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MARETT, Allan1976 Hakuga’s flute score:an examination of the sources, notation and historical significance of the oldest surviving source in flute notation for the Togaku repertory of Japanese music, the Hakuga noPhDOverseas1976
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AnonDefining the Indefinable: An historical and cultural exploration of excellence in musicPhDAustralian National UniversityIn progress (2010)
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DUNCAN, Andrew OliphantNoah Greenberg's presentation of Medieval liturgical music-drama : a study in expediency over scholarship MAMonash University2010116
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ANDERSON, Gordon AtholThe development of the motet in the thirteenth centuryD.MusUniversity of Adelaide19773 vol
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COMINOS, Margaret C. PatrikeosThe rhetorical bias of Romanos' thought-world: musico-textual implications for his kontakiaPhDUniversity of Adelaide1991301
ROCKE, StephanieFrom mass to politicised concert mass: A study of the transition of the mass from music for the Eucharist to ideological concert musicPhDMonash University2015315
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NELSON, Kathleen EdnaMedieval liturgical music of ZamoraPhDUniversity of Adelaide1993ns
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