREENBAUM, StuartComposition folio; Pat Metheny's The First circle: transcription and commentaryMMusUniversity of Melbourne1991-22 vol + 2 cass
HAMMOND, Jason CliffordAn Australian perspective on third stream musicMMusGriffith University1998127
HANNAFORD, MarcElliott Carter's rhythmic language : a framework for improvisationMMusPerfUniversity of Melbourne2012112
HANSSON, ClareMarian McPartland, jazz pianist : an overview of a musical careerPhDQueensland University of Technology200647 + CD
HARLEY, LukeNathaniel Mackey : jazz poetPhDUniversity of Sydney2010429
HARRIS, MarkPolyphony as a compositional device of Dave HollandMMusUniversity of Sydney200945 + 1 CD
HARRISON, GregoryThe dialectics and aesthetics of freedom: Hegel, slavery and African American musicPhDUniversity of Sydney1999463
HICKS, TonyThe path to abstraction : a practice led investigation into the emergence of an abstract improvisation languageMMusUniversity of Melbourne201172 + CD
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