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ABDOLLAH POUR, Shima GelarehThe lives of Iranian women singers in diasporaMResUniversity of Melbourne2014
AnonWomen musicians in late 18th-century LondonMMusUniversity of Melbournewithdrawn c.2005
AnonFemale Australian Aboriginal songwriters/performersMMusAustralian National Universityin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonThe Diva Desire: an examination of the perceptions and aspirations of Australian women striving to achieve an operatic career.PhDAustralian National Universityin progress (2007)
AnonComposing Women and Feminist Movements in France, Germany and England at the turn of the twentieth centuryPhDUniversity of NSWIn progress (2005)
AnonMusic of Nepalese Festivals in Migration and Its Social and Musical Implications, in SingaporePhDUniversity of OtagoIn Progress (2015)
ARCHER, MichaeleThe effect of belly-in and belly-out directives on breathing behaviour and vocal perception of female classical singersMAppSciUniversity of Sydney2007213
BANNISTER, MatthewWhite man’s soul : Pakeha masculinities in popular music of New Zealand / Aotearoa PhDUniversity of Auckland2002339 + 2 CDs
BARNEY, KatelynPlaying Musical Hopscotch: How Indigenous Australian Women Perform Around, Within and Against AboriginalismPhDUniversity of Queensland2006309 + CD
BARTLEET, Brydie-LeighGendering the podium: the journeys of professional woman conductorsPhDUniversity of Queensland2004328
BELL JORDAN, HesterTransgressive Gestures: Women and Violin Performance in Eighteenth-Century EuropeMMusVictoria University of Wellington2016
BENNETTS, Kathleen ScottBoys and music : a comparative case study of middle school boys' attitudes to musicPhDMonash University2008349
BREEN, AndreaCreating a place : women, land and improvisation PhDUniversity of Tasmania2000335 + 2 cass + 2 CD
BROWNE, StephanieThe life and career of Peers Coetmore, English cellist (1905-1976)MMusUniversity of Melbourne2012
CALLINAN-ROBERTSON, JoanneThe effects on vocal quality of the Marchesi pedagogical approach in female singers in the western classical traditionMMusUniversity of Sydney2007112
CONNELLY, Kathrine JaneWomen in exercise to music : individual experiences of influences to be slim MADeakin University1997140
DELAVERE, SaraChallenging the drumkit: musical identities and habitusMResMacquarie University201588
DENSON, Marjorie LouiseMusic from the Margins: An Autoethnographic Study of the Development of a Jazz Composer’s VoiceDMAGriffith University2014190
DOBBIN, Lydia AliceMusic criticism in mid-century Manhattan : a study of the critical writings of Peggy Glanvelle-Hicks, 1947-1955MMusUniversity of Melbourne2014139
DOWNIE, EllaineWhy a cappella? Why women? Why now? The a cappella movement in popular music in Australia from 1987-1995MAMonash University1996151
DUANCE, KarynCompositional and performance techniques of women rock musiciansMMusUniversity of Sydney1999NiC
ELTON, JaneMusic in secondary education in girls' schools in Victoria MMusUniversity of Melbourne19672 vol
EMERSON, Helen KatrineA voice of her own: Ethel Smyth and early feminist musicology.MAUniversity of Otago1999115
FAIGEN, SandraWomen's music in rituals in the Bhojpuri region of North IndiaMAMonash University1982217
FREILICH, RachelSong as the spiritual elevation of the soul: Habad women in Australia and their musical expressionPhDUniversity of Sydney2006416
GALL, JenniferRedefining the tradition : the role of women in the evolution and transmission of Australian folk musicPhDAustralian National University2008334 p + CD
GIBSON, LorenaVersioning for the love of it: Hip-Hop culture in AotearoaMAMassey University2000116
GIBSON, Robert R.Parsifal and Homosexuality: A study of the reception of Parsifal as a homoerotic textMMusUniversity of Sydney1998131
GILLETT, Rachel AnneCrossing the pond: Jazz, race and gender in interwar ParisPhDUniversity of Otago2010
GODDARD, Sarah"I just find it awkward" : Girls' negotiations of sexualised pop music mediaPhDVictoria University of Wellington2016241
GRAHAM, JillianComposing Biographies of Four Australian Women: Feminism, Motherhood and MusicPhDUniversity of Melbourne2009332
HALL, ClareVoices of distinction: choirboys' narratives of music, masculinity and the middle-classPhDMonash University2012
HALL, ClareUnderstanding and improving boys' singing in the first year of schoolMMus.EdMonash University200385
HARDIE, Lisa CarolineStaying in, tuning in, and coming out: Music as imagined space in lesbians’ coming out geographiesMAUniversity of Waikato2012108
HARRISON, Scott DMusical participation by boys: the role of gender in the choice of musical activities by males in Australian schoolsPhDGriffith University2004387
HOPKINS, SusanPop heroines and female icons : youthful femininity and popular culture PhDQueensland University of Technology1999310
HUNT, Katrina MargaretThe Female Voice in American Musical Theatre (1940-1955): Mary Martin and the Development of Integrated Vocal StylePhDAustralian National University2016436
HURLEY, Jennifer MaryMusic video and gendered pleasures in the lives of young women and menPhDDeakin University1996247
JACKSON-TRETCHIKOFF, JulieThe operas of Michael Tippett : the inner values of Tippett as portrayed by selected female characters MPhilMassey University2006107
JENKINS, Louise EllenAustralian women composers, performers and music teachers from 1890 to 1950PhDMonash University2007384
JOHNSON, Chloe HopeSonic intersections : subjectivity within punk aestheticsM.A.University of Melbourne2007124 + 1 CD
JOHNSON, Julie AnneA woman's work: a music composition portfolioMMusUniversity of Canterbury2007482 + 15 + CD
JOVANOV, Melisa RumbidzaiThe construction of femininity through the lyrical and visual portrayal of women in Afro-American and African mainstream hip-hop musicMMusMonash University2014
KALESKI, CatherineThey think it's girl's stuff : gender issues surrounding playing the violin at lower primary and lower secondary levels M.EdUniversity of Melbourne1995331
KELLY, EamonnMaidservants to the muse: professional female musicians in Roman Italy, 200 BC - 400 ADMMusUniversity of Melbourne2002101
KEMP, JohannaContradictory representations of women in female performer music videosMAUniversity of Auckland1996125
KIEK, MaraSpectral characteristics of traditional Bulgarian female folk singingMAppSciUniversity of Sydney2008131
KNOX, SarahFemale violin virtuoso : their emergence and growing acceptance in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries MMusGriffith University2003196
KOUVARAS, Linda IoannaSweet Death : strategies of the feminine grotesque in a contemporary Australian chamber opera PhDUniversity of Melbourne1996354
KYRIAKOU, Mary-AnneGuitar and light for solo guitar ; Betrayal, a new music-theatre work : exploring representations of self through the portrayal of women protagonistsMMus(Comp)University of Sydney200641 + 2 scores
LANGTREE, JoanneDiscourses that impinge on student numbers in senior music in one Far North Queensland girls' school M.Ed (Hons)James Cook University2001173
Le, Thi KimVietnamese women composers and their emergence in Vietnamese music MAMonash University199178
LOUISE, JennieGendered difference in music : feminist and feminine aesthetics in the music of Mary Mageau, Sarah Hopkins and Betty Beath MMusGriffith University1997165
MACARTHUR, SallyFeminist aesthetics in music: politics and practices in AustraliaPhDUniversity of Sydney1997510 + 1 tape
MARTIN, Rosemary EllenWomen, disability and rock 'n roll : a social semiological analysis MAAustralian Catholic University1994148
MAYHEW, EmmaThe representation of the feminine, feminist and musical subject in popular music culturePhDUniversity of Wollongong2001332
MORGAN, Holly DeeDon Giovanni's avenging womenMMusUniversity of Melbourne201359
OTTOSSON, Ase-Britt CharlottaMaking Aboriginal Men and Music in Central AustraliaPhDAustralian National University2006294
POWELL, Sarah JanePerceptions of success influencing male participation in choirPhDUniversity of Western Sydney2014
PRITCHETT, SarahLiving to perform, playing for passion : a "girls" guide to rockMAUniversity of Auckland2002103
RENZO, AdrianLove in the first degree: handbag dance music and gay male culturePhDUniversity of Western Sydney2007342
RICHARDS, RosemaryGeorgiana McCrae's manuscript music collections: a life in musicPhDUniversity of Melbourne2017343
RICKSON, Daphne JoanIs music therapy effective in promoting proscocial behaviours in aggressive adolescent boys?MHealthSc.University of Otago2002300
RICKWOOD, Julie AnnLiberating Voices: towards an ethnography of women's community a cappella choirs in AustraliaMAAustralian National University1997209 + 1 cass.
ROBINSON, Angela NicoleClarinet music by Australian women composers [electronic resource] : an examination of its under-representation in repertoire and performanceMPhilUniversity of Queensland2007
ROUTLEY, Lois MAdolescent girls' interest in pop music : a mass media study M.EdMonash University1978225
RUSAK, HelenSimply Divine : feminist aesthetics in three music theatre works of Elena Kats-CherninPhDUniversity of Adelaide2005345
SEGAL, Deviani SarahThe impact of feminist studies on the portrayal of women in music history : Fanny Hensel, a case studyMMusUniversity of Melbourne199342
SEVERN, JohnShakespeare as Jukebox MusicalPhDUniversity of NSW2015
SHADE, Fiona C.The representation of the female musicians in the art of the Italian RenaissanceMALaTrobe University1998168
SMITH, Dianne MarieDeci-belles : gender and power in sound engineering for popular music in New ZealandPhDUniversity of Otago2009368
SPORT, KathyWomen's music in Australia: space, place, bodies, performancePhDMacquarie University2015243
TAYLOR, JodiePlaying it Queer: Understanding queer gender, sexual and musical praxis in a 'new' musicological contextPhDGriffith University2009294 + 1 CD
THIA, Sock SiangPortfolio of recorded performances and exegesis: Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel and Clara Wieck-Schumann: a study through performance of their selected piano works.PhDUniversity of Adelaide2014212
THIRLWALL, ImogenVoicing Rupture: Resisting docility through performances of feminine agency in Arnold Schoenberg’s Das Buch der hängenden GärtenMMusVictoria University of Wellington2014
VAUGHAN, Leigh TThe missing males : factors which contribute to low participation of adolescent boys singing in secondary school MMus Ed.University of Sydney1998133
WATSON, PenelopeStereotype threat and adolescent males in choirs : a reflection of gender beliefs?PhDUniversity of Auckland2011228
WELLS, Sarah EllenWomen as musical leaders : experiences and perceptions of female conductors and concertmasters in Perth, Western AustraliaMAUniversity of Western Aust.2011173
WHITE, MelitaMusic composition as an expression of research in feminist theoryMAMonash University20062 vol + CD
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