WriterThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pagessort icon
HALLS, Naomi CarolynDevelopment and evaluation of two brief, group treatments for music performance anxiety in community musicians: a preliminary studyDPsychMacquarie University2015146
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SMITH, RossEffective practice : a study of three advanced piano students MMus (Mus Ed.)University of Sydney2005146 + 4 vid
BONSEY, JoanGerman Romanticism and its impact on Schubert, Schumann and Brahms : a study of the relationships between historical, ideological and musical developments in nineteenth century Germany with specific reference to Lieder and chamber works of Schubert, Schumann and BrahmsMMusUniversity of Melbourne1972147
BROWN, Andrew R.Teaching synthesizer performance : issues for an instrumental music program for synthesizer M.EdUniversity of Melbourne1994147
DOWSE, NoraAn evaluation of music as therapy for Alzheimer's dementia sufferers.MAUniversity of Otago1995147
EKKEL, GaryOckeghem's Alma Redemptoris Mater and the Renaissance duo: towards a structuralist method of analysing Renaissance polyphonyMMusUniversity of Melbourne1988147
FARQUHAR, Jonathan RThe history of the Eb" clarinet : with a bibliography of solo and chamber works written for the Eb" clarinet MMusGriffith University2003147
ISHIDA, KunikoA study of tension in piano playing : approaches to piano technique and examinations of Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method in avoiding problems of tension MMusGriffith University2003147
PERRY, Simon D.Multiple meaning in Dmitri Shostakovich's eighth string quartet, op. 110 MMusUniversity of Melbourne1992147
TOMLINSON, MichelleGifted musicians in educationM.EdGriffith University2004147
YEOLAND, Rosemary HamiltonRomain Rolland et l'heroisme : une perspective musicale = Romain Rolland and heroism : a musical perspective MAUniversity of Tasmania2001147
OLDS, Peter AndrewQuestions that need answers : an examination of the roles of context and art in theology with specific reference to the music of Bruce Cockburn MTheolUniversity of Auckland2002147
FORSTER, JasonCommodified evil's wayward children: black metal and death metal as purveyors of an alternative form of modern escapismMAUniversity of Canterbury2006147
PAIGE, PhilippaThe relationship between instrumental and pedagogical training of string teachers and their self-perceptions of teaching effectivenessMMusUniversity of Sydney2007147
BAJALICA, MarijaStrategies to enhance the artistic quality of piano recordingPhDUniversity of Adelaide2013147
NGARIMU, Tamatai-A-RangiExtreme Audio Culture in the New Digital UndergroundM.AVictoria University of Wellington2014147
DOWER, DavidSelf-accompaniment and improvisation in solo jazz piano: Practice-led investigations of assimilation, ostinatos and ‘hand splitting’MArtsEdith Cowan University2015147
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MARTIN, Rosemary EllenWomen, disability and rock 'n roll : a social semiological analysis MAAustralian Catholic University1994148
LOCKE, Kirsten AnnaPower and polyphony : contextualising the musical subjectM.EdUniversity of Auckland2004148
LUKEY, Lesley HelenDramatic and pictorial elements in SchützMAUniversity of Auckland1963148
CHING, Florin Sui WengAdult beginner piano learners : needs and strategies for teachers and learnersMMusUniversity of Auckland2006148
OEHM, Gregory James"Out of the shadows": a biographical study of William Turner (c.1651-1740), with critical editions of his anthems and servicesPhdUniversity of Newcastle2014148
TALO, Ruth ReneFestival of fusion : the celebration, representation and identification of Pacific cultures at Auckland’s Pasifika festivalMAUniversity of Auckland2008148
PETROV, Jodie AThe flute and mythology [manuscript]MCAUniversity of Newcastle2009148
LU, Amanda (Meng-Hsuan)The Exploration of Static Typography for Expressing The Emotive Qualities of MusicMAUniversity of Waikato2009148
PRENZLER, Matthias StefanThe singing heart : an analysis of the morning and evening songs of Paul Gerhardt as exercises in Evangelical pietyM.Theology University of Divinity2014148
BEAUGEAIS, KatiaCompositions by Katia BeaugeaisMMusUniversity of Sydney2010148 + 1 CD
PAGE, RosalindPoetics of allegory and number in the compositions of Rosalind Page PhDUniversity of Sydney2006148 + 2 CDs - DVD =
GREGORY, CatherineGeorge Crumb's Vox Balaenae (Voice of the whale) : performance practice perspectives and the roles of imagery, symbolism and imaginationMMusGriffith University2009148 + DVD
DOWNER, Caroline IsobelMusic in the museum : an examination of the collection of musical instruments in the Powerhouse, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney MAUniversity of Melbourne1997149
HARDWICK, RobertAustralian silent film music 1896-1909: the role of the Salvation Army Limelight DepartmentMMusUniversity of Melbourne1999149
MARASCO, MaryJohannes Ciconia: speculating or relating?MAMonash University1999149
PALMER, Roger JohnParticipating in the classical music world: four amateur organisations and the persepectives of their membersMMusVictoria University of Wellington2006149
WHELLAN, Lynette JoanMusic resources in the public libraries of Melbourne with special reference to the Nunawading Public Library M.LibMonash University1985149
McTAGGART, Stephen MThe use of nostalgic music in television advertisingMAUniversity of Auckland1998149
TREVENA, Bree ElizabethThe drum and bass scene in the City of Melbourne : narratives of urban identities through sites of cultural productionMAMonash University2009149
DENG, LiangPerformance techniques in modern piano musicDMAUniversity of Auckland2011149
MARTIN, Margaret AnneTowards a promising future: Solomon Islands educators’ perspectives on the inclusion of arts and culture curriculum in schoolsM.EdUniversity of Waikato2013149
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BROWN, DavidThe role of live musical performance in the recording studioMARMIT University200115 + 4CDs
BAKER, FelicityThe effects of live and taped music on the agitation and orientation levels of people experiencing posttraumatic amnesiaMMusUniversity of Melbourne1999150
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BURK, IanThe influence of Dr. A.E. Floyd as music critic and broadcaster on musical culture in Australia 1915-1974MMusUniversity of Melbourne2001150
DAVIS, Patricia AnnMusic for therapy in MelbourneM.EdMonash University1983150
FREE, Lindy-JoThe use of the keyboard laboratory in the first year of secondary school music with specific reference to seven schools in Perth, Western AustraliaMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1994150
MacMAHON, StephanieCorporate sponsorship and Australian music education : perspectives of principals, music teachers and selected businessesMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.2003150
NUGENT, NatalieThe effects of live versus taped preferred songs on individuals with dementia of the Alzheimer's type, displaying agitated behaviourMMusUniversity of Melbourne1999150
WARD, Lisa-JaneFive and six-part chamber sonata in Germany, 1700-1760MMusUniversity of Adelaide1998150
FA'AMAUSILI, AserotaThe aesthetic theories of John Cage (d. 1992) and the extent to which they have been embodied in his own musicMMusUniversity of Auckland1993150
LIN, Melody Hsiao-Lan TsaiEast wind in Aotearoa : exploring east Asian elements in New Zealand flute compositionsDMAUniversity of Auckland2011150
LIN, Melody Hsiao-Lan TsaiEast wind in Aotearoa : exploring east Asian elements in New Zealand flute compositionsDMAUniversity of Auckland2011150
REDDISH, PaulWhy sing and dance : an examination of the cooperative effects of group synchronyPhDVictoria University of Wellington2012150
CHICOINE, Matthew Robert "The Detroit Way": creative exchange in music production, 1950-2000MAUniversity of Auckland2014150
HASKELL, JulieNotated and implied piano pedalling: c.1780-1830PhDUniversity of Adelaide2011150 + 7 CDs
CANNON, HerbertMusic in the English drama up to 1600MAUniversity of Queensland1927151
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REYNOLDS, Nicholas J.Primary school creativity and composition in a professional level music software environment M.I.T. EdUniversity of Melbourne2001151
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NEUTZE, Christine DorothySome aspects of Elizabethan lutesongsMAUniversity of Auckland1972151
ORZECH, RachelConstructions of Jewishness: The Reception of Halévy's *La Juive* from Paris, 1835 to Tel Aviv, 2010MMusUniversity of Melbourne2011151
PRIOR, AaronNa suklit : Benicio Sokkong and the bamboo musical instruments of the KalingaMMusVictoria University of Wellington2011151
CUNDELL, Roger Guy ScottAcross the Pacific: the transformation of the steel guitar from Hawaiian folk instrument to popular music mainstay.MPhilUniversity of Adelaide2014151
POTTER, WarwickA case study of the life and work of an Australian Orchestral Portfolio ConductorPhDUniversity of Queensland2015151
LYONS, AnthonyFolio of compositions [music]M.Mus.University of Melbourne2008151 + 1 CD
RANKIN, BethThe therapeutic effects of music and dance on the health of new mothersMAppSciLaTrobe University2002151 + 1 sound record
BRACANIN, PhilipMatyas Seiber: his three string quartetsMAUniversity of Western Aust.1966152
GRANT, Roxanne"White bread milk toast", performance art in the urban environment : a view of communicating ideas as public based performance art MCAJames Cook University1998152
KING, GaryCreative spirit in classroom music educationM.EdUniversity of Melbourne2005152
KITLEY, YvonneMusic in the Wayang Parwa of BaliM.LittUniversity of New England1995152
NAULOV, LudmillaSight-reading at the keyboard : a study of its problems in the light of past and present research into verbal reading disabilitiesMAUniversity of Western Aust.1988152
KAIWAI, Hector MoanaPūkana rawatia! : Mickey Mouse does the hakaMAUniversity of Auckland2003152
GALE, Annas ThelmaStudies in the history and development of solo song and its accompaniment. MAUniversity of Canterbury1954152
GREENWELL, Andrée‘Theatres of Music’: recent composition-led worksDCAUniversity of Wollongong2012152
TOUT, Errol HSpatial representation in architecture: spatial communication through the use of soundPhDRMIT University2010152
LI, WeicongThe physics of playing clarinet and saxophone: how players control articulation and timbrePhDUniversity of NSW2016152
DAVIES, Timothy AndrewFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne1997152 + CD + cass
DYSON, FrancesThe silencing of sound: metaphysics, technology, mediaPhDUniversity of Technology Sydney1993153
MATTERS, HélèneThe development of aesthetic awareness in primary music education : a philosophical inquiry M.Ed (Hons)Griffith University1997153
NELSON, Kathleen EdnaThe canonic technique in the mass movement and motet c.1360-c1430MMusUniversity of Adelaide1982153
NEWTON, Patrick Gerald Michael FrederickTwo studies in British symphonic writing: Vaughan Williams and TippettMMusUniversity of Melbourne1989153
REID, ShaneIt isn't always about playing the right notes-- : meeting the needs of gifted secondary school students with jazz improvisation M.EdUniversity of Melbourne2007153
STAPLETON, PeterThe rockumentaries, direct cinema, and the politics of the 1960sMAUniversity of Otago2011153
GOODWIN, WayneBruce Smeaton, Australian film music composer : his music and his method. Portfolio of compositionsMMus(Comp)University of Sydney2006153 + 2 vid) + Cd +
IANNUZZELLI, PaulGroove and its components : a training program MMusUniversity of Sydney1996153 + 3 cass + vid
COLE, David RobertInstrumental music in the secondary schoolDipMusEd (Hons)University of Newcastle1974154
CRISP, DeborahChopin as composer and pianist: stylistic sourcesMMusAustralian National University1994154
LANCASTER, Geoffrey RichardThe slide and trill : general trends in late eighteenth century Germany, with specific reference to the Berlin school MMusUniversity of Tasmania1984154
MCNEILL, JayneTelling his story: text, music and sources of inspiration in Henri Dutilleux's Correspondances (2002-3)MMusUniversity of Sydney2009154
STOJISAVLJEVIC, MiroslavThe gusle - the sound of Serbian epic poetry: an examination of contemporary gusle performance practices and gusle instrument-making in Serbia and the Serbian-Australian diaspora communityPhDRMIT University2013154
SCALLY, ReganIdentifying preferred activities to increase engagement in residents with dementiaMScUniversity of Auckland2014154
HERRIMAN, NinaThe air down here : global and local interpretations of New Zealand popular music, 1955-1977MAUniversity of Auckland2004154 + CD
BENNETT, Jane L.An examination of five serial compositions by Don Banks MMusUniversity of Queensland1998155
HILL, MichaelSlave to the rhythm : animation at the service of the popular music industry MAUniversity of Technology Sydney1995155
PARKHILL, PeterSciencing about music : a critical review of ethnomusicological theory and method, as set out in the discipline's major texts MAUniversity of Sydney1991155
WISE, Jacqueline DeniseSimons measurements of music listening skills an investigation of the tests’ suitability for use in New Zealand schoolsMAUniversity of Auckland1977155
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