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ADAMSON, AmandaPetrucci's Motetti C : a critical edition and study of the anonymous motetsMMusUniversity of Auckland1992310
ALLAN, David AnthonyA dual study of English lute repertoire of the renaissance period and English guitar repertoire of the twentieth centuryMMusUniversity of Adelaide1980205
AMPT, Robert MiltonMusic iconography and performance practice in the time of Heinrich SchutzMMusUniversity of Adelaide1973192
AnonAspects of the music of Henry PurcellMMusUniversity of NewcastleIn Progress (2006)
AnonFifteenth-century modality: a comparison of the practice of Ockeghem and the theory of TinctorisMAMonash Universityin progress 2005
AnonDefining the Indefinable: An historical and cultural exploration of excellence in musicPhDAustralian National UniversityIn progress (2010)
ANSLOW, DayleThree masses by Antonio Cifra and their background in the Roman Counter-Reformation: a study and edition.MMusUniversity of Auckland1998348
ARTINGSTALL, Elizabeth M.Dufay, a man of the world: An investigation into Dufay's ceremonial motetsMAMonash University1996110
ATCHISON, MaryThe structures and scribes of the chansonnier of the Oxford Bodleian MS Douce 308PhDMonash University19952 vol
BALL, Dorothy LouieThe popular element in the music of the English virginal school MMusUniversity of Auckland1979186
BARCLAY, Daryl JamesLuther and the restoration of vernacular congregational hymnodyMAAustralian Catholic University200475
BISHOP, DianneJean Calvin and the Genevan Psalter : a study of the Calvinist aesthetic and its application in the music of the Psalter MMusUniversity of Melbourne1969197
BLACKBURN, Andrew StewartStyles in the church music of Henry PurcellMMusUniversity of Melbourne1980140
BROWN, Patricia AnneJohn Dowland and the emergence of the English lute songMAUniversity of Queensland1969240
BUCK, MaryMusic, geometry, and the listener : space in the history of Western philosophy and Western classical musicPhDUniversity of New England2008TBA
CANNON, HerbertMusic in the English drama up to 1600MAUniversity of Queensland1927151
CLINTON, TerryO s'io potessi donna and Se pur ti guardo : a survey of accidental usage in the practical sources for two sixteenth-century four-part songs MMusUniversity of Sydney20012 vol
COLE, SuzanneThe reception of the sacred choral music of Thomas Tallis in nineteenth-century EnglandPhDUniversity of Melbourne2004203
CONNELLY, Patrice C.The Viola da Gamba: the development of its technique and pedagogy to the presentMMusUniversity of Sydney1995139
CUNION, K.E.Many beads one string: a study of composition and arrangement techniques in early sacred music, and the larger role of such music formsMCAUniversity of Newcastle2002132
DIXON, H.Motets in the 15th centuryMAUniversity of Sydneywithdrawn 1968
EAKINS, RexStructure and function in the mid-15th-century MassPhDUniversity of Western Aust.19822 vol
EDGAR, Tracey A.The history and development of the English catchPhDMonash University19971 vol
EKKEL, GaryOckeghem's Alma Redemptoris Mater and the Renaissance duo: towards a structuralist method of analysing Renaissance polyphonyMMusUniversity of Melbourne1988147
EKKEL, GaryTonal balance in polyphony of the Josquin generationDMusUniversity of Melbourne19972 vol
ELLINGWORTH, SusanAn investigation into the early music written for the harpsichord in Italy up to the time of Frescobaldi : with special consideration for the Venetian school of harpsichord composers, 1550-1650.MMusUniversity of Sydney19653 vol
FAGAN, Rachel JoyceMusic for three voices in sixteenth-century Germany : the Latin works of Johannes Petreius' Trium vocum cantiones centum (Nuremburg, 1541)MMusUniversity of Auckland2005182
FORGACS, RobertThe musique mesurée of Claude Le Jeune : a re-evaluation MAUniversity of Sydney1988188
FORGACS, RobertThe rhetoric of Orlando di Lasso's contributions to the Divine Offices of Matins and Lauds : a study of the relationship between liturgy, text and musicPhDUniversity of NSW1996398
FORSBERG, AndrewMalory : music with repetitive structruresMAUniversity of Auckland199970
GARDEN, GreerTonal and modal resource in the Latin motets of William Byrd MAUniversity of Otago196576
GRIFFITHS, John AnthonyThe vihuela fantasia: a comparative study of forms and styles PhDMonash University19832 vol
GUSTAVSON, Royston RobertHans Ott, Hieronymus Formschneider, and the Novum et insigne opus musicum (Nuremberg, 1537-1539)PhDUniversity of Melbourne1998925
HEYWARD, EGermany and the heritage of the Hebrew Psalter from Luther to the death of BachPhDUniversity of Tasmania1968310
HOLLAND, R. J. T.The madrigals of Peter PhilipsMAUniversity of Sydney1962NiLc
HOLLANDER, Emma denThe development of early keyboard fingering till 1800MMusUniversity of Adelaide1970134
JENNINGS, John MThe viol music of Thomas LupoMMusUniversity of Sydney19672 vol
JOO, Hyun ShinMartin Luther's view of the use of music in worship: its implications for the Korean Presbyterian Church MTheolMelbourne College of Divinity2002108
KAZIMIERCZAK, BogdanThe percursors of the violin family : emergent technology and technique from late classical antiquity to the early RenaissanceMMusUniversity of Adelaide198096
LEIGHTON JONES, MichaelThe madrigal style of John Wilbye: a comparison, through paired settings, with his contemporaries John Bennet, George Kirbye and Henry LichfildMMusUniversity of Queensland199180
LONG, MartinThe music of Daniel Bachelor : A critical study.MAUniversity of Sydney19692 vol
MACKAY, LisaMode in the Salve Regina settings of the Eton College choirbookPhDMonash University2002340
MALCOLM, JoanThe manuscript London, British Museum, Additional 41667(I) : an historical and musical study MMusUniversity of NSW198991
MALONEY, M. PaulThe art of dancing in 1600 : the balletti of Fabrizio Caroso, a project for a film, with commentary on the text and music of his book, Nobilta` di Dame MAMonash University19863 vol
McCOLL, Sandra FlorenceLarge-scale Marian antiphon settings by English and Scottish composers, 1460-1558 MAUniversity of Melbourne19822 vol
McDONALD, Grantley"Orpheus Germanicus:" Metrical Music and the Reception of Marsilio Ficino's Poetics and Music Theory in Renaissance GermanyPhDUniversity of Melbourne2002902
McDONALD, Jennifer LouiseEnglish masque, English opera, and Purcell : two traditions and their bearing on the major dramatic works of Henry Purcell PhDUniversity of Melbourne1988926
McGEE, M. RuthWilliam Byrd and the heavenlie banquett in captivitieMMusUniversity of Adelaide1990303
McLENNAN, Isobel J.Concepts of women patrons of music in the RenaissancePhDMonash Universitywithdrawn
McMURTRY, Margaret AThe performance of Renaissance unaccompanied choral polyphony : an investigation into authenticity PhDUniversity of Sydney2004343
McNAB, MichaelThe employment and use of instrumental musicians or ministriles in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuryMMusUniversity of Melbournewithdrawn c.2006
MEYERS, RachelToward an understanding of the madrigal in sixteenth century Spain : a case study of the manuscript MadM 6829MMusUniversity of Tasmania2009159
MILES, ElizabethThe double choir and coro spezzati Vespers' psalms of Antonio Gardane's "Cantus di Adriano et di Jachet" of 1550MAUniversity of Auckland1988106
MONAHIN, NonaThe Balletto Suites in the Choreographic Manuals of Fabritio Caroso and Cesare Negri: A Study of Danced Suites in Italy during the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth CenturiesPhDMonash University2014605
MOORE, V.The lute in consort music during the 17th centuryMAUniversity of Sydney1958NiC
MULIADI, PatriceSix anonymous Magnificat settings from the Vatican Library and their background in fifteenth-century Rome : a study and edition.MMusUniversity of Auckland2003232
NEUTZE, Christine DorothySome aspects of Elizabethan lutesongsMAUniversity of Auckland1972151
NEVILE, JenniferThe courtly dance manuscripts from fifteenth-century ItalyPhDUniversity of NSW1992375
NOONE, Michael JohnAndres de Torrentes (1510-1580), Spanish polyphonist and chapelmaster : Opera omnia, biography and source study MA (Hons)University of Sydney19822 vol
O'NEILL, David GThe role of the organ in Early English Music, 800-1759 MusMUniversity of Western Aust.19791 vol
OSWIN, Richard HanburyFlorence, Biblioteca nazionale centrale, manuscript Magliabechiano XIX 178 a late fifteenth-century source of secular music MAUniversity of Auckland1982182
PERISSINOTTO, DominicA Survey of intabulation techniques in keyboard music of sixteenth-century SpainMMusUniversity of Melbourne2002105
PETERSEN, SusanMusic as manifestation and metaphor in Shakespeare: a study of six comedies PhDUniversity of Western Aust.1992279
PHILLIPS, MarinaThe use of scordatura in violin musicMusMUniversity of Western Aust.1997182
RIMMER, JohnGiovanni Gabrieli and the development of instrumental musicMAUniversity of Auckland19622 vol
RIVE, Thomas N.An investigation into harmonic and cadential procedure in the works of Tomas Luis de Victoria, 1548-1611MAUniversity of Auckland19632 vol
ROCKE, StephanieFrom mass to politicised concert mass: A study of the transition of the mass from music for the Eucharist to ideological concert musicPhDMonash University2015315
ROSENBERG, R. M.The motets of Pierre de la Rue (c.1460-1518)MAUniversity of Sydney19652 vol
ROSENBERG, Ruth MarianneThe motets of Pierre de la Rue, c.1460-1518 /MAUniversity of Sydney19652 vol
RUSAK, Helen KathrynRhetoric and the motet passionMAUniversity of Adelaide1986220
RUSSELL-HEAD, AnastasiaThe presence of the present : new directions in early musicM.Mus.University of Melbourne200949
RUSSO-BATTERHAM, DanielAnonymous Airs de cour in Bataille's Airs de diffénts auteurs, mis en tablature de luth : an edition and critical studyMMusUniversity of Melbourne2012
SECCOMBE, PamelaThe musical manuscript Paris BNC 862: a stylistic study and editionMMusUniversity of Auckland1996156
SHADE, Fiona C.The representation of the female musicians in the art of the Italian RenaissanceMALaTrobe University1998168
SKRZYPCZAK, Sabina.Some aspects of correlation between music and text in chansons from Harmonice musices odhecaton-A : an approach through semiotics MMusUniversity of Sydney19842 vol
SMITH, Robyn ETexts and music of French double and triple motets in fascicles II, V and VII of the Manuscript Montpellier, Bibliotheque de l'Ecole de Medicine, H. 196 : a textual edition with translation and commentary PhDUniversity of Sydney1984689
SMITH, Robyn ElizabethTexts and Music of French Double and Triple Motetsin Fascicles II, V and VII of manuscript Montepellier, Bibliotheque de l'ecole de medicine, H196: A textual edition with translation and commentaryPhDUniversity of Sydney1986669: 3 vol
SPINK, I.W.A.The stylistic development of English song between 1620 and 1680PhDUniversity of Sydneywithdrawn 1968
STOESSEL, JasonThe captive scribe: the context and culture of scribal notational process in the music of the ars subtiliorPhDUniversity of New England2002>372 2 vol
STRAHLE, GrahamFantasy and music in sixteenth and seventeenth-century EnglandPhDUniversity of Adelaide1987582
SZUSTER, Julia I.The life and work of Cesario Gussago of BresciaPhDUniversity of Adelaide1983410+454
TOBIN, AshleighThe organ in the Netherlands from the fifteenth century to the early nineteenth century MMusUniversity of Adelaide197185
VANT, Arwen A. D.The Mass Ordinary 1420-1450 : a study and edition of five anonymous massesMMusUniversity of Auckland1997248
WATT, SallySimon Boyleau: motetta quatuor vocum (Venice: G.Scotto, 1554): an edition and studyMMusUniversity of Melbourne2002131
WAUGH, Donald FordThe English virginal schoolMAUniversity of Otago195581
WEAKLEY, SarahPolyphonic settings of the Lamentations of Jeremiah in sixteenth-century Rome, Venice, and Spain ; with an edition of of Giovanni Croce's Devottissime Lamentationi (Venice, 1603). MMusUniversity of Auckland2001247
WEBB, Helen J.Tudor organ music: a study of liturgical works in the British Museum. MS. Additional 29996PhDUniversity of Adelaide1975376
WOODHILL, VanessaAn historical and analytical study of Renaissance music for the recorder and its influence on the later repertoire MAUniversity of Wollongong1986236
YI, Dae-AmMusical analogy in Gothic & Renaissance architecture : a study of rational proportion in architecture PhDUniversity of Sydney1991319
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