Writersort iconThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pages
ENIZILIS, DemetraThe language of rebetika: a description and analysisMAUniversity of Melbourne1996128
ENYI, Romola Helen LouiseThe interaction of styles in pianoforte and orchestral writing between 1810 and 1910MMusUniversity of Sydney197590
ERDONMEZ, DenisePreservation of acquired music performance skills in three cases of neuropsychological impairment MMusUniversity of Melbourne1983202
ERICKSON, Frederick JThe bands and orchestras of colonial BrisbanePhDUniversity of Queensland1987540
ESPLIN, PenelopeThe Musical Imagery in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s paintings for his patron, Frederick LeylandMArtsUniversity of Otago2016
ESSEX, HildyAn enfant terrible in the concert hall: the influence of popular music on the works of Matthew HindsonMMusUniversity of Melbourne2003115
ETE, IgeleseMalae : music portfolioMMusUniversity of Auckland2005score + cd
EVANS, AlsionThe prevalence, causes and management of stress velopharyngeal insufficiency in woodwind and brass playersPhDUniversity of Sydney2014
EVANS, ChristineMy vicious angel : a one-act play with music MAUniversity of Western Sydney199856
EVANS, Eryl CEffects of a classroom based relaxation and music program on the anxiety of school children DCounsBond University2003125
EVANS, Julie SpithillA study of music and tradition at Sydney Assyrian wedding receptions MMusUniversity of Sydney2002108 + video
EVANS, Lely DaiImplications of compound dynamic accent markings in Beethoven's early chamber works with the fortepianoMMusUniversity of Western Aust.2008
EVANS, MarkSecularising the sacred : the impact of Geoff Bullock and Hillsong Church on contemporary congregational song in Sydney, 1990-1999 PhDMacquarie University2002304 + 3 CDs
EVANS, Paul AnthonyMusic, learning, motivation, and achievement in the lives of children and adolescents over 10 yearsMMusEdUniversity of Western Aust.201194
EVANS, Rosemary JMusic experience as a support for literacy development in very young children: one child in a family and community contextM.Ed (Hons)University of New England2004212
EVANS, SamuelRepresenting tabla music : defining an effective notation system for Indian tabla repertoire MAMonash University2010105 + DVD
EVANS, Sandra JanetteMeetings at the table of time: a creative practice enquiry into Carnatic jazz intercultural musicPhDMacquarie University2014367
EXCELL, RichardRichard de Fournival (1201-1260) : his life, the Biblionomia, and his other works MAMonash University198698
EYLES, Anne-Maree TTeachers' perspectives about implementing ICT in music educationPhDGriffith University2020
FA'AMAUSILI, AserotaThe aesthetic theories of John Cage (d. 1992) and the extent to which they have been embodied in his own musicMMusUniversity of Auckland1993150
FABIAN, DorottyaJ. S. Bach recordings 1945-1975: St Matthew and St John Passions, Brandenburg concertos and Goldberg variations, a study of performance practice in the context of the early music movementPhDUniversity of NSW1998575 + 4 CDs
FABIAN, Peter James JorgeUnderstanding the role of silence within music performance anxietyMMusMonash University2014
FACTORA, Miriam BeltranA model of sequential music teaching utilising Philippine vocal materialsPhDUniversity of Queensland2005497
FAGAN, Rachel JoyceMusic for three voices in sixteenth-century Germany : the Latin works of Johannes Petreius' Trium vocum cantiones centum (Nuremburg, 1541)MMusUniversity of Auckland2005182
FAHEY, WinThere's a lot more to music than music: folk music, folk festivals and cultural differenceMAGriffith University199995
FAIGEN, SandraWomen's music in rituals in the Bhojpuri region of North IndiaMAMonash University1982217
FAIRCHILD, RebeccaMusic therapy performance with pre-adolescant children and families living in crisis : an interpretive phenomenological analysisMMusUniversity of Melbourne2014330
FALEATUA, Andrew KelevaConstructing compositional concepts to exploit contemporary compositions MMusUniversity of Auckland201376
FALK, Catherine ArundelThe tarawangsa tradition in the Priangan, West Java PhDMonash University1980593
FANANY, RunaThe Devil’s Due: the musical representation of the Devil in selected Hollywood film scoresPhDMonash University2011320
FANG, Wei-MinThe piano accordian in music education in ChinaM.EdUniversity of Melbourne2003138
FARAGHER, Michael AllanA folio of musical compositionsMMusUniversity of Queensland199610 scores + cass
FARBACH, KentGrotesquerie in selected works by Béla BartókMMusGriffith University1995126
FARMER, Elizabeth-AnneThe organ works of Cesar Franck : the performing traditions and their influenceMMusUniversity of Melbourne1994118
FARMER, Isabella McLPerceptions of the purposes of assessment in a tertiary music education subjectM.EdUniversity of Melbourne19891 vol
FARNAN, PeterDistilling an essence: the structuring of the recorded pop/​rock song formMMusUniversity of Melbourne2014
FARQUHAR, Jonathan RThe history of the Eb" clarinet : with a bibliography of solo and chamber works written for the Eb" clarinet MMusGriffith University2003147
FARRANT, Jean E.A social history of music in Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie and Boulder, 1892 to 1908MAUniversity of Western Aust.19921 vol
FARRELL, Helen JaneThe impact and local implementation of standards-based music curriculum policy frameworks and music education programs for students with disabilities and impairments in Victoria : a qualitative evaluation PhDUniversity of Melbourne2006393
FASSBENDER, EricVirSchool [electronic resource] : the effect of music on memory for facts learned in a virtual environment PhDMacquarie University2009280
FAY, PoppySounds of industry : reactions to music and noise in nineteenth-century Manchester : ...on the lips, in the halls , on the streetsM.Mus.University of Melbourne2009
FEARN, Robert AlexanderMusic and pitch perception of cochlear implant recipients PhDUniversity of NSW2001241
FEHSENFELD, Diana MaeMaori waiata : an examination of intellectual property law issues for music librarians MLISVictoria University of Wellington200692
FELDER, MarkThe delivery of major study vocal and instrumental training at the tertiary level: an examination into its relevance toward meeting student interests, satisfying educational priorities and preparing MMus (Hons.)Griffith University201051
FELIX, UschiAccelerative learning : an investigation of the effects of music, relaxation and suggestion in second language acquistion in schools PhDFlinders University1989315
FELTON, Stella"Playing with autobiography" The performer as biographer: Viktor Ullmann’s Piano Sonata No. 7 (1944)MMusMonash University2016
FENN, Nirmali KeithMaster of music composition folioMMusUniversity of Melbourne2004192
FENNER, KevinFantasy for brass band, Concerto for oboe and small orchestra, Concerto for trombone and small orchestra, String quartet no. 2, Partite for solo guitarMusMUniversity of Western Aust.19811 vol
FERRARESE, MarcoThe melting mosh pi/​ot: extreme music performance in early 2010s multi-ethnic MalaysiaPhDMonash University2016
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FERRIS, AlisonClassroom music in Victorian state primary schools 1934 to 1981: curriculum supportPhDMonash University2002310
FETHERSTON, CharlotteAlfred Hill's viola concerto : analysis, compositional style and performance aestheticDMAUniversity of Sydney2014233
FETHERSTON, EmmaThe impact of Lionel Tertis and early 20th century British compositions on the emancipation of the viola as a solo instrumentMMus(Perf)University of Sydney201056
FEWSTER, Russell DavidAn examination of the relationship between the live performer and projected media in stage performancePhDUniversity of Melbourne2010
FIDLER, TristanMusic video auteurs : the directors label DVDs and the music videos of Chris Cunningham, Michel Gondry and Spike JonzePhDUniversity of Western Aust.2007419
FIELDHOUSE, Acrobat A.E.The development of musical taste and judgement : an investigation of the standard of musical taste and judgement in an unselected group of New Zealand school children MA (Hons)University of New Zealand193369
FIGLIANO, SuanWorking with young choristers: maximizing individual and ensemble outcomesMMus StudsUniversity of Queensland2007NiC
FILIPI, KarinaThe process of creating a collaborative tuba composition: an investigation into the relationship between a composer and performerMMus(Perf)University of Sydney201398 + 6 CDs
FINLAYSON, JamesCreative innovation in music videosMAUniversity of Waikato200688 + CDR
FISHER Catherine JenellePaul Taffanel : an investigation of his role in the development of the modern French flute school GDip MusAustralian National University199854
FISHER, JeremyMusic from another countryMAUniversity of Technology Sydney1996119
FISHER, JodyTechniques for expressive nuance in classical guitar performanceMMusUniversity of Adelaide201249 + 3 Discs
FISHER, Judith KerryTexture and dynamics in Haydn's sonata-allegro structures PhDUniversity of Sydney1981287
FITTON Kaye R.Tristram Cary: pioneer of electronic music in EnglandMMusUniversity of Adelaide198362
FITZGERALD, Bridie RoseWhat is a parent's perspective of the effect recorded flute music has on their autistic childMMusUniversity of Melbourne20071 vol + 2 CDs
FITZGERALD, Thomas ANew music composition for live performance and interactive multimediaDCAUniversity of Wollongong2004180 + 6 folios + 4 D
FITZGERALD, Thomas AnthonyFolio of compositions; Thesis: A study of the Sequenzas of Luciano Berio.MMusUniversity of Melbourne19792 vol, 6 scores, 3 t
FITZPATRICK, Michael DavidFolio of compositions [music]M.Mus.University of Melbourne2010321 + 1 CD
FLEMING, Jenni K.Transcribing improvised music: a comparison of part of the original transcription with the recording of Keith Jarrett's Koln concert.MMusUniversity of Queensland199588
FLETCHER, Joy G.The influence of contemporary theatre and music on Giambattista Tiepolo's paintings of "Rinaldo and Armida"MALaTrobe University1998210
FLYNN, LibbyThe stories we haven't told: the lived experience of music used in therapy for bereaved parentsPhDUniversity of Queensland2014
FODOR, FrankFilling the eighteenth-century void for violists [electronic resource] : a study of Mozart's "Viola" concerto, K.622MPhilUniversity of Queensland200956
FOGARTY, Gerard JosephThe structure of abilities underlying performance on competing tasks PhDUniversity of Sydney1984303
FOGERTY, BethGroup music therapy with urban Koorie elders who have a probable diagnosis of dementia : a descriptive approachMMusUniversity of Melbourne1999169
FOLVIG, ElliotImaging mastery : applying the PETTLEP model of imagery to music performance practiceMMusPerfUniversity of Melbourne201186
FONG, Francis Kam-YuenA musical analysis of the Cantonese language and some implications in the classroom MMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1990173
FORBES, Anne-Marie H.Celticism in British opera of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuriesPhDUniversity of Queensland1992302
FORBES, Melissa TheresePlaying the Changes: An Expanded View of Higher Music Education through the Use of Collaborative Learning and TeachingPHDGriffith University2016337
FORD, Alicia JChoral music : multifunctional repertoire for a performance-based high school programme MMus StudsUniversity of Queensland199687
FORD, AndrewText and intertextuality: words about music about wordsDCAUniversity of Wollongong1993236 + 4 cass + 6 sco
FORGACS, RobertThe musique mesurée of Claude Le Jeune : a re-evaluation MAUniversity of Sydney1988188
FORGACS, RobertThe rhetoric of Orlando di Lasso's contributions to the Divine Offices of Matins and Lauds : a study of the relationship between liturgy, text and musicPhDUniversity of NSW1996398
FORREST, David LawrenceThe form of the keyboard preludeMCAUniversity of Wollongong1986111
FORREST, David LawrenceThe educational theory of Dmitri Kabalevsky in relation to his piano music for children PhDUniversity of Melbourne1996466
FORRESTER, PeterAn exploration through improvisational music and verbal dialogue of the construct "working together"M.EdLaTrobe University200176
FORSBERG, AndrewMalory : music with repetitive structruresMAUniversity of Auckland199970
FORSTER, JasonCommodified evil's wayward children: black metal and death metal as purveyors of an alternative form of modern escapismMAUniversity of Canterbury2006147
FORSTER, RaymondAn investigation into a cohesive method of teaching jazz harmony and improvisation to elective music students in secondary schools using the basic principals of chord-scale theoryMMusUniversity of Sydney201091
FORSYTH, James A.Music of the Anglican churches in Sydney and surrounding regions : 1788-1868 PhDUniversity of Sydney20022 vol
FORSYTH, James AlexanderHandel's organ concertosMMusUniversity of Melbourne197080
FORTUNE, James MarkPerformance related musculoskeletal disorders in university flute students and relationships with muscle tension, performance anxiety, musical task complexity and music abilityMMusUniversity of Sydney2007194
FORWARD, DavidThe keyboard repertory as a reflector of art nouveau in musicPhDUniversity of Adelaide1993808
FORWARD, IanThe music of Finnish migrants in Canberra and MelbourneMAMonash University1997133
FOSTER, DJMusic: Pathways to Personal MeaningPhDUniversity of New England2015366
FOSTER, DuncanMusic and community development [electronic resource] : :perspectives on relationships, roles and structures in music in communityM.EdVictoria University (Vic. Australia)2010
FOSTER, Gary DouglasA comparison of music and industry as sources of hearing damageMSc.University of NSW199373
FOWLER, Richard J"I just want to be a successful artist" : Professional pathways to musical theatre careersMMusUniversity of Sydney2012158
FOX, RobinAspects of experimental music in Melbourne, 1975-1979 : focussing on the LaTrobe University Music Department and the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre MAMonash University2002204
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