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BONIFACE, Emma JanePromoting sociability : staff perceptions of music therapy as a way to enhance social skillsMMus TherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)200998
BONIGHTON, IanConcerto da camera ; Sequenza ; Herod : an instrumental theatre mosaic DMusUniversity of Melbourne19712 scores
BONIGHTON, RosalieContemporary liturgical music and the composer MALaTrobe University1992188
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BOOTH, RobynThe status of music therapy in Victorian special schoolsM.EdMonash University2002114
BORER, PhillippeAspects of European influences on violin playing and teaching in AustraliaMMusUniversity of Tasmania1988205
BORER, PhillippeThe twenty-four caprices of Niccolo Paganini : their significance for the history of violin playing and the music of the Romantic eraPhDUniversity of Tasmania1995290
BORIAGDAN, Joseph IreneoEnabling agency and cultural production [manuscript] : the dependent character of the independent music communityPhDFlinders University2005270
BORLAGDAN, Joseph IreneoEnabling agency and cultural production: the dependent character of the independent music community PhDFlinders University2005270
BORNMAN, Richard M.An analysis of the jazz guitar style of Lenny Breau : late 1960sMMus (Perf)University of Sydney20041 vol
BORTHWICK, JeremyHal Crook : an analysis of his improvisational style from the period 1994-1996, by the examination of core material common to three representative recordings and their related transcriptions MMusUniversity of Sydney200088
BORTOLUSSI, AnnePossible influences of Bach on the harmonic and contrapuntal language of Brahms's Klavierstucke opp. 116-119 MMusUniversity of Melbourne199175
BOSTOCK, JohnA compositional language in transition : six compositions PhDUniversity of Sydney20032 vol + 3CD
BOTH, LindsayStrange attractions? : rock music, minimalism and modernism in the chamber music of Michael Smetanin MMusUniversity of NSW1996115
BOTTING, ThomasThe Effect of Outside Genres on Techniques and Devices in Modern Jazz Composition (1988-2008)MMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2014114+1DVD
BOTTOMLEY, John AJazz/culture : styles, formations, politics MAAustralian Catholic University199194
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BOULLE, MellanyChanging perceptions : interpretation of songs versus lyrics with a domestic violence themeMAMassey University2011116
BOUNDS, Carolyn ZPerforming flute music of the French Baroque : an approach for modern flautists [manuscript]MAUniversity of Newcastle2010126
BOURCHIER, RandallAustralian multicultural policies, the arts and traditional music and dance within the Cambodian community of Melbourne MAMonash University1991102
BOURNE, Tracy MariePerceptual, acoustic and physiological characteristics of music theatre singingPhDUniversity of Sydney2016
BOURNE, WarrenThe evolution of the German church cantata MAVictoria University of Wellington1966219
BOURNE, Warren GeorgeA kindling fever a study of some religious, socio-ethical and literary themes in music, between 1890 and 1920; with special reference to Debussy, Stravinsky and SchoenbergPhDUniversity of Auckland1969648
BOWAN, KateMusical mavericks : the work of Roy Agnew and Hooper Brewster-Jones as an Australian counterpart to European modern music 1906-1949PhDAustralian National University2007500 p
BOWDEN, Julia PatriciaThe intermediate piano student: an investigation of the impact of learning material on motivationM.MusJames Cook University2010
BOWEN, NigelAfter the counterculture : from political protesters to music consumers - middle class youth subcultures 1975-1995 MA(Hons)Macquarie University1998321
BOWER, Janine MMusic therapy for a 10 year-old child experiencing agitation during posttraumatic amnesia : an instrinsic mixed methods case studyM.Mus.University of Melbourne2010232
BOWERING, Philip GrahamA study of the relationship between synergy in the group dynamic of contemporary music making and the use of midi/personal computer based music systems in an OSI/ISDN environmentMAVictoria University of Wellington1990101
BOWIE, Annette J.Developments in western style contemporary music in South Korea, 1945-96MAMonash University1997124
BOYACK, Jennifer ElizabethSinging a joyful song : an exploratory study of primary school music leaders in Aotearoa New Zealand : a thesisPhDMassey University2011295
BOYLE, Antares"The pattern and the fabric" : complexity and ambiguity in the solo flute works of Toshio HosokawaMMusUniversity of Sydney200780
BOYLE, DavidMusical analysis of works for performers and electronics : an alternative approach MA (Hons)University of Wollongong1997120 + 1 CD
BOYLE, RosemaryLying on the floor: young peoples' approaches to creativity in the music classroomM.EdUniversity of Melbourne201274
BRAAE, NicholasA Musicological Analysis of Nature's BestM.AUniversity of Waikato2012227
BRAATVEDT, SusanA history of music education in New Zealand state primary and intermediate schools, 1878-1989PhDUniversity of Canterbury2002572
BRACANIN, PhilipMatyas Seiber: his three string quartetsMAUniversity of Western Aust.1966152
BRACANIN, PhilipThe function of the thematic process in dodecaphonic music : a study in analytical method PhDUniversity of Western Aust.1970345
BRACKNELL, Clint ThomasNatj Waalanginy (What singing?): Nyungar song from the south-west of Western AustraliaPhDUniversity of Western Aust.2015
BRACKOVIC, JasnaPoor, pale, Rusalka: The Polymorphic Nature of the Heroine of Dvořák's RusalkaMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2014130
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BRAHAM, Robert M.Harmonic perception in tertiary music students: An analysis of the cognitive musical skills associated with harmonic perceptionPhDUniversity of Western Aust.1997482
BRAIN, CorishaA social, literary and musical study of Julie Pinel's Nouveau recueil d'airs sérieux et à boire (Paris, 1737) MMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)20082 vol
BRAKE, RyanDevelopmental Devices Used to Create Coherence and Unity in Multi-Movement Suites in a Modern Jazz Orchestra SettingMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)201382p+1CD
BRANDMAN, Carol JeanIs the Future Musical Futures? A comparative analysis of the Musical Futures approach and the NSW BOS 7- 10 Music SyllabusMaster of EducationUniversity of Wollongong2016162
BRASIER, AngelinePauline Viardot: her music and the Spanish influenceMMusUniversity of Melbourne200088
BRAUN, Deniz LucienEcstatic consonance: a third aesthetic in Scriabin's late piano works MAMonash University2002126
BRAY, Kelsey O.J.The economic impact of opera tourism : including a case study of the 1992 Ballarat Opera Festival MBusVictoria University (Vic. Australia)1995235
BREAULT, AinsleyNative noise: Māori popular music and indigenous cultural identityM.PhilAuckland University of Technology201063
BREEN, AndreaCreating a place : women, land and improvisation PhDUniversity of Tasmania2000335 + 2 cass + 2 CD
BREEN, J.W.The Melbourne Chorale: a study of marketing in a non-profit organisationMBAUniversity of Melbourne198144
BREEN, JuliaLiterary sources in the work of Debussy MMusUniversity of Melbourne1971266
BREEN, MarcusThe popular music industry in Australia : a study of policy reform and retreat, 1982-1996 PhDVictoria University (Vic. Australia)1996397
BRENNAN, Carolyn WFrom Alam Melayu to Melayu Baru : understanding Dikir Barat in Singapore = From Malay world to New Malay : From Malay world to New MalayPhDUniversity of Melbourne2009
BRENNAN, CassandraStudent engagement for enhanced learning in diverse school communities : a culturally inclusive approach through music educationMMusEdUniversity of Sydney2011102
BRENNAN, DavidThe opera performer as actor: an Australian perspective PhDUniversity of Newcastle2005530
BRENNAN, JuliaAn investigation into the impact of the NSW creative arts K-6 syllabus and teacher education resources on the teaching of music in NSW government primary schools MMus(Mus Ed.)University of Sydney2006109
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BRENNAN, Patrick MichaelConstruction practices of the bassoon reed from field to final wireMMusUniversity of Sydney200778
BRENNAN, Philomena SMusic educational and ethnomusicological implications for curriculum design: development, implementation and evaluation of Philippine music and dance curricula PhDUniversity of Wollongong19841170
BRENNAN, ReneeNew Zealand music videos : whose voices are being heard in the New Zealand music industry?MAAuckland University of Technology1999144
BRESCIANI, DianneYamaha, Suzuki, Kodaly and traditional music education: some music and academic achievements for(N-273) students in school grades six and seven PhDUniversity of Melbourne19881 microfilm
BRETT, MarilynA study of ways in which classically trained singing teachers meet the pedagogical needs of singers of contemporary popular stylesMMusUniversity of Sydney2008115
BREYLEY, Gay JenniferMemory, music and displacement in the minor memoirs of Evelyn Crawford, Ruby Langford Ginibi and Lily Brett PhDUniversity of Wollongong2005250
BRIDGES, DoreenThe role of universities in the development of music education in Australia, 1885-1970 PhDUniversity of Sydney1970410
BRIEN, StephenAn investigation of forward motion as an analytic template MMus (Perf)University of Sydney2004112
BRIGGS, Maria Sergeevna (née Okunev)Tertiary Opera Training in Australia and UK: Ethnographic PerspectivePhDUniversity of Sydney2015
BRINCAT, LaurenI thought about playing guitar but there are too many musicians alreadyMVAUniversity of Sydney200569
BRISLAN, PatrickThe horn parts of J.S. BachMAFlinders University1979243
BRITTON, Gillian...fuga...a novelPhDUniversity of Adelaide2012206
BRKOVIC, MinjaVisual Phrasing: manifesting the power of musical expressionM.AAuckland University of Technology201064
BROADFOOT, Marianne Claire“A new mode of expression”: Karol Szymanowski’s first violin concerto op. 35 within a Dionysian contextPhDUniversity of Sydney2015252
BROADHURST, Philip DouglasAgainst all odds : the life and music of Michel PetruccianiMPhilMassey University2007157 + 3CDs
BROADSTOCK, BrentonFolio of compositionsDMusUniversity of Melbourne19881 score
BROMAGE, LynetteShakespeare: words in music : a study of the relationship between the poems in the plays of Shakespeare and musical settings over 400 yearsMAMonash University1993157
BROMBERG, BrianM.Mus composition portfolioMMusUniversity of Otago20087 Scores + 3 CDs
BROOKE, SarahGiving flight to the Imagination : using portraiture to tell the story of Orff Schulwerk and a family music education settingPHDVictoria University (Vic. Australia)2016302
BROOKE, VivienneThe use of studies to conform to the ideals of deliberate practice and overcome its inherent constraints with particular reference to Georges Gillet's Studies for the Advanced teaching of the Oboe and Antonino Pasculli's 15 Capricci a guisa di StudiMMusMonash University2013
BROOKS, WendyIn search of a place for the arts : a case study of creative arts pedagogy in the 21st century classroomMMusUniversity of Sydney2010215
BROOKS, Wendy LouiseIn search of a place for the arts: A case study of creative arts pedagogy in the 21st century classroom.MMusUniversity of Sydney2010207
BROOKS, Wendy LouiseAn investigation of music and screen media in the lives of young childrenPhDUniversity of Sydney2015
BROOMHEAD, ChristopherThe second line influence in the drumming of Keith Carlock: a practical and theoretical investigationMMusMonash University2012
BROPHY, GerardNorth meets South - East meets West : a personal accommodation of divergent aesthetic, cultural and technological compositional approaches : a portfolio of four compositions and exegesisPhDUniversity of Adelaide2014
BROUGHTON, MaryMusic, movement and marimba[electronic resource] :solo marimbists' bodily gesture in the perception and production of expressive performancePhDUniversity of Western Sydney2008284
BROWN, Alan GladstoneThe application of the teaching methods of Opher Brayer in the compositions of jazz pianist Yaron Herman: Developing a portfolio of original compositions based upon these conceptsMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2013115p+1DVD
BROWN, Andrew R.Music composition and the computer : an examination of the work practices of five experienced composers PhDUniversity of Queensland2001328
BROWN, Andrew R.Teaching synthesizer performance : issues for an instrumental music program for synthesizer M.EdUniversity of Melbourne1994147
BROWN, AngelaA pilot study of the impact of computer technology on the achievement of student outcomes for stage 4 non elective music students M.EdUniversity of NSW199486
BROWN, AshleyIn two minds : exploring co-composition as a performer/composer collaborationDMAUniversity of Auckland2011115 + DVD
BROWN, DavidThe role of live musical performance in the recording studioMARMIT University200115 + 4CDs
BROWN, DavidDesigning sound for health and wellbeingPhDRMIT University2012
BROWN, HughIt’s not me, it’s you : a participant observation case study of the self-publishing musician in the 21st centuryPhDQueensland University of Technology2010349
BROWN, JamesIntellect and intuition: reflections on the role of improvisation in contemporary jazz composition and performance MMusUniversity of Adelaide200762 + 2CDR
BROWN, JudithFragmentation and authenticity: art and salvation in the thought of Ernst Bloch and Paul TillichPhDUniversity of Otago2001264
BROWN, Kevin GA brass instrumental teaching program for high school hearing impaired students: an exploratory study.MMusUniversity of Queensland1986290
BROWN, Michael"There's a sound of many voices in the camp and on the track": a descriptive analysis of folk music collecting in New Zealand 1955-1975MAVictoria University of Wellington2006245
BROWN, MichaelMaking our own : two ethnographies of the vernacular in New Zealand music : tramping club singsongs and the Māori guitar strumming stylePhDNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2012329 + 3 Discs
BROWN, Patricia AnneJohn Dowland and the emergence of the English lute songMAUniversity of Queensland1969240
BROWN, PeterLove minus zero: existentialism and religious faith in Bob Dylan's lyrics MAUniversity of Newcastle1995203
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