Composition P/folio

Writersort iconThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pages
ABBOTT, KatrinaFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne20011 vol + cd
ADAMS, Christopher PattenComposition portfolioMMusUniversity of Auckland2006126 + 2 CDs
ALVARO, LorenzoFolio of compositions [music] : 2007- 2008M.Mus.University of Melbourne2008225 + 1 CD
ANDREW, Ian GregorySinging a new story: a composer's exploration of textual synthesis through compositionPhDUniversity of Adelaide2016
ANGUS, QuentinPhrasing and polyrhythm in contemporary jazz guitar: a portfolio of recorded performances and exegesis.PhDUniversity of Adelaide2014307
Anon"An integration of score-based and digitally produced composition" - folio of compositions and critical commentaryPhDUniversity of QueenslandIn Progress (2009)
Anon“21st Century composer as producer: utilising technology as a creative tool in the composition, realisation and performance of new music”PhDUniversity of QueenslandIn Progress (2009)
AnonAcoustic Ecology and the Documentation of Environments Using Soundscape Composition [working title]PhDUniversity of South AustraliaIn Progress (2009)
ARMSTRONG, NewtonFolio of compositions [plus analysis of Brian Ferneyhough's Fourth string quartet]M.MusUniversity of Melbourne199649 + 7 scores
ARNOLD, GregWriting songs and writing a record: Inside the composition of an Acoustic Pop AlbumPhDUniversity of Tasmania2013175
ARONOWICZ, AndrewComposition folioMMusUniversity of Melbourne2013
ASKILL, MichaelReflections on Composition and ConsciousnessPhDUniversity of Queensland2015145
AUDAIN, Yvette MichelleComposition folio MMusVictoria University of Wellington20022 vol
AUÉ, Johannes(E)merging idioms [music] : integrating jazz and classical ensembles : portfilio of compositions and exegesisMMusUniversity of Adelaide2010240 + CD
BAKRNCHEV, Michael ArthurFolio of CompositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne2016
BANNEY, David AndrewSymmetry and symmetry reduction in musicPhDUniversity of Newcastle2015
BARBELER, DamianShades of mimesis : self-similarity and other nature-based inspiration in compositionPhDUniversity of Sydney201089 + 8 score+ 2 CDs
BARCLAY, LeahSonic Ecologies: Environmental Electroacoustic Music Composition in Cultural ImmersionPhDGriffith University2014
BARKER, Bram WesleyThe Jebediah Jones Mystical Montrose Tour, 1999MMOverseas199922
BARKL, MichaelFranco Donatoni's Etwas Ruhiger in Ausdruck; and folio of compositionsMMus (Hons)University of New England19852 vol
BARLOW, DaleA portfolio of transcriptions and analyses towards Masters of Music MMus (Jazz)University of Canberra19972 vol
BARTLETT, Simon JohnAn Exploration of the Origins and Expression of Implied Harmony in The Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Chet Baker (1952-1953)MMusUniversity of Sydney2016102
BATTERHAM, Andrew BruceFootprints: the assimilation of extra-Classical elements in a compositional languagePhDUniversity of Melbourne2015
BAYNES, Mark EdwardAnalytic, descriptive, and prescriptive components of evolving jazz : a new model based on the works of Brad MehldauDMAUniversity of Auckland2015229
BEAUGEAIS, KatiaCompositions by Katia BeaugeaisMMusUniversity of Sydney2010148 + 1 CD
BEECHE, Jack TrewhellaImprovised counterpoint: a study of contrapuntal strategies and interchangeable roles between two soloists in jazz improvisationMMusMonash University2015121
BEILHARZ, KristyPortfolio of musical compositionsPhDUniversity of Sydney1996287+cass
BEN-SALAMON, Nissana folio of original music compositions that explores the integration and development of derived materials, including a painting, African rhythms, synesthesia, poetry and pre-recorded audio filesMAMonash University2003c.50 + 4 scores + CD
BENDRUPS, FayeService station : straying the Australian landscape : a modern Aussie ballad opera PhDVictoria University (Vic. Australia)1996196
BENNETT, AlexanderInjecting life into electroacoustic music : a practice-led research projectM.Mus.University of Auckland201019 + 1 Video disc
BLACK, Christopher JamesSound-as-art: the rise of the corporeal and noise in twentieth-century art practiceMMus(Comp)Victoria University of Wellington201291 + CD
BLACK, ColinPortfolio of compositionsPhDUniversity of Sydney2013314 + 4 CDs
BLINKHORN, DanielNew music composition in computer-assisted environmentsDCAUniversity of Wollongong2007134 + 14 CDs
BLOM, DianaInvocation to earth : an opera ; Prelude for orchestra ; [and] Daisy Bates : a documentary essay for televisionMMUniversity of Sydney1972100
BOLAND, Marguerite MareeThe all-trichord hexachord : compositional strategies in Elliott Carter's Con leggerezza pensosa and Gra and a folio of original compositionsMALaTrobe University1999143
BONETTI, Paul-AntoniSound and style: a compositional exploration of appropriated source material: portfolio of compositions and exegesisPhDUniversity of Adelaide2015
BONIGHTON, IanConcerto da camera ; Sequenza ; Herod : an instrumental theatre mosaic DMusUniversity of Melbourne19712 scores
BOSTOCK, JohnA compositional language in transition : six compositions PhDUniversity of Sydney20032 vol + 3CD
BRAKE, RyanDevelopmental Devices Used to Create Coherence and Unity in Multi-Movement Suites in a Modern Jazz Orchestra SettingMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)201382p+1CD
BROADSTOCK, BrentonFolio of compositionsDMusUniversity of Melbourne19881 score
BROMBERG, BrianM.Mus composition portfolioMMusUniversity of Otago20087 Scores + 3 CDs
BROPHY, GerardNorth meets South - East meets West : a personal accommodation of divergent aesthetic, cultural and technological compositional approaches : a portfolio of four compositions and exegesisPhDUniversity of Adelaide2014
BROWN, Alan GladstoneThe application of the teaching methods of Opher Brayer in the compositions of jazz pianist Yaron Herman: Developing a portfolio of original compositions based upon these conceptsMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2013115p+1DVD
BROWN, AshleyIn two minds : exploring co-composition as a performer/composer collaborationDMAUniversity of Auckland2011115 + DVD
BROWNLEE, PhilipPhD in composition [Part 1. Folio of compositions -- Part 2. Structural functions of timbre in selected works of Philip Brownlee]PhDVictoria University of Wellington2007
BRUMBY, ColinLitanies of the sun ; Stabat Mater speciosa DMusUniversity of Melbourne19712 scores
BRUNSDON, LindsayFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne2001403
BRYANT, GaiCuban Folkloric and Traditional Music Styles: rumba, danzón, punto libre and bolero adapted for Jazz Big Band in Australia using Modern Compositional TechniquesPHDUniversity of Sydney2016
BUNTON, JeanImaginative music for Chinese-speaking childrenPhDUniversity of Western Sydney2013214
BURGESS, NadiaAn overview of third stream/confluent music and the involvement of Australian composers + Portfolio of original compositionsMMus (Comp)University of Sydney20042 vol + CD
BURGESS, NadiaA study of compositional techniques used in the fusion of art music with jazz and popular musicPhDUniversity of Sydney2014
BURKE RIGO, BEscapee gloss : a symphony of polymediaM?University of Tasmania2014
BURREL, Robert W. B.A Process of Becoming: A Musical Enquiry into Process-Relational Philosophy Through Autoethnographical and Zoomusicological MeansPhDGriffith University2013
BYRNE, AndrewDonald Martino's fantasies and impromptus : a study of a twelve tone system and its applications and a folio of compositionsMALaTrobe University199493
BYWATER, Philip FrankAs the spirit moves : a study of personal spirituality as a source for musical inspirationMMus(Perf)University of Melbourne201090 + 1 CD
CAMM, CherylIn the teeth of itDMusUniversity of Auckland19951 score
CAMM, CherylTam O’Shanter : a cantata for baritone solo / words, Robert Burns ; music, Cheryl Camm.DMusUniversity of Auckland1995325
CAMM, Suzie-MayFolio of compositions [music]M.Mus.University of Melbourne2009167 + 1 CD
CAPORALI, UrsulaDeconstructing the structurePhDUniversity of Sydney2014199
CARTER, James Stuart ReadImporting and exploring the kramerian theory of musical postmodernism within contemporary Jazz performanceMArtsMonash University201580
CARTER, TristanInfluence, intuition and integration : an exploration into my creative processM.M.AVictoria University of Wellington201245p+2CD+2DVD
CARY, TristramPortfolio of original compositionsDMusUniversity of Adelaide20001 vol
CASTEELS, RobertBerlayar ke mata hari (Set sail to the sun) : a folio of original compositions comprising the use of gamelan instruments with related exegesisPhDUniversity of Melbourne20032 vol + 3 CD-Roms
CASTLES, PaulTowards an aesthetic : metaphor and multiplicity as a compositional impetusMMusUniversity of Sydney200987 + 2 v music
CATANCHIN, HelenAn exploration of composed and improvised wordless singing in performance: skills for the 2Ist century contemporary jazz singerMMusMonash University2015
CAVE, JennaPortfolio of compositions /​ Jenna CaveMMus.University of Sydney201068p + 1CD
CAWRSE, AnnePortfolio of original compositions and exegesis: a personal exploration of modal processesPhDUniversity of Adelaide2008170 + 2 CDs
CHALABI, Karen LouiseThe architecture of spirit : a phenomenological study of archetypal forces in Eastern European flute repertoire.PhDUniversity of Melbourne2014271
CHAPLIN, PeterFolio of compositions and analysesMMusUniversity of Melbourne19867 vol + tape
CHAPMAN, Jim (James Norman)Afro No-Clash: Composing syncretic African/Western music: Eleven Compositions and frameworks for their systematic analysisPhDQueensland University of Technology20072v (225 + 237) + 1CD
CHARLES, EmmaA problematic portfolio: an exploration of style and identity in the life of Gerald Finzi and the performance of "Introit" as part of his discarded Violin ConcertoMMusMonash University2015
CHEN, Chi WaiThe creative process of computer-assisted composition and multimedia composition visual images and musicPhDRMIT University20071 CDRom
CHEN, Cindy Hsin-YuFolio of compositions 2002-2003MMusUniversity of Melbourne2004130 + CD
CHENG, Hsin[portfolio of compositions]MMusUniversity of Canterbury20051 vol + 1 vid + CD
CHI, Jasmine Yi-TzuCreative process in electroacoustic music with live acoustic performance composition : an observation on sound and the performer's gestureMMus(Composition)University of Auckland200930 + DVD
CHILDS, CodieSpaces traversed : Master of Music portfolio submission thesisMMus(Composition)University of Auckland201161 + 2 DVDs
CHOI, Eunice EunhaComposition portfolioM.Mus.University of Auckland2009115 + 1 CD
CHONG, KristianSergei Rachmaninoff in Melbourne; a performer's reflection through the twenty-four Preludes Opp, 23 and 32; from Mack Jost to the twenty-first centuryPhDAustralian Catholic University2014
COLE, AmandaCompositions exploring microtonal structures and interference beats : portfolio of compositions and analytical notesPhDUniversity of Sydney2008133 + 1 CD + 1 DVD
COLE, FredCreative practices in Australian techno and other electronica : a folio of original compositions and supporting documentation PhDSouthern Cross University1999221
COLLINS, GrantSolo Drumset: Revering the Drumset as a Solo Instrument with Expansions for the Instrument, Notation, Physical Expression and Compositional WorksDMAGriffith University2014238
CONLEY, David JaedynComposition folioMMusUniversity of Melbourne2004136
CONNORS, Teresa MarieMaster of Music in CompositionMMusUniversity of Waikato201352
CONNORS, Teresa MarieMaster of Music in CompositionMMusUniversity of Waikato201359
CONYNGHAM, BarryFolio of compositionsDMusUniversity of Melbourne1979?4 vol
CONYNGHAM, BarryEdward John Eyre [music] ; Five for wind quintet ; Ends for solo piano ; Five windows ; Water - footsteps - time MAUniversity of Sydney19735 scores
COURT, Sarah Kathleen MaryDeath and Transformation in Romantic Song Cycles: Journeys in InterpretationDMAGriffith University2015166
COUTLER, JohnElectroacoustic Music With Moving Images: A Practice-Led Research ProjectPhDUniversity of Queensland200971
Cox, GeraldineMusic matters in fiction: Creative and critical reflectionsPhDMurdock University2015
COYLE, JamesThe contrabass as a vehicle for Australian music; how a small repertoire can inform the creative output of one composerMMusUniversity of Sydney201582
CRAWFORD, DrewEugene & Roie: music theatre compositionPhDUniversity of Sydney20052 vol + CD
CRESSWELL, IanCritical commentary [electronic resource]MPhilUniversity of Queensland2009
CROFT, GraemeThe human body as an instrument: an investigation into its musicMMusRMIT University2015115
CROSSMAN, W. BrucePersonal creative process towards a Pacific-European identityDCAUniversity of Wollongong1999190
CUTLAN, PaulDifferent every time : the integration of improvisation into through-composed musicM.MusUniversity of Sydney201276p +1CD
CZAPLOWSKI, PhilipThe use of multiple styles as a compositional approach PhDMonash University20072 vol + CD
DAHM, RobertFolio of compositions [music] M.Mus.University of Melbourne200887
DAVIDSON, RobertFolio of compositions and critical commentaryPhDUniversity of Queensland20012 vol
DAVIES, Timothy AndrewFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne1997152 + CD + cass
DE CASTRO-ROBINSON, EveFive responses; Peregrinations; A resonance of emerald; DMusUniversity of Auckland19891 score
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