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ALLAN, David A.The problems and development of chordal and polyphonic technique in violin playing, 1650 to the late eighteenth centuryPhDLaTrobe University2001229
ANDERSON, ElizabethA study of fingering in selected sources of English virginal music MMusUniversity of Melbourne1984174
ANGUS, Andrew S.A critical examination and a transcription of the six published oboe sonatas of Giuseppe SammartiniMMusUniversity of Western Aust.20031 vol
AnonA study in the comparison and contrast of the English Anthem of Pelham HumphreyMMusUniversity of NSWin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe Liber primus missarum (1602) of Alfonso LoboMAUniversity of Queenslandin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonFacing the Music: A study of Italian musician portraits c. 1640-1780PhDUniversity of MelbourneIn Progress (2007)
AnonDefining the Indefinable: An historical and cultural exploration of excellence in musicPhDAustralian National UniversityIn progress (2010)
ASPDEN, Suzanne ElizabethPsyche's borrowed plumesMMusVictoria University of Wellington1992332
AYREY, Craig LeslieRameau and the Pastorale heroique a dramatic and structural analysis of ZaisMMusUniversity of Auckland1978172
BANGERT, DanielDoing without thinking? Processes of decision-making in period instrument performancePhDUniversity of NSW2012248
BEARDMORE, MeredithInterpretation and perception in the era of historically informed performance : a case study of J. S. Bach's Partita in A minor BWV 1013 for solo fluteMMusUniversity of Sydney2011125
BELBIN, JillianJohn Christopher Smith (1712-1795): His place in the development of English harpsichord music (including a performance edition of six suites of lessons for the harpsichord op. 3).MusMUniversity of Western Aust.19962 vol
BERGIN, A.M.The music of Giovanni Rovetta (?-1668)MAUniversity of Otagowithdrawn 1968
BESENSKI, HelenaFranz Tunder (1614-1667) as an organist in seventeenth century North Germany : an examination of his life and selected works having reference to his social, musical and historical backgroundMMusUniversity of Auckland1997136
BISHOP, Kirsten ElisePlaying J. S. Bach’s viola da gamba sonatas on the modern cello: editorial practices and performing protocolsM.PhilUniversity of Queensland201242
BOCCHINFUSO, Christopher Michael StandingIntabulations of Music by Josquin des Prez in Lute Books Published by Pierre PhalèseM.A.University of Canterbury20092 vol, 105p, 285p
BONETTI, RuthA performing edition of Georg Philipp Telemann's Ouverture in F Major for 2 chalumeaux, 2 violettas, and basso, transcribed for clarinet, violin, and keyboardMMusUniversity of Queensland19891 vol + 4 parts
BOUNDS, Carolyn ZPerforming flute music of the French Baroque : an approach for modern flautists [manuscript]MAUniversity of Newcastle2010126
BOURNE, WarrenThe evolution of the German church cantata MAVictoria University of Wellington1966219
BRAIN, CorishaA social, literary and musical study of Julie Pinel's Nouveau recueil d'airs sérieux et à boire (Paris, 1737) MMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)20082 vol
BRISLAN, PatrickThe horn parts of J.S. BachMAFlinders University1979243
BROMAGE, LynetteShakespeare: words in music : a study of the relationship between the poems in the plays of Shakespeare and musical settings over 400 yearsMAMonash University1993157
BRUNORO, Gioia Sofia SerafinaThe life and works of Giovanni Lorenzo LulierPhDVictoria University of Wellington1994585
BUCK, MaryMusic, geometry, and the listener : space in the history of Western philosophy and Western classical musicPhDUniversity of New England2008TBA
BURDEN, MichaelSix concertos for violin and string orchestra, 1733 [music] / Giueseppe [sic] Tartini ; edited by Michael BurdenMAUniversity of Adelaide19862 vol
BURTENSHAW, Leonard JohnThe stylistic influences on the principal basso ostinato organ works of Dietrich BuxtehudeMMusUniversity of Sydney197775
CALEY, Margaret AnneRe-contextualising the early French solo violin sonata (c.1692-1723)MMusJames Cook University2005265 + 1 sound CD
CATSALIS, Marie-LouiseKeyboard instruction in early eighteenth century Italy : editions of keyboard treatises by Alessandro Scarlatti and Bernardo Pasquini MMusUniversity of New England1998123
CATSALIS, Marie-LouiseThe serenata and Alessandro Scarlatti: a genre study, with six editionsPhDUniversity of Newcastle20042 vol
CHUNG, LisaThe development of the left thumb use in cello playing from its beginning until 1900DMAUniversity of Auckland2014112
CONNELLY, Patrice C.The Viola da Gamba: the development of its technique and pedagogy to the presentMMusUniversity of Sydney1995139
COURT, Sarah Kathleen MaryDeath and Transformation in Romantic Song Cycles: Journeys in InterpretationDMAGriffith University2015166
CROWDEN, David"Alla tromba della fama" (To the trumpet of fame): the impact of instrumental idiom on vocal performance practice in trumpet ariasMMusUniversity of Sydney201470
CUBBIN, David RThe flute in the eighteenth centuryMAFlinders University1971513
CUDDEFORD, TaraPerformance techniques for selected works of: J.S. Bach, J. Brahms and E. ElgarMMusUniversity of Queensland200282
D'ARCY, SingThe organ as architecture : reconfiguring the ecclesiastical space of the Hispanic BaroquePhDUniversity of Sydney2010
DEAN, J. T.Sonata - Jean Marie Leclair, Op 9 No. 4, transcribed and realised for viola and keyboard.MusMUniversity of Western Aust.19781 vol
DIKMANS, Gregory P.The performance practice of early 18th-century French flute music : a critical translation of Jacques Hotteterre's Principes de la flute traversiere : commentary and recording of selected works MALaTrobe University1991229 + audiocassette
DIKMANS, Gregory P.Rhetoric and the performance practice of early eighteenth-century French instrumental music.PhDUniversity of Melbournein progress
DILLON, TeressaCanons, airs sérieux and airs à boire : a study of the contribution of the eighteenth century French composer and copyist C. de La SerreMMusVictoria University of Wellington2010121; 99
DRYBROUGH, Katharine F.A comparative study of Handel's musical expression in five operas and the Opus 6 concerti grossi.MusMUniversity of Western Aust.19971 vol
DUTHOITE, AndreThe interpretation process in relation to four works by J.S. Bach, Boccherini and BrahmsMMusUniversity of Queensland200065
EASTWOOD, Anthony CharlesStylistic development and melodic transmission in some secular song books published in Paris (1695-1740)PhDUniversity of Western Aust.19875 vol
ELLINGWORTH, SusanAn investigation into the early music written for the harpsichord in Italy up to the time of Frescobaldi : with special consideration for the Venetian school of harpsichord composers, 1550-1650.MMusUniversity of Sydney19653 vol
ELLIS, Bronwyn IreneThese sad, distracted tymes : the impact of the Civil War and Interregnum on English music, c.1640 to c.1660 PhDUniversity of Tasmania2004324
ELVERY, Warwick DavidThe flute and its music in the court of Frederick the Great GDip MusGriffith University19851 vol
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FLETCHER, Joy G.The influence of contemporary theatre and music on Giambattista Tiepolo's paintings of "Rinaldo and Armida"MALaTrobe University1998210
FORREST, David LawrenceThe form of the keyboard preludeMCAUniversity of Wollongong1986111
FRAMPTON, Andrew LeslieJan Dismas Zelenka's Missa Sancti Spiritus, ZWV 4: a critical edition and study of the manuscript sourcesMMusUniversity of Melbourne2015
GERRARD, KathleenThe livre d'airs et de simphonies meslés de quelques fragmens d'opéra 1697 of Pierre Gillier : an edition and studyM.MusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2010107
GETHING, DavidA comparative analysis of grand motet settings of Psalm 129 by Jean-Baptiste Lully (LWV 73) and Marc-Antoine Charpentier (H. 189) MAUniversity of Western Aust.2003171
GODTSCHALK, OndineLove's desires and the pleasures of Bacchus: the airs of Jean Sicard (fl. 1666-1683)MMusVictoria University of Wellington19992 v. ( 188, 126) + 1
GRIGSBY, NicholasBach’s Creative Journey: A Study of Source, Circumstance, Genre, Interpretation and Procedure in the Earliest Music of J. S. Bach (1685-1750)PhDUniversity of Waikato2014
HAMILTON, VivienThe French cantata and French vocal performance of eighteenth century FranceMMusUniversity of Melbournewithdrawn c.2006
HARVEY, Douglas RossHenry Playford: a bibliographical studyPhDVictoria University of Wellington1985838
HEYWARD, EGermany and the heritage of the Hebrew Psalter from Luther to the death of BachPhDUniversity of Tasmania1968310
HOLLANDER, Emma denThe development of early keyboard fingering till 1800MMusUniversity of Adelaide1970134
HORGAN, Kate ElizabethSinging to the king : the politics of songs in eighteenth-century Britain c. 1723-1795PhDAustralian National University2012303
HUGHES, IndraAccident or design? : new theories on the unfinished Contrapunctus 14 in J. S. Bach’s The Art Of Fugue BWV 1080 DMAUniversity of Auckland2006188
HUNTER-BRADLEY, LouisaHandel's Gloria : steps taken to facilitate an historically-informed performance MA (Perf)Monash University2005145 + CD
HYETT, Barbara'Bach's Goldberg variations' : a unique phenomenon in baroque keyboard variation style MMusUniversity of Melbourne197495
JAQUES, MichelleBuxtehude as rhetorician: the use of the rhetorical disposition and rhetorical figures in some of Buxtehude's free organ worksMMusGriffith University199896 + 190
JARVIS, Martin W. B.Did Johann Sebastian Bach write the six cello suites?PhDCharles Darwin University2007430
JENKINS, Michael William GrahamJohn Stanley, his life and instrumental worksPhDUniversity of Auckland19752 vol
JENKINS, Michael William GrahamFroberger and his musical environment with special reference to his keyboard works, and a survey of the cultural influences of the early baroqueMAUniversity of Auckland1970405
JENNINGS, JanetDido and Aeneas : "a chaste little piece for schoolgirls"?MMusUniversity of Auckland1999132
JENNINGS, John MThe viol music of Thomas LupoMMusUniversity of Sydney19672 vol
KELLY, RuthThe lyra viol music of Simon Ives (1600-1662)MPhilUniversity of Sydney19942 vol
KIERNAN, Frederic MurraySix Ave regina coelorum settings (1737) by Jan Dismas Zelenka (ZWV 128): context and critical editionMMusUniversity of Melbourne2013
KIRK, Rachael A.A Sonata for harpsichord or fortepiano with a tenor obbligato by Carl Stamitz: A comparative study of all editionsMusMUniversity of Western Aust.1997129
LACEY, GenevieveContemporary attitudes to the performance of baroque music: a synthesis and personal applicationDMAUniversity of Melbourne2001121
LANCASTER, Coral J.The forms and development of the bass violin in seventeenth-century ItalyMusMUniversity of Western Aust.1999168
LAWRENCE, DouglasOrgan registration in the French and German Baroque MMusUniversity of Melbourne197466
LEE, H.M.The sacred road to Mozart: a study of early music techniques from east and west and the transition to Baroque and Classical period repertoireMCAUniversity of Newcastle2001190
LEGG, SusanHandel's Belshazzar: an harmonic analysisMMusUniversity of Adelaide1995392
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LEUNG, Lily L.A study of performing techniques and interpretations of G.F. Handel's operatic and oratorio arias for contralto voiceMADeakin University1998215
LEWIS, Eleanor MayContextualising Martin Berteau : new perspectives on his works for cello MMusUniversity of Sydney2002116
LIGHTFOOT, Jessica ClaireThe expression of religion in German instrumental Baroque musicMMusUniversity of Auckland2010100
LONG, MartinThe music of Daniel Bachelor : A critical study.MAUniversity of Sydney19692 vol
LUKEY, Lesley HelenDramatic and pictorial elements in SchützMAUniversity of Auckland1963148
MacKERRAS, JoanThe art of bowing : an enquiry into the history of bowing technique in violin playing from c1675-c.1842 MAUniversity of Sydney1966224
MADDOX, Alan"On the knowledge necessary for one who wishes to recite well in the theatre": The rhetorical tradition of delivery and the performance practice of recitativo semplice in eighteenth-century dramma per musicaPhDUniversity of Sydney2006255
MADDOX, Richard PeterThe place of Thomas Augustine Arne in eighteenth-century English theatre music.MAUniversity of Sydney1977179
MALONEY, M. PaulThe art of dancing in 1600 : the balletti of Fabrizio Caroso, a project for a film, with commentary on the text and music of his book, Nobilta` di Dame MAMonash University19863 vol
MARINOVICH, Vinka MillicentSome features of the rise of tonality in instrumental music up to the end of the seventeenth centuryMAUniversity of Auckland1954315
MAYS, Lawrence JohnAn investigation of the creation of drama in recitative through comparative analysis : La Serva Padrona set by Pergolesi (1733) and Paisiello (1781)MPhilAustralian National University2012125
McEWING, Keith LyndonIs the dance still in the music? : Chaconne compositions from the seventeenth to the twentieth century MAVictoria University of Wellington2008330 +DVD
McGEE, AnthonyThe early guitar concertoGDip MusUniversity of Queensland198439
McGILL, VirginniaL'Orfeo by Aureli and Sartorio, 1672-1706PhDUniversity of NSW2001471
McMAHON, PaulBaroque performance practice pedogogy and the twenty-first century practitioner: the tenor repertoire of George Frideric HandelPhDGriffith University2012
McMAHON, Paul GPoet, text, composer : two contrasting approaches to John Dryden's A song for St Cecilia's Day, 1687 by Giovanni Battista Draghi and George Frideric Handel MMus (Perf)University of Sydney200572
McNAB, MichaelThe employment and use of instrumental musicians or ministriles in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuryMMusUniversity of Melbournewithdrawn c.2006
MEYER, AllanThe eighteenth-century clarinet sonata: a contrast of stylesMusMUniversity of Western Aust.1984115
MONEY, Jane ElizabethAn investigation into tonal procedure in selected keyboard works of Johann Sebastian Bach, 1685-1750 a study in tonalityMMusUniversity of Auckland1975306
MULLINS, Margaret AnneA correlation between music and dance in the Baroque era : a study of musical elements in French Baroque dance c1688-c1725 as found in the dance notation of the period MMusUniversity of Adelaide19772 vol
MUMFORD, Monte HiltonThe development of the trombone as an ensemble instrument during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries MMusUniversity of Tasmania198788
MURPHY, M.S.The use of handplucked instruments in the continuo body of the 17th and 18th centuriesMAUniversity of Sydneywithdrawn 1968
NADEN, Liam P.D.Sacrae cantiones : liber quartus (1606) / Agostino Agazzari: a critical editionMAUniversity of Auckland1988NS
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