WriterThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pagessort icon
SKIPWORTH, LachlanMoments of Ma : aspects of shakuhachi honkyoku and their integration into a compositional approachMMusUniversity of Sydney201059 + portfolio
YANG, MuFolk music of Hainan Island: with particular emphasis on Danzian CountyPhDUniversity of Queensland1990591
RAE, Charles BodmanOriginal compositions, recorded performances, and published writings submitted for the degree of Doctor of Music DMusUniversity of Adelaide2003592
FALK, Catherine ArundelThe tarawangsa tradition in the Priangan, West Java PhDMonash University1980593
WALKER, Judith AnnRhythmic nonalignment in Aboriginal Australian, West African, and twentieth-century art musicsPhDOverseas1983599
STEFFEN, Darren WilliamSimple subtle sustained waveforms and the notion of comfort in a new approach to creating an immersive, interactive sound installationMA(Sound Design)University of Melbourne201259p + 1CD
WOODWARD, RogerThe performance of contemporary piano musicDMus (perf)University of Sydney19975pp+2Cas+3CD
TENACE, AntonioFolio of compositions: 2003-2006MMusUniversity of Melbourne20066 vol + 2 CDs
GREATWOOD, Linden M.E.Folio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne20066 vol + CD
STARR, AdamFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne20066 vol + CD
CHEN, PaulineCao Zheng: master of the ZhengMMusUniversity of Sydney199260
KASZTELAN, HelenLevels of Pitch Structure in Debussy's EstampesMMusUniversity of Melbourne198760
LEE, Siu MeiBreathing exercises for singingMMus StudsUniversity of Queensland199660
MAYER, GregoryPeter Warlock and Roger Quilter: parallel settings of five Shakespearean lyrics: a critical comparisonMMusUniversity of Queensland199260
McGOWRAN, ElisabethAndre Navarra's bowing technique and its implications for cello performanceMMusUniversity of Adelaide200660
RIDDELL, Glenn Allan KeithThe pianism of Percy Grainger : a study of his score annotations MMusUniversity of Melbourne198960
TOOULI, JoanneStudent concertos in the technical and musical development of violin students MMus PerfUniversity of Sydney200560
TOUSSAINT, NoelleSound perceptionGDip MusGriffith University199160
LEE, JoannaThe influences of performers and composers on selected violin works of Johannes BrahmsMMANZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)201160
WALLACE, Michael EdmundThe map is not the territory: reconsidering music improvisation educationM.TUniversity of Melbourne201260
MCNAUGHTON, AndrewSensor horn: creating an electronically augmented trumpetM.MusUniversity of Melbourne201060
PAGAD, SidharthWhat Is the Role of A Student Music Therapist in a Community Music Setting?MMusTherVictoria University of Wellington201460
STRANGER, SarahCapturing the Spirit of the French Clavecin School: Interpreting Couperin’s Pièces de Clavecin, vingt-cinquième ordre and Ravel’s Le Tombeau de CouperinMPhilUniversity of Queensland201660
SCOTT, Craig BlakefieldA folio of transcriptions of famous bassists' solos and analyses thereofMMus(Jazz perf)Australian National University199560 + 1 cass.
MONAHIN, NonaThe Balletto Suites in the Choreographic Manuals of Fabritio Caroso and Cesare Negri: A Study of Danced Suites in Italy during the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth CenturiesPhDMonash University2014605
DAVIS, PetraA history of the Australian chamber orchestra : the first decade MMusUniversity of Sydney199661
NELSON, JasonQuantum music : a multi-media musical improvisation projectMADeakin University200561
SIPOS-ORI, RobertFolk influences in Bela Bartok's Ten easy pieces and Allegro BarbaroMMusUniversity of Melbourne200161
TURNBULL, CatherineBach's Cello Suites for ViolaMPhil (perf)University of Queensland200661
BLACKBURN, Alana"A third sound" : blending east and west in contemporary Japanese compositions for the recorder MMus (Perf)University of Sydney200661
GRAHAM, Jessica L.Crossing in style : an exploration of the vocal and presentational elements to be considered when classical singers cross over into the jazz genreMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)200861
CORBY, MeganMusic performance anxiety in adolescent student singersMMus PerfVictoria University of Wellington200861
MANCHESTER, MatthewAn exploration of a student string quartet as a model of cooperative learningMMusUniversity of Sydney200761
OXENHAM, Michelle LProcesses of transformation : art into pop and back againMResQueensland University of Technology201461
CHILDS, CodieSpaces traversed : Master of Music portfolio submission thesisMMus(Composition)University of Auckland201161 + 2 DVDs
McLENNAN-KISSEL, PaulOnsombilMMusUniversity of Otago201261 + CD
GOYER, EdwardCreating unity within an album for compositions defined as "jazz style"DCAUniversity of Wollongong200861 + CD
TRELOYN, SallySongs that pull: jadmi junba from the Kimberley region of northwest AustraliaPhDUniversity of Sydney2006613 + CD
INGRAM, CatherineHwun hwun jon ka ("Listen") : Kam villagers singing big song in early twenty-first-century ChinaPhDUniversity of Melbourne2010614 + 1 CD + 1 DVD
GOLDSWORTHY, David JMelayu music of North Sumatra: continuities and change PhDMonash University1979618
MICHAEL, DespinaBlind rhapsodists : the image of the modern Greek popular musicianPhDUniversity of Melbourne1998619
STEDMAN, Nikki JoannaThe role of the bass in pianoless jazz ensembles: 1952-2014PHDUniversity of Adelaide2016619
BACKSTROM, LynneAn investigation into the relationship between the experiences, philosophy and cello compositions of composer/performer Sarah HopkinsMMusUniversity of Queensland199462
CARRIGAN, Jeanell K.Towards an Australian style: on the relationship between the Australian landscape and natural environment and the music of Peter Sculthorpe and Ross EdwardsMMusUniversity of Queensland199462
FITTON Kaye R.Tristram Cary: pioneer of electronic music in EnglandMMusUniversity of Adelaide198362
MORGAN, IanAn analysis of Margaret Sutherland's Sonata for clarinet and piano (1947)MMusUniversity of Melbourne198462
PARKES, Kelly AnneAn investigation of trumpet pedagogy in tertiary institutions in AustraliaMMusAustralian National University199862
TODD, Wendy G.F.Students' participation, motivation and commitment to extracurricular musicM.EdUniversity of Melbourne199462
WILLIAMS, ShaneArchitecture in musicGDipArchQueensland University of Technology198062
LINDSAY, HeatherJohn Phillip Deane (1796-1849) : Australian chamber music pioneerMMusUniversity of Sydney201062
PRYSOR, Gari LlurTop forty : finding the formula ; Masters of music - contemporary compositionMMUSUniversity of Otago201262 + 2 Discs
BROWN, JamesIntellect and intuition: reflections on the role of improvisation in contemporary jazz composition and performance MMusUniversity of Adelaide200762 + 2CDR
MOON, GeoffreyThe inner musical workings of Robert Schumann, 1828-1840: in two volumesPhDUniversity of Adelaide2001625
DRIMATIS, JoannaA hidden treasure : Symphony no. 1 by Robert HughesPhDUniversity of Adelaide2008628 +1 CD
HALL, Allan WarrenThemes of loss in the cello music of Peter SculthorpeMMusAustralian National University199563
STEELE, Graham KennethStimuli influencing initial musical interest : action research project M.EdUniversity of NSW199463
HUNT, EmmaClarinet sound identities in Australia [electronic resource] : perceptions of the Melbourne and Sydney Symphony OrchestrasMMusPerfUniversity of Sydney201163
BREAULT, AinsleyNative noise: Māori popular music and indigenous cultural identityM.PhilAuckland University of Technology201063
MITCHELL, Samuel MarkBenjamin Britten’s Winter Words, Lyrics and Ballads of Thomas Hardy, Op.52, For High Voice and Piano: An Analytically Informed InterpretationMPhilUniversity of Queensland201663
WATSON, StephenThe effects of music in television commercialsPhDUniversity of Wollongong1992630 + 1 vid rec
RITCHIE, Anthony DamianThe influence of folk music in three works by Bela Bartok : Sonata no.1 for violin and piano, Sonata (1926) for piano, and Contrasts for violin, clarinet and piano PhDUniversity of Canterbury1986631
O'BRIEN, Jane RPercy Grainger : English folk song and the Grainger English folk song collection PhDLaTrobe University1979631 (2 vols.)
AXTENS, Hsiao-NiTone-cluster techniques in piano performance : methods of tone-cluster performance as required in Henry Cowell's 'The Tides of Manaunaun' (1912) and Einojuhani Rautavaara's Piano Sonata No. 2 'The Fire Sermon' (1970)MAMonash University201163p + 1CD
ANCELL, NoelChristopher Wilcock: Australian liturgical composerMAMonash University199264
HEAGNEY, RogerHistory of keyboard instruments and techniqueMMusUniversity of Melbourne196-?64
MORIARTY, BeverlyUnison and part-playing methods in music education as determinants of competition and co-operation among studentsM.EdUniversity of Western Aust.198564
MORRIS, Steven AA literature-based pedagogy for choral intonationMMus StudsUniversity of Queensland199664
PLATTNER, MarkusAspects of third stream works : an analytical study of compositions by Gunther Schuller, Don Banks and Bozidar Kos MMus(Comp)University of Sydney200164
YAMAMOTO, MasumiPerformance analysis of three selected works from Claude Debussy's Préludes Book 1 MMusGriffith University200164
POTTER, MeganFrom random and fragmented playing to more organised, meaningful forms : an inquiry into rhythm's unique qualities in facilitating such changes in music therapy and their therapeutic significance for clients with complex needs MMus TherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)200764
JACOBS, Bryson KThe development of the 7-octave BKJ 12-string electric guitar and its practical applicationMMusUniversity of Sydney200864
DENNIS, PatriceInvolving family members of people with dementia in the music therapy process at a residential care facilityMMusTherNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)201264
EDWARDS, SimonThe struggle for contentment in music : an investigation of self-authored attitudes in practice and performanceMMusPerfUniversity of Melbourne201264
DAVIDSON, GaryCommunity Music Therapy: A Pathway to a Sense of Belonging in a SchoolM.Mus.TherVictoria University of Wellington201364
CAREY, Benedict ErisNotation sequence generation and sound synthesis in interactive spectral musicMMus(Comp)University of Sydney201364
NOVAK, ArohaFairy tale remixMFAUniversity of Otago201364
KENNEDY, JamieLearning approaches in tertiary student orchestrasMMusUniversity of Sydney201264
LISPSKI, MarkThe use of method books by expert double bass teachers in SydneyMMusUniversity of Sydney201264
TAY, Simon Edward Chia HowThe struggle for contentment in music: an investigation of self-authored attitudes in practice and performanceM.MusUniversity of Melbourne201164
BRKOVIC, MinjaVisual Phrasing: manifesting the power of musical expressionM.AAuckland University of Technology201064
CROSS, RodneyThis blows : social and cultural perceptions of ancient Roman brass instruments and musiciansMResMacquarie University201564
McGANN, JeffreyAchieving an historically informed performance of William Lovelock's Rhapsody for horn and pianoforte : the quest for an English sound MAMonash University200864 + CD
KARTAWIDJAJA, DavidHow much Australian television production has been produced during the period 2000-2005? MMusWesley Institute200864 + CD
OWENS, Samantha KimThe Württemberg Hofkapelle c. 1680-1721PhDVictoria University of Wellington1995640
SKEWES, KatrinaThe Experience of Group Music Therapy for Six Bereaved AdolescentsPhDUniversity of Melbourne2001642
KELLER, Peter ErikAdaptive functions of meter in multipart musical rhythmPhDUniversity of NSW2000648
BOURNE, Warren GeorgeA kindling fever a study of some religious, socio-ethical and literary themes in music, between 1890 and 1920; with special reference to Debussy, Stravinsky and SchoenbergPhDUniversity of Auckland1969648
ANDERSON, NatashaRevolts of being : the abject and informe (formless) in music installation/performance MAVictoria University (Vic. Australia)200465
BOUGHEN, Roxanne ElizabethOrff, Kodaly, Dalcroze and Suzuki : a comparative and developmental study in relation to the Australian context M.EdLaTrobe University199065
DJACHENKO, YuriA short history of English bowmakersMMusUniversity of Queensland199865
DUTHOITE, AndreThe interpretation process in relation to four works by J.S. Bach, Boccherini and BrahmsMMusUniversity of Queensland200065
PATKIN, NehamaNew approaches to piano sonorities in works of Charles Ives, Henry Cowell and Edgar Varese MMusUniversity of Melbourne197665
TAIT, HamishAspects of instrumental music lessons : parents' role and attitudes MMusAustralian Catholic University199865
TARKA, MiladaThe organ music of Bohuslav Matej Czernohorsky : problems of provenance and attribution MusMUniversity of Melbourne198965
TINKLER, Jade KristyMastering the hammer : an exploration of literature regarding conducting technique and a theoretical application of the techniques encountered within that literature to the first movement of Pierre Boulez's Le Marteau sans maître MMus (Perf)University of Sydney200465
GLEESON, Jean ClareCounting time: a content analysis of the covers of the popular sheet music published by Charles Begg & Co. Ltd.MLISVictoria University of Wellington200365
PATTERSON, Michael DavidInfluence of Romanian folk music on the music of George Enescu, with special reference to Romanian rhapsody, op. 11 no. 1, Sonata for violin and piano, op. 25 no. 3, and Impression d’enfance for violin and piano, op. 28MPhilUniversity of Queensland200965
LEE, Seung-YoonPerceptual and neural processing of consonance and dissonance in musicians and non-musicians : an ERP studyMScUniversity of Otago201165
MAGAREY, AlastairLuciano Berio's works for trombone and the performers' influencesMMusUniversity of Sydney201265
LANGABEER, JamesHorn of plenty : new music for jazz saxophoneMMusUniversity of Auckland201565
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