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GRABAU, AshleighAn informed performance of Nikola Resanovic's Collateral Damage (2000) through an understanding of Bosnian and Serbian folk music traditionsMMusMonash University2014
RHOOK, NatalieThe enduring impact of the Beatles' films: toward a history and genealogy of the rock music documentaryPhDUniversity of Melbourne2016
BANNEY, David AndrewSymmetry and symmetry reduction in musicPhDUniversity of Newcastle2015
FERRARESE, MarcoThe melting mosh pi/​ot: extreme music performance in early 2010s multi-ethnic MalaysiaPhDMonash University2016
CROOKE, Alexander Hew DaleCritical reflections on how research design and the attributes of a music program can affect investigations of the psychosocial wellbeing benefits of musical participation in mainstream schoolsPhDUniversity of Melbourne2015
KIM, JosephInteractive relationship between firms' activities and their environment: the case study of Korean music industryPhDUniversity of NSW2014
BAKER, Jane SusanneLearning, identity work, and music use in young garage bandPhDUniversity of Queensland2014
QIU, ZiruiAn investigation on the effects of music training on executive functions of preschool children in ChinaPhDUniversity of Melbourne2015
POSSE EMILIANI, Maria ElviraFrom the Colombian Caribbean to the South Pacific: Cultural hybridity and resistance in film, music and artPhDAustralian Catholic University2015
HARDCASTLE, Adam Christopher'Letting good happen' sustaining community music in regional Australia: a study of the Green Triangle cross-border regionPhDMonash University2015
PHYLAND, Debra JeanThe impact of vocal load on the vocal function of professional music theatre singersPhDMonash University2015
WILSON, RobinStyle and interpretation in the nineteenth‐century German violin school with particular reference to the three sonatas for pianoforte and violin by Johannes BrahmsPhDUniversity of Sydney2014
HAMMOND, JaneDancing with ghosts: the topic of the pastoral explored in a folio of music compositionsPhDMonash University2015
FLYNN, LibbyThe stories we haven't told: the lived experience of music used in therapy for bereaved parentsPhDUniversity of Queensland2014
ROBERTS, CJHow the pianist's touch affects tone quality: A review of performance-based and scientific literature with applications to piano practice and performancePhDUniversity of New England2015
NEVILLE, Stephen PatrickImprovising with words: a drummer’s perspective on the integration of recorded speech with jazz performance – a portfolio of recorded performances and exegesisMPhilUniversity of Adelaide2015
ROSEMAN, HilarieGenerating forgiveness and constructing peace through truthful dialogue : Abrahamic perspectivesPhDMacquarie University2014
HAYWOOD, NTComplexity through interaction: An investigation into the spontaneous development of collective musical ideas from simple thematic materialsPhDUniversity of Tasmania2014
SPICER, Michael JohnA portfolio of compositions based on trajectories through musical state spacesPhDMonash University2016
Cox, GeraldineMusic matters in fiction: Creative and critical reflectionsPhDMurdock University2015
BARCLAY, LeahSonic Ecologies: Environmental Electroacoustic Music Composition in Cultural ImmersionPhDGriffith University2014
YANG, VC-YPiano transcription as translation in music : cross-genre adaptationsPhDUniversity of Tasmania2014
WATSON, KAProcesses and Concepts in Present-Day Transcultural Violin Performance PracticePhDUniversity of New England2014
HENSE, CherryMusical identities of young people recovering from mental illnessPhDUniversity of Melbourne2015
DIAZ-GASCA, Juan SebastianMusic Beyond Gameplay: Motivators in the Consumption of Videogame SoundtracksPhDGriffith University2015
MOORE, Sarah JaneTitle Reconciliation through Music and Art. A study in Two SchoolsPhDUniversity of Sydney2015
BROOKS, Wendy LouiseAn investigation of music and screen media in the lives of young childrenPhDUniversity of Sydney2015
BROPHY, GerardNorth meets South - East meets West : a personal accommodation of divergent aesthetic, cultural and technological compositional approaches : a portfolio of four compositions and exegesisPhDUniversity of Adelaide2014
MCNAUGHTON, Lorelle Sarah KirionaInterpreting the Piano Music of Albéniz: A detailed study of selected works from IberiaMMusUniversity of Sydney2016
WALTERS, ReynoldThe moment of performanceMMusUniversity of Melbourne2014
ANTHONY, Brendan‘The Stairways to Mixing Heaven’: Designs for the Optimisation of Creative Mixing Practices in Popular Music Record ProductionMMusGriffith University2015
POLSON, Simon GregoryMusic, Choir Books and the Veneration of Saints in the Augustinian Order in Spain, 1667-1735MMusUniversity of Sydney2016
BAKRNCHEV, Michael ArthurFolio of CompositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne2016
HEISER, Marshall StuartThe Playful Frame of Mind: An Exploration of its Influence upon Creative Flow in a Post-War Popular Music-Making ContextPhDGriffith University2015
JOVANOV, Melisa RumbidzaiThe construction of femininity through the lyrical and visual portrayal of women in Afro-American and African mainstream hip-hop musicMMusMonash University2014
HUNT, Kevin PatrickPerceptions of the Stuart &​ Sons Piano Sound: Realising a creative, active visionPhDUniversity of Sydney2016
POWELL, Sarah JanePerceptions of success influencing male participation in choirPhDUniversity of Western Sydney2014
DENT, Lachlan JamesThe application of the pedagogy of Evangeline Benedetti and Christopher Bunting to the performance of Grieg’s Sonata in A minor for cello and piano, and Carl Vine’s Inner World for cello and pre-recorded CDPhDMonash University2015
MCKAY, JanetThe significant other: A flutist's role in performer-composer collaborationsPhDUniversity of Queensland2016
MORGAN, Craig AshleyThe Use of Virtual Instruments by Australian Screen ComposersPhDUniversity of Sydney2016
MARTIN, CharlesPercussion and computer in live performanceMMusAustralian National University2015
YAP, Tsok WeeThe composer as bricoleur : notions of contemporary opera in the genesis of a short filmMAEdith Cowan University2016
O'BRIEN, EmmaThe effect and experience of therapeutic songwriting on adult cancer patients’ quality of life, mood, distress levels and satisfaction with hospital stayPhDUniversity of Melbourne2014
MILLS, JenniferOrchestral cello auditions in Australia: an assessment of commonly set excerptsMMusMonash University2016
GARFINKEL, CalebInvestigations in guitar signal processing: 'folding' and its outcomes in composition and performanceMMusMonash University2014
GEORGOULASHybrid identities: being a Greek musicker in Melbourne and in GreecePhDMonash University2016
BRACKNELL, Clint ThomasNatj Waalanginy (What singing?): Nyungar song from the south-west of Western AustraliaPhDUniversity of Western Aust.2015
BUCKINGHAM, AliceInformed Performance Practice of Sonata for Viola and Piano, op. 147 by Dmitri Shostakovich: A Study of InterpretationMPhilUniversity of Queensland2014
FRAMPTON, Andrew LeslieJan Dismas Zelenka's Missa Sancti Spiritus, ZWV 4: a critical edition and study of the manuscript sourcesMMusUniversity of Melbourne2015
JAMES, Stuart GeorgeSpectromorphology and spatiomorphology : wave terrain synthesis as a framework for controlling timbre spatialisation in the frequency domainPhDEdith Cowan University2015
LYONS, AnthonyConstructing the musical work: an examination of structural organisation and extra-musical interaction in an individual composition practicePhDUniversity of Melbourne2014
ABDOLLAH POUR, Shima GelarehThe lives of Iranian women singers in diasporaMResUniversity of Melbourne2014
SEVERN, JohnShakespeare as Jukebox MusicalPhDUniversity of NSW2015
BROWN, Shaun JosephInterpreting the Early Lieder of Erich Korngold: A Performer’s Perspective on So Gott und Papa will (1910)MMus?University of Queensland2016
SHERIDAN, GHard ass: representation, diaspora and globalisation in kuduroPhDRMIT University2014
OBRYAN, JessicaInvestigating participant values, beliefs and practices in one-to-one tertiary classical singing lessons: a collective case studyPhDUniversity of Queensland2015
GREGORY, MarkAustralian working songs and poems - a rebel heritagePhDUniversity of Wollongong2014
LOCKITT, Matthew JamesThe musical is drama: apollonian and dionysian dynamics and liminal ruptures in the contemporary musical theatre.PhDMonash University2014
PENZLER, Matthias StefanThe singing heart : an analysis of the morning and evening songs of Paul Gerhardt as exercises in Evangelical pietyMTh University of Divinity2014
MCEVOY, DavidAspects of Herbie Hancock’s pre-electric improvisational language and their application in contemporary jazz performance: a portfolio of recorded performances and exegesis.MPhilUniversity of Adelaide2014
O'BRIEN, Ian Morgan DalzielProtecting the hearing of professional orchestral musicians : an industry-focused investigationPhDUniversity of Sydney2014
CREIGHTON, Alison, LPlay songs and lullabies : features of emotional communication and developing mother-infant attachmentPhDUniversity of Western Sydney2014
EVANS, AlsionThe prevalence, causes and management of stress velopharyngeal insufficiency in woodwind and brass playersPhDUniversity of Sydney2014
PURCELL, Kevin JTransmedia storytelling: relocating the Broadway musical across the digital domain as scalable enterpriseMResUniversity of Melbourne2015
GOH, CalebCries from within : the struggles and triumphs of creating a Singaporean voice in musical theatrePhDEdith Cowan University2015
CHARLES, EmmaA problematic portfolio: an exploration of style and identity in the life of Gerald Finzi and the performance of "Introit" as part of his discarded Violin ConcertoMMusMonash University2015
BURKE RIGO, BEscapee gloss : a symphony of polymediaM?University of Tasmania2014
MCKAY, KathrynA contextual study of Boris Asafiev's Musical form as a process and and application of concepts to his Sonata for solo violMAEdith Cowan University2015
ELTON, Kim CecileTango, from Perception to Creation: A Pianist’s Quest to Capture and Embody Tango in Performance and CompositionDMAGriffith University2014
THOMAS, Holly EllenApplying the linear concept of contemporary drumming: a portfolio of recorded performances and exegesis.MPhilUniversity of Adelaide2014
SCHOLTES, Mark ACreative Trigger, Creative Intent and Creative Choice: An Exploration of Where Songs Come FromMMusGriffith University2015
WORLEY, KimThe Singing Cellist: An Exploration of the Relationship between the Cello and the Human VoiceMMusGriffith University2015
VINCENT, Adrian LachlanFolio of worksMResUniversity of Melbourne2014
WILLIAMS, Michael FrancisComposition PortfolioPhDUniversity of Melbourne2014
BRIGGS, Maria Sergeevna (née Okunev)Tertiary Opera Training in Australia and UK: Ethnographic PerspectivePhDUniversity of Sydney2015
ROSE, Jeremy PhilipA Deeper Shade of Blue: A Compositional Folio Informed by Ethnographic Research into the Sydney Jazz ScenePhDUniversity of Sydney2016
MANOHARAN, PravinaTamil hip-hop in Malaysia : the history, politics, and sounds of diasporic identityPhDMonash University2015
CATANCHIN, HelenAn exploration of composed and improvised wordless singing in performance: skills for the 2Ist century contemporary jazz singerMMusMonash University2015
WISNIEWSKI, Wojciech WaldemarDEFINING NATIONAL PIANO SCHOOLS Perceptions and challengesDMAUniversity of Sydney2015
GARSDEN, AlexanderFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne2014
CANHAM, NicoleKindred Spirits: The beliefs, values, work and learning of independent classical artistsPhDUniversity of Queensland2016
MINESTRELLI, Chiara"Still the same corroboree?" culture, identity and politics in Australian Indigenous hip hopPhDMonash University2014
SUTTON, Mark MorganYou can always come back, but you can't come back all the way: late style and memory in Bob Dylan's recent workPhDUniversity of Sydney2015
GARCIA, ALStringshift : solo guitar improvisation : process, methodology and practiceUnknownUniversity of Tasmania2014
WILLIAMSON, PaulDeveloping technical control, ensemble interaction, and flow within jazz performancePhDMonash University2014
O'CONNOR, JosephDeveloping approaches to jazz composition and improvisation informed by the dissonant counterpoint methods of Charles Seeger and Ruth CrawfordPhDMonash University2016
BARKER, Jade CarolineApplying Bartolozzi's theory from New sounds for woodwind (1967) to a performance of Bartolozzi's Per Olga (1976) and Smith Brindle's Andromeda M31 (1967) mediated through the utilisation of the Bartolozzi-Mencarelli methodMMusMonash University2014
CAMERON, Christopher PaulExploring applications of multi-dexterity in drum kit performanceMMusMonash University2016
FELTON, Stella"Playing with autobiography" The performer as biographer: Viktor Ullmann’s Piano Sonata No. 7 (1944)MMusMonash University2016
DELVES, Benjamin DavidMartin Jackson and The Melbourne Jazz Cooperative; how they influenced the Melbourne modern jazz scene.MMusMonash University2016
BROWN, Reuben JayFollowing footsteps: The kun-borrk/​manyardi song tradition and its role in western Arnhem Land society.PhDUniversity of Sydney2016
ANTONOV, EdwardFormulating an interpretation of Frederick Septimus Kelly's Violin Sonata in G major through an assessment of the performance style of the work's dedicatee, Jelly d'AranyiMMusMonash University2015
DEVLIN, Desmond TEarly Sydney punk : methods in visual ethnographyPhDUniversity of Western Sydney2014
HAMILTON, Elizabeth JaneAn informed approach to performance practice issues in Lipstick (1998) - by Jacob ter VeldhuisUnknownMonash University2016
BATTERHAM, Andrew BruceFootprints: the assimilation of extra-Classical elements in a compositional languagePhDUniversity of Melbourne2015
SIMPSON, CheralynBéla Bartók’s Viola Concerto which published edition should I perform?MMusMonash University2016
ANDREWS, Helen MarieCognitive impairment, spontaneous recovery and environmental enrichment post strokeDCPUniversity of Newcastle2015
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