Writersort iconThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pages
WELLS, Sarah EllenWomen as musical leaders : experiences and perceptions of female conductors and concertmasters in Perth, Western AustraliaMAUniversity of Western Aust.2011173
WELLS, JessicaCompositionsMMus (Comp)University of Sydney19985 scores
WELLS, Elizabeth AnnInfluences of the Englische Komodianten on Baroque Opera in Hamburg : Dramaturgy and PerspectivesMMusUniversity of Adelaide19891 vol
WELLMAN, David AllenTowards an integration of theories of achievement motivationMADeakin University2001246
WEISS, MichaelThe nineteenth-century Fonte : the continuing tradition of a galant musical patternMMusUniversity of Auckland2013188
WEISS, MichaelTheoretical and analytical reflections on the role of Robert O. Gjerdingen's galant schemata in nineteenth-century compositionPhDUniversity of Auckland2018506
WEIR, DavidMashing power : musical re-imaginings of post 9/11 political rhetoricPhDSouthern Cross University2009232
WEIGHTMAN, MonicaThe dancing brolga: a musical journey of deepening connection to identityMAMonash University2013
WEIDENBACH, VandaMusic in the education of the young, multiply handicapped deaf/blind child MAMacquarie University1981201
WEIDENBACH, VandaThe Influence of self-regulation on instrumental practiceDPhilUniversity of Western Sydney1996212
WEI, DengHistorical development of the pipa [Chinese Lute]MMusUniversity of Tasmania1987192
WEGENER, SarenaBaroque vs modern [manuscript] : the baroque oboe in a modern contextMACharles Darwin University201075 + CD
WEEKES, Diana K.Twistonality: A Personal Exploration: portfolio of original compositions and exegesisPhD (Comp)University of Adelaide20073 vol
WEE, Brenna Weng HanChinese-Western hybrid music development in Australia as exemplified through the life and works of Julian YuMMusPerfUniversity of Melbourne201185
WEBSTER, Margaret LouisePortfolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Auckland2011165 + Disc
WEBSTER, JoshuaCreating and Performing New Australian Works on the Hungarian Concert CimbalomM.AEdith Cowan University2013267
WEBB, Helen J.Tudor organ music: a study of liturgical works in the British Museum. MS. Additional 29996PhDUniversity of Adelaide1975376
WEAKLEY, SarahPolyphonic settings of the Lamentations of Jeremiah in sixteenth-century Rome, Venice, and Spain ; with an edition of of Giovanni Croce's Devottissime Lamentationi (Venice, 1603). MMusUniversity of Auckland2001247
WAY, AnthonyLift up your hearts: a musico-liturgical study of the Eucharistic Prayer of the Roman Rite 1963-2004 MMusAustralian Catholic University20042 vol
WAUGH, Donald FordThe English virginal schoolMAUniversity of Otago195581
WATTS, RowenaThe industry standards of performance at orchestral clarinet auditions in Australia : A study of orchestral clarinettists' expectations of performance of selected orchestral excerpts at an auditionMMusUniversity of Sydney2012170
WATTS, PeterA critical edition of the works of William Cranford, c1590-c1660MAUniversity of Auckland1980373
WATTS, Colin DavidA.M.E.B. and Suzuki piano teaching in New South Wales : an overview of pedagogical issuesMAUniversity of Sydney1987279
WATT, SallySimon Boyleau: motetta quatuor vocum (Venice: G.Scotto, 1554): an edition and studyMMusUniversity of Melbourne2002131
WATT, PaulThe early cultural criticism of Jacques Barzun: the emergence of a new Romanticism and the development of the Hector Berlioz revival MAMonash University1992133
Watt, PaulThe Intellectual Life of Ernest Newman in the 1890sPhDUniversity of Sydney2009 not yet in lib. cat.238
WATSON, StephenThe effects of music in television commercialsPhDUniversity of Wollongong1992630 + 1 vid rec
WATSON, PenelopeStereotype threat and adolescent males in choirs : a reflection of gender beliefs?PhDUniversity of Auckland2011228
WATSON, KAProcesses and Concepts in Present-Day Transcultural Violin Performance PracticePhDUniversity of New England2014
WATSON, Gary StephenShared intellectual property and the maintenance of cosmic order : an investigation into the significance of melodic sampling and transformation in the creation of new gending in Balinese gamelan music MMusUniversity of Sydney199982 + CD
WATSON, ChristopherThe effects of music notation software on compositional practices and outcomes [+ Composition Folio]PhDVictoria University of Wellington20072 vol
WATSON, ChristianHow musicians develop the ability to improvise: a cross-cultural comparison of skill development in the Egyptian, Hindustani classical, and jazz traditionsPhDUniversity of NSW2012291
WATSON, ChrisMusic compositionsMMusVictoria University of Wellington20021 vol + CD
WATSON, Charles RichardThe computer analysis of polyphonic music PhDUniversity of Sydney1985214
WATSON, Carolyn NarelleGesture as Communication: The Art of Carlos KleiberPhDUniversity of Sydney2011198
WATSON, CarolynGesture as Communication: The Art of Carlos KleiberPhD (performance)University of Sydney2012198
WATSON, AmandaAn Investigation into Music in the Australian Arts Key Learning Area in the Victorian Curriculum and Standards Framework with reference to International DevelopmentsPhDRMIT University1998377
WATKINS, JenniferThe South Australian May Music Camp: 1962 -1986M.PhilUniversity of Adelaide2018258
WATKINS, ClintonThe amplified experienceDocFAUniversity of Auckland201150 + 1CD + 1 Video d
WATKIN, MichaelThe blues [electronic resource] : an interactive hypermedia database (documentation of the development of a multimedia CAI programme)MMus Ed.University of Sydney1995182 + comp laser dis
WATERS, SimoneThe affect valence model of motivation: Implications for music education and related fields.MMusUniversity of NSW2014138
WATERS, MelvilleThe Lutheran orthodoxy of J.S. Bach's ClavierubungMMusUniversity of Adelaide198899
WATERS, Julie Anne“Against the stream”: intersections of music and politics in the conception, composition and reception of Alan Bush’s first three symphoniesPhDMonash University2012TBA
WATERS, Edgar PembertonSome aspects of the popular arts in Australia, 1880-1915PhDAustralian National University19621 vol
WATER, BolkeMaking music: discourses of cultural negotiation in New ZealandMAVictoria University of Wellington2001175
WARREN, PennyWhat are the factors that have influenced individual music therapists' professional identity and have those factors impacted on their practice and the field as a whole in New Zealand?MMusTherVictoria University of Wellington2015
WARREN, BradReassessing subculture: Heavy Metal and subculture theoryMAMonash University1995174
WARE, Vicki-AnnStylistic and cultural transformations in Bangkok fusion music from 1850 to the present day, leading to the development of Dontri Thai PrayukPhDMonash University2006414
WARDS, Allan RossMusical interest, church attendance and personality MAMassey University198086
WARD, MeganMelodic ornamentation from Muffat to TelemannMMusVictoria University of Wellington2014
WARD, Lisa-JaneFive and six-part chamber sonata in Germany, 1700-1760MMusUniversity of Adelaide1998150
WARD, JillAndrea Zani (1696-1757) - life and works - through a study of the documents together with a collected edition and thematic cataloguePhDUniversity of Canterbury2010TBA
WARD, JamesThe composer's assistantMScUniversity of Technology Sydney1995159 + 1 video casset
WARD, HowardFolio of compositions [music] : 2008-2010M.Mus.University of Melbourne2010183 + 1 CD
WARD, Anthony McKennaA miniature orchestra: a study in the aesthetics of guitar transcriptionMMus(hons)University of New England1999161
WARD, Anthony McKennaAgustín Barrios Mangoré : a study in the articulation of cultural identityM.Mus.University of Adelaide2010184 +CD
WAPLES, Benjamin RossThe review of resources pertaining to arco techniques for the double bass and their application to jazz improvisation in the swing styleMMusPerfUniversity of Sydney201195
WANGPHANICH, ChanickThe integration of e-Learning in higher music education in ThailandPhDUniversity of NSW2013346
WANG-HUA, ChuaFolio of compositions; Folio of analyses [Sculthrope, Penderecki, Feldman]MMusUniversity of Melbourne19841 score, 2 vol
WANG, Zheng-TingA history of Chinese music in VictoriaMAMonash University1995127
WANG, Zheng-TingChinese Music in the Diaspora to New York and Melbourne: 1980s to 2000PhDUniversity of Melbourne2004345
WANG, Yu YanChaozhou daluogu perfromance, repertoire, instruments, technique, transmission and sustainability in an ancient Chinese percussion genreDMAGriffith University2011345
WANG, Tzu-ya (Lisa)Action research : improving my music therapy practice with hospitalised adolescents through building relationships and meeting their developmental needsMMus TherapyVictoria University of Wellington200881
WANG, Anna Ping-AnMusic analysis of clinical improvisations with an adolescent who has communication difficultiesMMus TherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2010
WANG, AnnaText, mimesis and New Zealand themes: an analytical study of Dorothy Buchanan's recent vocal worksMAUniversity of Canterbury2005286
WAN, TraceyStylistic issues in the Allemande of the B minor Partita No. 1 for solo violin by J.S. BachMMusUniversity of Sydney200857
WALUS, Bartlomiej PiotrA new modular approach to the composition of film music.PhDUniversity of Adelaide2013468
WALTERS, ReynoldThe moment of performanceMMusUniversity of Melbourne2014
WALTERS, MelanieCrossing the modernist-postmodernist divide [sound recording] : performance challenges in late twentieth century Australian flute music : a portfolio of recorded performances and exegesisMMusUniversity of Adelaide20112 Discs + exegesis
WALTER, ReynoldThe moment of performance : trace and materiality in improvisational music practiceMFAUniversity of Melbourne2014105
WALTER, Adrian CharlesThe early nineteenth century guitar [manuscript] : an interpretive context for the contemporary performer PhDCharles Darwin University2008511
WALSH, RobertThe composition of contemporary ambient music utilising field-recordings of Tokyo, unusual instrument combinations and minimalist techniques PhDSouthern Cross University200384
WALSH, Michael JamesMusical listening and social boundaries: framing ‘public’ and ‘private’ social life through soundPhDMonash University2010241
WALSH, FionaBartok's altered endings : contexts, case studies, and constructs PhDUniversity of Queensland2001430
WALSH, AndrewThe muting of organ pipesMScUniversity of Sydney199391
WALSH, AmyThe image of the tubaMMusUniversity of Sydney201292
WALLIS, Diana MaryCharles-Valentin Alkan, 1813-1888 : a study of neglect and revival, with an analysis of the first and second suites of Chants, op. 38, i and ii MMusUniversity of Auckland1996173
WALLACE, Thomas OwenComplex by composite - A comparative analysis of pop songs and observational photographsMFAUniversity of NSW201494
WALLACE, Michael EdmundThe map is not the territory: reconsidering music improvisation educationM.TUniversity of Melbourne201260
WALLACE, MichaelUnifying composition and improvisation : applying Bob Brookmeyer's pitch module concept to composition and improvisation MAMonash University200776 + cd
WALLACE, Margaret J.Second hearing recognition of music: the design and administration of a research instrument which examines one aspect of music listeningPhDUniversity of Canterbury1982284
WALLACE, Catherine JaneAn examination of the supernatural in Scottish Gaelic folksongs and folktales MAUniversity of Sydney1994145 + cass tape
WALLACE, BrendaReconstructing clients self-narrative: the role of metaphor and imagery in guided imagery and musicM.MusUniversity of Melbourne2013
WALKER, Rhett HIn what is constituted musical meaning, significance, value and greatness PhDUniversity of Melbourne1993231
WALKER, Judith AnnRhythmic nonalignment in Aboriginal Australian, West African, and twentieth-century art musicsPhDOverseas1983599
WALKER, David AnthonyIntrospection and the syncopation of euphonious visuality MFAMonash University200240
WALKER, DavidDrawing music aesthetica : a personalized techniquePhDMonash University2015
WALKER, AllanSchoenberg's Prelude to the Genesis suite : a study of its ideasMALaTrobe University199070
WALKER, AlisonLiving narrative(s): cinematic corporeality, sonicity and negotiating the cinesomatic experienceMResMacquarie University201590
WALDROCK, KimA method of accomodating the musically gifted in the mixed ability primary class M.EdUniversity of NSW1994127
WALDEN, ValerieAn investigation and comparison of the French and Austro-German schools of violoncello bowing techniques: 1785-1839PhDUniversity of Auckland1994944
WALDEN, ValerieBernhard Romberg : a survey of his life, work and contribution to the art of violoncello performance MMusUniversity of Auckland1989231
WALDEN, JenniferCulturally Diverse Music Education in North American K-12 Classrooms: The Role of Teacher Attitudes and Attributes in Facilitating Engaged PracticesPHDAustralian Catholic University2016282
WALDEN, Geoffrey AlanInstrumental music education in Queensland : who benefits most? M.EdQueensland University of Technology1996260
WALDEN, Geoffrey AlanIt's only rock 'n' roll but I like it-- : a history of the early days of rock 'n' roll in Brisbane as told by some of the people who were there PhDQueensland University of Technology2003326
WADE, JamesFolio of compositions [music] : 2009-2011MMusUniversity of Melbourne2011104
WAARDENBURG, Eric WalterA study and edition of selected keyboard concertos by Georg Christoph Wagenseil (1715-1777) MMusUniversity of Auckland1983248
VU, Viet AnhComposition PortfolioMMusUniversity of Waikato2011213
VOYCE, ThomasA personal and fragile affair : the sonic environment and its place in my compositions MMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2009102 + 2CDs
VOYCE, ThomasDo I Get a Say in This? Environmental Sound Composition, the Phonograph and IntentionalityPhDVictoria University of Wellington2016
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