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GILLETT, Shirley AnneA man [Anthony Watson] and his music: a study of possible associations between personality and creativityMAUniversity of Otago1994202
GILLING, GraemeAn analytical study of Johannes Brahms's piano trio no. 2 in C major op. 87MusMUniversity of Western Aust.198569 + 2 CD
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GILMOUR, Katherine RoseAn historical perspective of the development of the Melba Memorial Conservatorium of MusicM.EdRMIT University20001 vol
GILMOUR, Luke KennethJob satisfaction among freelance school conductors in New South WalesDMAUniversity of Sydney2012126
GILRAY, JockIn the shadow of Handel: English oratorio in the later eighteenth century:MMusVictoria University of Wellington1999272
GILROY, Lindsay'Not just an accompanist' : a study of the professional role of the twenty-first century duo ensemble pianistMMusUniversity of Sydney200878
GINSBURG, MarkReaching for an inner voice : the influence of Jewish cantorial singing on Jewish jazz musiciansMMusUniversity of Sydney201053 + 1 CD
GINTHER, Gerald ChristopherRevisionism in the music history of Dmitry Shostakovich: The Shostakovich Wars.MAUniversity of Canterbury2008 nyic162
GIOVINAZZO, JosephTimbral design of primary melody in the first movement of Bartok's concerto for orchestra and a folio of musical compositionsMALaTrobe University1992132
GIOVINAZZO, JosephAnalytical models of timbral architecture in music: an application to the orchestral miniatures of Igor StravinskyPhDLaTrobe University2001291
GIUFFRE, Elizabeth"Even better than the real thing"? : covers and the Australian music industry since 2000 MAMacquarie University2006211
GIUFFRE, ElizabethDouble crossed: an Australian study of the relationship between media and music during periods of industrial and cultural crisisPhDMacquarie University2011275
GLAMUZINA, Kaye LContemporary music and performance practice in LevukaMMusUniversity of Auckland1993217 + cass
GLEESON, Jean ClareCounting time: a content analysis of the covers of the popular sheet music published by Charles Begg & Co. Ltd.MLISVictoria University of Wellington200365
GLEESON, Jean ClareCharles Begg and Company Limited : the story of music in New Zealand is the history of Begg'sMAUniversity of Otago2009200
GLENN, CharlesPerformance practice in Liszt and the Liszt sonata: a performer's viewMMusUniversity of Queensland1994113
GLITSOS, LauraWays of Feeling: The Transformation of Emotional Experience in Music Listening in the Context of DigitisationPHDCurtin University of Technology2016203
GODDARD, Sarah"I just find it awkward" : Girls' negotiations of sexualised pop music mediaPhDVictoria University of Wellington2016241
GODTSCHALK, OndineLove's desires and the pleasures of Bacchus: the airs of Jean Sicard (fl. 1666-1683)MMusVictoria University of Wellington19992 v. ( 188, 126) + 1
GODWIN, Louise FrancesOptimal musical engagement: the individual experience of participation within a musical community of practiceMEduRMIT University2015180
GOH, CalebCries from within : the struggles and triumphs of creating a Singaporean voice in musical theatrePhDEdith Cowan University2015
GOLDBURG, Peta MariaReligious education and the creative arts: a critical exploration PhDUniversity of Newcastle2001324
GOLDSCHMIED, JasonA battle royal: digital music piracy v. the music industry, an assessment of Australian copyright law PhDBond University2010437
GOLDSWORTHY, Anna LouiseFanny Hensel and virtuosityDMAUniversity of Melbourne2002123
GOLDSWORTHY, David JMelayu music of North Sumatra: continuities and change PhDMonash University1979618
GONG, Hong-yuMissionaries, reformers, and the beginnings of western music in late imperial China (1839-1911)PhDUniversity of Auckland2006428
GONG, Xiao-qiangThe nature and meaning of music : towards relativity and universality of musicality : a study in East-West comparative aesthetics of musicPhDUniversity of Melbourne1995267
GONZALEZ, Roger Orio¡Latin jazz! : a syncretic journey from Spain, Cuba, the United States and backM.A.(Research)Queensland University of Technology2009273 + 1 CD
GOODMAN, DaveTony Williams' drumset ideology to 1969 : Synergistic emergence from an adaptive modeling of feel, technique and creativity as an archetype for cultivating originality in jazz drumset performance studiesPhDUniversity of Sydney2011491
GOODWIN, RussellLocating the links between John Cage and the early avant-gard 1909-1933MAMonash University2002107
GOODWIN, RussellFurthering the understanding of indeterminacy in music compositionPhDMonash University200793 + 5 scores + 2 CD
GOODWIN, WayneBruce Smeaton, Australian film music composer : his music and his method. Portfolio of compositionsMMus(Comp)University of Sydney2006153 + 2 vid) + Cd +
GORA, ChristineProvision for music education in the primary school curriculum : school solutions M.EdStUniversity of Tasmania1995264
GORDON, AndreaCommunity music, place and belonging in the Bega Valley, NSW, AustraliaM.SUniversity of Wollongong2012178
GORDON, ChristopherWhich way the wind blows? The influence of non-musical factors in the reception of the music of Dmitri Shostakovich in the WestMAMonash University1997177
GORDON, David HuntlyAn investigation into the results of the North Shore Music Project a scheme to foster the musical development of a group of musically talented children MMusUniversity of Auckland1982169
GORFINKEL, LaurenPerforming the Chinese nation : the politics of identity in China Central Television's music-entertainment programsPhDUniversity of Technology Sydney2011386
GORSKY-DAMACENO, Ana Maria NascimentoA study of Lourdes Franca in the context of Brazilian music MMusUniversity of New England1999246
GOSTELOW, GavinIndications for the use of a moderator pedal in the piano sonatas of Jan Ladislav Dussek.MMusUniversity of Sydney2009252
GOULD, AlannahThe bassoon at the time of Carl Maria von WeberMMus StudsUniversity of Queensland200155
GOULD, Anthony JamesPromotion, programming and criticism of music in Melbourne : the nineteen thirties and the nineteen seventies compared MAMonash University1979283
GOULD, Anthony JamesThe Melbourne Symphony Orchestra : factors influencing its character and identity PhDLaTrobe University1989374
GOYER, EdwardCreating unity within an album for compositions defined as "jazz style"DCAUniversity of Wollongong200861 + CD
GOYER, KjellCreating an improviser's system for jazz standards on the classical guitarMCAUniversity of Wollongong201042
GRABAU, AshleighAn informed performance of Nikola Resanovic's Collateral Damage (2000) through an understanding of Bosnian and Serbian folk music traditionsMMusMonash University2014
GRAEVE, MichaelContemporary sound art and painting hybrid practiceMARMIT University200345 + 6CDs
GRAHAM, EvelynPerformer-audience communication : investigating nonverbal expression of emotion in the performances of singers PhDJames Cook University2002372
GRAHAM, Jessica L.Crossing in style : an exploration of the vocal and presentational elements to be considered when classical singers cross over into the jazz genreMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)200861
GRAHAM, JillianComposer, wife and mother : Margaret Sutherland as conflicted subjectMMusUniversity of Melbourne200177
GRAHAM, JillianComposing Biographies of Four Australian Women: Feminism, Motherhood and MusicPhDUniversity of Melbourne2009332
GRANGER-BROWN, LorraineActing out of the depression : J.C. Williamson, 1893M.MusUniversity of Melbourne2011126
GRANT, AlisonMusic compositionsMMusVictoria University of Wellington20061 vol + CD
GRANT, Catherine FionaStrengthening the vitality and viability of endangered music genres : the potential of language maintenance to inform approaches to music sustainabilityPhDGriffith University2012292
GRANT, John WardFolio of compositions and critical commentaryMphil (comp)University of Queensland2006241
GRANT, NatalieMusic and collaboration : rapport, leadership and the role of the individual in collaborative processes MMusUniversity of Melbourne2010322
GRANT, NatalieMomentum: experiential development in music compositionPhDUniversity of Melbourne2014
GRANT, Philip MalcomA comparative analysis of the copyright protection provided to sound recordings and music videos (cinematograph films) under the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth) in light of the development of music videos as independently marketable products LLMUniversity of Melbourne1988125
GRANT, Roxanne"White bread milk toast", performance art in the urban environment : a view of communicating ideas as public based performance art MCAJames Cook University1998152
GRANTHAM, Edward McNealHill organs in Australia, 1850-1910 : a critical survey and chronicle of developments in organs sent to Australia by William Hill and Sons, London MMusUniversity of NSW1988157
GRASSO, MelissaMusic and physiotherapy: evaluation of a program developed for caregivers of infants and toddlers with cystic fibrosisMMusUniversity of Melbourne1998145
GRAVES, Randin ChristopherCultural foundation of the Yidaki in Northeast Arnhem LandMACharles Darwin University2006130
GRAY, Janette MaryComposing music for childrenMMusUniversity of Sydney19744 vol
GREATWOOD, Linden M.E.Folio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne20066 vol + CD
GREAVES, AdamThe artistic merits of incorporating natural horn techniques into valve horn performance: a portfolio of recorded performances and exegesis.MMusUniversity of Adelaide201238
GREEN, AndrewEdgard Varese: Ionisation. Some analytical viewpoints MAMonash University199171
GREEN, Christina JoyFolio of compositions [music]: 2007-2009M.MusUniversity of Melbourne2009146 + 1 CD
GREEN, HarryThe lovable talented little boy: a study of the personality of Benjamin BrittenGDip MusGriffith University198622
GREEN, Karen M.F.A comparative study of singing teaching and aural skill acquisitionMMus Ed.University of NSW2003170
GREEN, Phillip R.O.The impetus for the change from shared to single direction in the European orchestra of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuriesMMusUniversity of Queensland199445
GREEN, PhoebeThe influence of nature on two works for the viola by Toru Takemitsu and Ross EdwardsMPhilUniversity of Queensland201057
GREEN, Rachael ReneeAn ethnographic study of recreational drug use and identity management among a network of electronic dance music enthusiasts in Perth, Western AustraliaPhDCurtin University of Technology2012284
GREEN-ARMYTAGE, EmilyThe recent music of Roger Smalley : modernist or postmodernist?MusMUniversity of Western Aust.2004103
GREENBAUM, StuartComposition folio; Pat Metheny's The First circle: transcription and commentaryMMusUniversity of Melbourne1991-22 vol + 2 cass
GREENBAUM, StuartFolio of compositions, 1995-1998 ‪[‬music‪]‬ ; Arvo Pärt's Te Deum, a compositional watershedPhDUniversity of Melbourne19992 vol
GREENWELL, Andrée‘Theatres of Music’: recent composition-led worksDCAUniversity of Wollongong2012152
GREENWOOD, Andrew AlexanderModernist musical performance as hermeneutics : three historical case studies from Bartok, Webern and Adorno's philosophy of music M.PhilUniversity of Sydney2004125
GREET, Martin T.Folio of compositions PhDUniversity of Melbourne20038 scores
GREET, Martin T.Tonal ambiguity in the late works of Britten MMusUniversity of Melbourne199498
GREEVES, Andrew MSeeing yellow: a grounded theory of the experience of music performance for the professional musicianPhDMacquarie University2012477
GREGG, Stuart Charles JohnCATSCAN/DOGMA: creating new music-theatreMCAUniversity of Newcastle2007`77
GREGORY, CatherineGeorge Crumb's Vox Balaenae (Voice of the whale) : performance practice perspectives and the roles of imagery, symbolism and imaginationMMusGriffith University2009148 + DVD
GREGORY, MarkSixty years of Australian Union Songs: the Australian folk revival and the Australian Labour Movement since the Second World WarMAMacquarie University2007172 + 1 CD + 1 bookl
GREGORY, MarkAustralian working songs and poems - a rebel heritagePhDUniversity of Wollongong2014
GREIG, RobbieA consciousness perspective on musical development : towards an integrative developmental theory of music based on the conceptual framework of Ken Wilber M.EdLaTrobe University1993108
GRENFELL, Julia MicheleThe influences of traditional Asian music on an Australian composer: A study of three works for flute and piano by Anne BoydDMAOverseas2003146
GRETTON, HaroldHistorically-informed interpretation : a process in relation to the Deuxième grande sonate op.25 for solo guitar by Fernando SorPhDAustralian National University2010
GRIFFIN, DavidCooking up an omelette: Elena Kats-Chernin's Mr. Barbecue as an example of her compositional approachMMusUniversity of Sydney200887
GRIFFIN, Rachel AnnRegistered music teachers in New Zealand : a survey of current trends in the teaching of musical performance, and a review of related literatureMMusVictoria University of Wellington1984351
Griffith, JoelenePerformance fitness: physiological benefits of aerobic exercise for performing singersMPhilUniversity of Newcastle201184
GRIFFITHS, John AnthonyThe vihuela fantasia: a comparative study of forms and styles PhDMonash University19832 vol
GRIFFITHS, PaulineChamber Music Audiences: Access, Participation and Pleasure at Melbourne concertsPhDUniversity of Melbourne2003235
GRIFFITHS, Richard DPunkturing the scab : a sociological investigation of anarcho-punk subcultureMAUniversity of Auckland2000114
GRIGGS, Kristy MareeThe relationship between music and esoteric spirituality in contemporary compositionM.Mus.University of Auckland200880
GRIGSBY, NicholasBach’s Creative Journey: A Study of Source, Circumstance, Genre, Interpretation and Procedure in the Earliest Music of J. S. Bach (1685-1750)PhDUniversity of Waikato2014
GRIMMETT, HelenA school in tune? : the stories behind one school's singing cultureM.EdMonash University2008142
GROCKE, Denise ErdonmezPreservation of acquired music performance skills in three cases of neuropsychological impairment MMusUniversity of Melbourne1983202
GROCKE, Denise ErdonmezA Phenomenological Study of Pivotal Moments in Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) TherapyPhDUniversity of Melbourne19992 vol
GROENEWEGEN, DavidThe real thing? The rock music industry and the creation of Australian images 1958-1987MAUniversity of Melbourne1993142
GRUNSTEIN, RoseEvaluation of the effects of the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge on adolescent resiliency and health behaviours DPubHlthUniversity of Sydney20022 vol
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