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RYNDERMAN, BenjaminThe licensing of new recorded music business models in Australia: Current practice, the barriers to entry and an investigation in to the need for legislative reformMCrindQueensland University of Technology201686
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SADLER, DavidCompositionsMMusUniversity of Canterbury2015
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SAINSBURY, ChristopherBi-tone techniques and notation in contemporary guitar music composition + Portfolio of 5 original compositionsMMus (Comp)University of Sydney2001113 + 5 scores
SAINSBURY, ChristopherWorking as a regionalist composer : the music of Christopher SainsburyPhDUniversity of Sydney2012138p+3CD
SAINTILIAN, NicoleIn search of the inner voice [manuscript] : a qualitative exploration of the internalised use of aural, visual, kinaesthetic, and other imagery in the perception and performance of musicPhDUniversity of Wollongong2008274
SAKO, IkunoThe importance of Louis Niedermeyer in the reform of nineteenth-century church music in France PhDUniversity of Melbourne2007262
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SALEH, AurigaContent based audio retrieval using Bayesian networksMITMonash University200494
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SALISBURY, Kevin BrucePukapukan people and their musicMAUniversity of Auckland1983289 + cass
SAMARTZIS, PhilipContemporary narrative film sound stylistsMARMIT University1997var
SAMSON, Patricia WoraineMusic and criticism : a study of some trends during the twentieth century MAUniversity of Melbourne1964240
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SANDARS, DianaWhat a feeling!: The evolution of the Hollywood musical 1983-2000 PhDUniversity of Melbourne2006ns
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SATO, NanakoJuxtaposition [music]MMusUniversity of Canterbury2011267 + CD + DVD
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SAZDOV, RobertThe digital audio samplerMMus Ed.University of Sydney199337
SCALLY, ReganIdentifying preferred activities to increase engagement in residents with dementiaMScUniversity of Auckland2014154
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SCOTT, Rebecca MarieA case study of the use of the Dewey Decimal Classification scheme at the University of Auckland's Music LibraryMLISVictoria University of Wellington2003106
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SCULLY, Lesa JaneThe maturing trumpeter [manuscript] : an insight to the physicality, mentality and practicality of the twenty first century performing trumpeterMCAUniversity of Newcastle200882 + 2 CDs
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SEARS, MargaretThe French classical tradition in opera as seen through a comparative study of Lully's Amadis and Rameau's Hippoloyte et AricieMAUniversity of Western Aust.19732 vol
SECAK, SveborStaging Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' in the language of classical balletMA (Hons)University of New England2010219
SECCOMBE, PamelaThe musical manuscript Paris BNC 862: a stylistic study and editionMMusUniversity of Auckland1996156
SEDCOLE, AnnaThe future of chamber music audiences in New ZealandM MgtMassey University201169
SEELIGSON, RitaVariation technique in the third movement of Beethoven's Piano sonata, Op. 109MMusUniversity of Melbourne198849
SEGAL, Deviani SarahThe impact of feminist studies on the portrayal of women in music history : Fanny Hensel, a case studyMMusUniversity of Melbourne199342
SEGUIN, Pierre-EmmanuelModal jazz in Australia in the 1960's [manuscript] : challenging the jazz canonPhDMacquarie University2011339 + CD
SELIG, SandraThe rhythmic disfiguration of vision : re-thinking subjectivity and art after minimalism MAQueensland University of Technology199983
SELIGSON, RitaVariation technique in the third movement of Beethoven's Piano sonata, Op. 109MMusUniversity of Melbourne198849
SELLECK, JohannaNotions of identity, a socio-cultural interpretation of music in Melbourne 1880-1902. Folio of compositions and thesisPhDUniversity of Melbourne20073 vol. + 2 CDs + 2 D
SELMON, DianeLinking Liszt's songs to his piano music and the wider compositional contextMMusGriffith University200680
SENEVIRATNE, Buddhakoralalage Leelanga DananjayaThe Influence of Music Congruence and Message Complexity on the Response of Consumers to AdvertisementsPhDUniversity of Canterbury2015
SERVADEI, AlessandroA critical edition and exploration of Percy Grainger's The Warriors: Music to an Imaginary BalletMMusUniversity of Melbourne19962 vol
SEVERN, JohnShakespeare as Jukebox MusicalPhDUniversity of NSW2015
SEYMOUR, RebeccaIssues of performance practice in the violin works of Johannes Brahms (1833-1987)M.PhilUniversity of Queensland200538
SHADE, Fiona C.The representation of the female musicians in the art of the Italian RenaissanceMALaTrobe University1998168
SHANAHAN, IanA world of becoming : eleven original compositions, with analytical notesPhDUniversity of Sydney20021 vol +3CDs
SHAPLEY, Gregory JamesSound of failure : experimental electronic music in our post-digital eraPhDUniversity of Technology Sydney2012212
SHARE, Christopher'Getting a good sound:' The use of timbre by rock guitaristsMAMonash University1998197
SHATARI, Elana EveWhat is the role of Jewish music education in maintaining and enhancing Jewish cultural identity?M.EdUniversity of Technology Sydney2004131
SHAW, Fiona RobynMeaningful moments in music therapy improvisationMMusTherMassey University2006122
SHAW, IreneAn analysis of Richard Strauss: Sonata in E major, op.18 for violin and piano.MusMUniversity of Western Aust.1996115
SHAW, PatriciaImagery and music in the string concertos of Barry ConynghamMMusUniversity of Melbourne1993188
SHEA, Beverley MThe odd couple: the unique manner in which Australians adapt and integrate Japanese influence into their various cultural works MA (Hons)Macquarie University2002339
SHEA, Catherine MLouise : a verismo operaMAMonash University1989115
SHEARER, Debra A.Emerging Voices in Australian Choral Music: Selected Choral Works of Sculthorpe, Boyd, Edwards, Hopkins, Maclean, Leek, Stanhope, Grandage, Orlovich, and Atherton.DMOverseas2003151
SHEARN, MarkAustralia's first music festivalMMusUniversity of Sydney201041
SHEATHER, GayeRock, this city: a thematic history of live popular music in licensed venues in Newcastle, Australia, during the Oz/​Pub Rock era (1970s and 80s)PhDUniversity of Newcastle2013322
SHEEHAN, JanetThe purpose of music in education : an investigation based on the philosophy of Aristotle MMusUniversity of Melbourne1964124
SHEEHY, Kerri-Anne R.Home in the making: place, body and music in migratory practices of movementPhDUniversity of South Queensland2012
SHELTON, Robert JamesA lock-free environment for computer music : concurrent components for computer supported cooperative workPhDUniversity of Melbourne2011315
SHEN, NalinThe integration of Chinese opera traditions into new musical compositionsPhDVictoria University of Wellington2010349 + 3 Discs
SHENNAN, JenniferWaiata-a-ringa : a movement study of action songs, the dance genre developed in the twentieth century by the Maori people of New Zealand.MA (Anthro)University of Auckland1977213
SHEPARD, Christopher P.Evolution and revolution : J.S. Bach's Mass in B minor , BWV 232 in New York City, 1900-1980PhDUniversity of Sydney2012273
SHEPERD, RebeccaRetro vertigo: the art of record production and representations of space and timbre in retro rock musicPhDMacquarie University2009238 + CD
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