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FOX, RobinContingency and space as structural concerns in a folio of interactive electroacoustic compositions PhDMonash University200693 + DVD + ADAT Tape
FRAMPTON, Andrew LeslieJan Dismas Zelenka's Missa Sancti Spiritus, ZWV 4: a critical edition and study of the manuscript sourcesMMusUniversity of Melbourne2015
FRANCES, RuthMusic performance anxiety: a group work approachMMusUniversity of Melbourne2003138
FRANCIS, RichardPatterning : creative sound composition from environmental recordingsMCPAUniversity of Auckland200451 + DVD + 7 sound d
FRANKLIN, James AshleyBetween worldsPhDUniversity of Sydney1997314 + 4CD + 1Vid
FRANKLIN, James AshleyCircles and arrows : an outline of a concept of musical metaanalysis and its implications MMusUniversity of Sydney1987142
FRANZ, Emma KateResounding cinema: exploring misconceptions of the nature and obligation of nonfiction film through the challenges of the ‘music documentaryMMusUniversity of Melbourne2015
FRASER, Abby Bridgett GraceInterpreting the flute works of Jean Françaix (1912-1997)PhDUniversity of Tasmania2011186 + 8CDs +DVD
FRASER, John WilliamA programme of research into pianoforte sight-reading and its implications for pedagogyPhDUniversity of New England1990350
FREDERICKS, Ian FrancisThe development and use of computational models of creative musical intelligence in the composition and realization of Death of a dragon, StarMist, Violins in space, and Spirals : 1998-March 2001 PhDUniversity of Sydney2005204 + 4 CDs
FREE, Lindy-JoThe use of the keyboard laboratory in the first year of secondary school music with specific reference to seven schools in Perth, Western AustraliaMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1994150
FREEMAN, LliamDeveloping an improviser's "tool-kit" : exploring methodologies towards the development of improvisational skill and fluency in the performance of original work in jazz ensemble MAMonash University200656 + CD
FREEMAN, Peter A.Neural networks in the analysis of music MMusUniversity of Queensland199485
FREEMAN, Peter A.Eclecticism in the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim : a consideration of stylistic diversity PhDUniversity of Queensland2006291
FREER, NicholasEvening the odds : an analysis of methodologies used to generate harmonic rhythm in asymmetrical meters since the 1950s and their subsequent implications for contemporary improvisationMAMonash University201076 + CD
FREILICH, RachelSong as the spiritual elevation of the soul: Habad women in Australia and their musical expressionPhDUniversity of Sydney2006416
FRETHEY, CameronBetter must come reggae as a new social movementMScoScUniversity of Waikato2010140
FREW, Rebecca ElizabethBridging the training divide between studio preparation and characterisation in operatic performance using Michael Chekhov’s theory of Psychological GestureMMusUniversity of Melbourne2010
FRISINA, Wendy-CaraFactors influencing students who continue or discontinue their music studies from year 8 to year 9 : a survey of selected Western Australian secondary schools M.EdEdith Cowan University20013 microfiche
FROMYHR, Judith JReady to teach - ? : a study of influences on the readiness of general primary school teachers to teach a "specialist" subject area M.EdQueensland University of Technology1995101
FROTJOLD, RolfThe effect of singing lessons on primary aged students of non English speaking backgroundM.EdUniversity of NSW199473
FUHRMANN, AnitaWind musicians' lung function and respiratory healthPhDUniversity of Western Aust.2009165
FUJIMURA, KenjiResearching performance : translations into editions and performances of the forgotten piano works of William Hurlstone (1876-1906)PhDMonash University2008147 + 2 CDs
FUNG, AnnabellaThe relevance of Piagetian theories to research in music and music education: a pilot study of metre task (FMCT) on children of various agesMAMonash University19912 vol
FURDUJ, BorisAcoustic instrument simulation in film music contextsMResMacquarie University2014135
FURLAN, AlbertoSongs of continuity and change: the reproduction of Aboriginal culture through traditional and popular musicPhDUniversity of Sydney2005440
FURMAN, Alexander EJoseph Haydn's keyboard music 1791-1795 : style and performance MMusUniversity of Melbourne199246
FURMAN, ElizabethCurrent strategies for implementation of the Curriculum and Standards framework : music in Victorian schools M.EdMonash University1999123
FURZE, Christine HMusic and movement with preschool aged retarded childrenAdvDipSp.Ed.Flinders University1976103
GALBRAITH, JaneThe Necks - an acoustic experiment : PlacesDCAUniversity of Technology Sydney2010267P + 1CD
GALE, Annas ThelmaStudies in the history and development of solo song and its accompaniment. MAUniversity of Canterbury1954152
GALEA, JeffGhana: the folk music of Malta influences on my musicMAUniversity of Wollongong200565 + 1 CD
GALEAZZI, MichaelAn overview of the musical sources of "Wedding Song"MMusUniversity of Sydney200953
GALL, JenniferRedefining the tradition : the role of women in the evolution and transmission of Australian folk musicPhDAustralian National University2008334 p + CD
GALLACHER, LynetteExtensions of the voice : a study of Chris Mann's of course : the performance and textMALaTrobe University199336
GALLACHER, LynetteWords under pressure: an investigation of compositional linguistics focussing on recent work by Chris MannPhDLaTrobe University1996217
GALVIN, Stephen PatrickThe furrowed field : views of song and literature in Ireland 1840-1922 A.DMMusUniversity of Auckland1999122
GAME-LOPATA, JennyGillian Karawe Whitehead: her life and workMAMonash University1999
GANG, Na-HyunAction research : an exploration of a music therapy student's journey of establishing a therapeutic relationship with a child with autistic spectrum disorder in music therapyMMusTherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2009117
GAO, ZhiwenHow tertiary students use music to manage stressM.EdMonash University2008193
GAO, ZhiwenThe psychological role of music listening in emotion regulation for stress coping amongst university studentsPhDMonash University2014
GARBER, Susan JoyceThe Hand-in-Hand community music program: a case studyPhDAustralian National University2004349
GARCIA, ALStringshift : solo guitar improvisation : process, methodology and practiceUnknownUniversity of Tasmania2014
GARCIA, Anthony LamontAn introduction to guitar harmony and improvisationMMusUniversity of Queensland1999121
GARD, StephenNasty Noises: 'Error' as a Compositional ElementMMus CompUniversity of Sydney200468 + 2 CD
GARDEN, GreerTonal and modal resource in the Latin motets of William Byrd MAUniversity of Otago196576
GARDNER, JocelynThe relationship between pitch discrimination, rhythmic skills, number concepts and digit/sentence repetition in pre-school children M.EdUniversity of Newcastle199477
GARDNER, Lisa A.-M.Female vocal performance: the effectiveness of a specially devised program for beltingMMus Ed.University of Sydney1993140
GARFINKEL, CalebInvestigations in guitar signal processing: 'folding' and its outcomes in composition and performanceMMusMonash University2014
GARIGLIANO, CristoforoL'Ottava Isola: studies on music, heritage and cultural identity between Sicily and SydneyPhDMacquarie University2009304
GARRETT, DavidThe accidental entrepeneur - how ABC music became more than broadcastingPhDUniversity of Wollongong2012203
GARRETT, LindaMicro-intonation and the viola : a study of just intonation, the Pythagorean scale and equal temperament in relation to the performance of unaccompanied viola repertoireMPhil (perf)University of Queensland200632
GARRETTY, J.D. (Joyce Dulcie)Three Australian composers [Sutherland, Hughes, LeGallienne]MAUniversity of Melbourne19632 vol
GARRICK, JamieThe Intimate Virtuoso : The Guitar, the Rhetoric of Transformation, and Issues of Spectacle in Music by Fernando Sor, Johann K. Mertz, and Giulio RegondiMMusMassey University201484p +2CD
GARRICK, JamieThe Intimate Virtuoso: The Guitar, the Rhetoric of Transformation, and Issues of Spectacle in Music by Fernando Sor, Johann K. Mertz, and Giulio RegondiMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)201484p+2DVD
Garrido, SandraNegative Emotions in Music: What is the attraction?PhDUniversity of NSW2012310
GARRITY, WendyA comparison of performance approaches to Prokofiev's Sonata for Flute and piano, op.94MusMUniversity of Western Aust.20002 vol
GARSDEN, AlexanderFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne2014
GARTH, AlanA study of an Australian rural music festival MADeakin University2000166
GARVIS, SusanneAn Investigation of Beginning Teacher Self-Efficacy for the Arts in the Middle Years of Schooling (years 4-9)PhDUniversity of Queensland2010302
GARZOLI, JohnIntonational, idiomatic, and historical factors that shape contemporary Thai fusion musicPhDMonash University2015340
GASSER, MarkRonald Stevenson, composer-pianist : an exegetical critique from a pianistic perspectivePhDEdith Cowan University2013
GATES, AnneThe role of the cerebral hemispheres in music performance and perception PhDMonash University19761 vol
GAYDON, Mark Andrew Berio's sequenza XII in performance and context: a contribution to the Australian bassoon repertory synthesizing extended techniques into newly commissioned works.PhDUniversity of Adelaide201393+4CDs
GAYLER, Ross WatsonDevelopment of a methodology and theoretical framework for melodic discriminationPhDUniversity of Queensland1987231
GEAKE, JohnAn information processing study of individual differences in perception of pitch fluctuations in music.PhDUniversity of New England1996393
GEARING, PhillipMalcolm Williamson's organ symphony: an analysis of serial techniqueMMusUniversity of Queensland198967
GEBBIE, Rochelle MareeA musical revolution in Nelson: the German Directors of the Nelson School of Music 1894-1944MAUniversity of Auckland1999189
GEDDES, PaulA thing about blood: exploring abjection in the musical theatre of Sondheim and co.PhDMacquarie University2002229
GEE, Anne MaureenContact, change and the Church: some aspects of Papua New Guinea church music.MAUniversity of New England1992221
GEE, NarelleMaintaining our rage: Inside Australia's longest-running music video programPhDQueensland University of Technology2015
GEEVES, Andrew MalcolmSeeing yellow a grounded theory of the experience of music performance for the professional musicianPhDMacquarie University2012477
GELL, HeatherDalcroze eurhythmics : music through movement : a hundred lessons and thousands of ideas for early childhood education / by Australian master teacher, Heather Doris Gell ; edited and annotated by Joan Pope.N/aNot Applicable2005206
GENOUX, Christophe EmileInspired : I want to play music like the elephant looks at everything! : 'The eye of the elephant' as a metaphor for performing improvised jazz musicM.Mus.University of Melbourne200942
GENOVA, Vincent AnthonyTorres Strait island music: A cantometric studyPhDOverseas1991379
GEOGHEGAN, NoelPossible effects of early childhood music on mathematical education MAMacquarie University1993125
GEORGE, EffyThe Sorathiya Rabari : women's instrumentality in the culture of a pastoral caste PhDLaTrobe University2004421
GEORGE,Christina Anne MareeAnthem for the year 2000 and beyond : Australian rock music and cultural identity MAQueensland University of Technology2002168
GEORGOULASHybrid identities: being a Greek musicker in Melbourne and in GreecePhDMonash University2016
GERRARD, GraemeCOMPOST : a language for computer music composition - sound synthesis from spectral functions MALaTrobe University19862 vol + accompanying
GERRARD, KathleenThe livre d'airs et de simphonies meslés de quelques fragmens d'opéra 1697 of Pierre Gillier : an edition and studyM.MusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2010107
GERZIC, MarinaThe intersection of Shakespeare and popular culture : an intertextual examination of some millennial Shakespearean film adaptations (1999-2001), with special reference to musicPhDUniversity of Western Sydney2008215
GETHING, DavidA comparative analysis of grand motet settings of Psalm 129 by Jean-Baptiste Lully (LWV 73) and Marc-Antoine Charpentier (H. 189) MAUniversity of Western Aust.2003171
GIAMOU, Luke AlexanderMusic for mood regulation: listening strategies, listening preferences, and individual differencesPhDSwinburne University of Technology2012202
GIBBS, John CharlesCopyright in electronic musicLLMUniversity of Melbourne199295
GIBSON, AndyProduction and perception of vowels in New Zealand popular musicMPhilAuckland University of Technology2010193 + CD.
GIBSON, BronwynThe piano concerto in Australia 1980-1999 : contemporary manifestations of the genre in the works of Stephen Cronin and David JosephMusMUniversity of Western Aust.2004113
GIBSON, ChrisDecentred sounds?: Systems of provision for popular music and a regional music industryPhDUniversity of Sydney2000374
GIBSON, LorenaVersioning for the love of it: Hip-Hop culture in AotearoaMAMassey University2000116
GIBSON, Robert R.Parsifal and Homosexuality: A study of the reception of Parsifal as a homoerotic textMMusUniversity of Sydney1998131
GIDDENS, Michael JohnA unity of vision : the ideas of Dalcroze, Kodaly and Orff and their historical development PhDUniversity of Melbourne1992454
GIESE, Jillian F.The assessment of music processing following brain damage MPsychLaTrobe University1986121
GIFFORD, TobyImprovisation in interactive music systemsPhDQueensland University of Technology2011205 + Disc
GIJSBERS, LucyThe Three Great Soviet Composers and Mstislav Rostropovich – Talent, Music and Politics in the Soviet UnionMMusVictoria University of Wellington2014
GILL, Brad Compositional technique and the exploration of spirituality in the music of Brad Gill + Folio of Original CompositionsPhDUniversity of Sydney2005114 + CDs
GILL, RebeccaThe nineteenth-century aesthetics of violin composition in Bohemia and Moravia: a comparison of the repertoire for violin and piano by Antonín Dvořák and Leoš JanáčekMMusUniversity of Sydney2014116
GILLER, Alexandra PatriciaExperts and excerpts: the application of Giovanni Bottesini's complete method for the Contre-Basse to the preparation of orchestral excerpts taken from the works of Giuseppe VerdiMArtsMonash University201545
GILLESPIE, Kirsty JaneSteep Slopes : song creativity, continuity and change for the Duna of Papua New Guinea PhDAustralian National University2007282 + CD
GILLETT, Rachel AnneCrossing the pond: Jazz, race and gender in interwar ParisPhDUniversity of Otago2010
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