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THURSTON, DonnaIrish music in Wellington : a study of a local music community MMusVictoria University of Wellington2010133 + CD
THWAITES, TrevorMusic education in New Zealand secondary schools: crisis or crucibleM.EdUniversity of Auckland1998240
THWAITES, TrevorBeing literate in the world : music, language and discourse in educationPhDUniversity of Auckland2008345
TIMBS, DarnelleFunkin’ cultural boundaries : popular music and socio-spatial changeM.Soc.Sc.University of Waikato2007200
TIMMINS, Catriona ElizabethIndigenous language revitalisation in Aotearoa New Zealand & Alba ScotlandPhDUniversity of Otago2013311
TINKLER, Jade KristyMastering the hammer : an exploration of literature regarding conducting technique and a theoretical application of the techniques encountered within that literature to the first movement of Pierre Boulez's Le Marteau sans maître MMus (Perf)University of Sydney200465
TIPPING, NicholasOutside in : Wellington jazz among the discoursesPhDVictoria University of Wellington2016
TIUTIUNNIK, KatiaThe symbolic dimension: an exploration of the compositional processPhDAustralian National University20027 vol + 3 CD + 1 vid
TOBIN, AshleighThe organ in the Netherlands from the fifteenth century to the early nineteenth century MMusUniversity of Adelaide197185
TOBIN, ShannonAspects of Ravel's piano trioMMusUniversity of Queensland200157
TODD, Paul, GrahamThe philosophies of Karlheinz Stockhausen in Aus den sieben Tagen and In Freundschaft: performance as a means of communicationMAMonash University200453 + CD
TODD, Wendy G.F.Students' participation, motivation and commitment to extracurricular musicM.EdUniversity of Melbourne199462
TODNER, PhyllisDo parents matter? : a study of the attitudes and experiences of parents whose children are studying instrumental music by the Suzuki methodM.EdUniversity of Melbourne200290
TODOROVIC, NickAn examination of social values and context in The Marriage of Figaro and The Magic Flute GDip MusGriffith University198742
TODZY, JoergIndeterminacy in the Concerto n.2 per oboe e orchestra of Bruno MadernaMMusUniversity of Melbourne19922 vol
TOKITA, AlisonThe narrative tradition in Japanese music: kiyomoto-bushi as an accompaniment of kabuki dance PhDMonash University1989375
TOLMIE, RachelThe use of the cor anglais in the music of Sibelius and ShostakovichMMusPerfUniversity of Sydney201187
TOLTZ, JosephHidden Testimony: Musical Experience and Memory in Jewish Holocaust survivorsPhDUniversity of Sydney2011276
TOMATSURI, AkikoContesting mousike : the representation of the mousikos in late fifth- and early fourth-century AthensPhDUniversity of Sydney2009257
TOMCZAK, SebastianOn the development of an interface framework in chipmusic [electronic resource] : theoretical context, case studies and creative outcomesPhDUniversity of Adelaide2011138 + CD + DVD
TOMLINSON, MichelleGifted musicians in educationM.EdGriffith University2004147
TOMLINSON, Michelle M.Transformational and Transmodal Redesign in Children's Music Invention: An Exploration Using the Space of Music DialoguePhDGriffith University2013
TONER, Peter GeraldWhen the echoes are gone: a Yolngu musical anthropologyPhDAustralian National University2001386 + 1 CD
TONG, Amanda ReneeThe Music of Samuel Beckett: Theory, Case and NarrativePhDUniversity of Sydney2019
TONG, EPassion, identity, and the model of Goal-Directed Behaviour in a classical music contextPhDRMIT University2016437
TONG, EudoraMotivational forces that influence the career aspirations of undergraduate music majorsMMusUniversity of Melbourne2011229
TOOHEY, BrendanEstablishing an effective, pedagogical method for Bb clarinet students to transfer to the bass clarinetMMusMonash University2014
TOOULI, JoanneStudent concertos in the technical and musical development of violin students MMus PerfUniversity of Sydney200560
TOPPI, AntonioAn investigation into narrative as a compositional approachMMusMonash University2013
TORR, Oliver JEmotional truth in opera performanceUnknownMonash University2015
TOULMIN, Matthew DavidRecorded music : fairness in creation, exposure and rewardLLMUniversity of Auckland2010116
TOUSSAINT, NoelleSound perceptionGDip MusGriffith University199160
TOUT, Errol HSpatial representation in architecture: spatial communication through the use of soundPhDRMIT University2010152
TOWNSEND, Rachael AnnA la recherche des mots perdus: French text setting : a case study of vocal music by Hector Berlioz and Claude Debussy MAMonash University1992160
TOWNSHEND, DMetaphor, Narrative and Musical Analysis: György Ligeti's Compositions from 'Atmosphéres' to His Second String QuartetPhDUniversity of New England2014
TOWNSHEND, Darrell R.Grammatical procedure and rhetorical gesture as structural elements in two-part Notre-Dame conductus MAMonash University1999?260
TOWNSLEY, MiriamMusic and Facism in Italy: the inter-war yearsGDip MusGriffith University199135
TOWNSLEY, MiriamIntonation and string quartet playing : with reference to the works of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven GDip MusGriffith University199189
TRACY, DavidAcoustic phenomena as a model for music composition: representing acoustic phenomena in musical composition through the extrapolative and interpolative modelling of the phenomena's characteristics and behaviourM.PhilUniversity of Newcastle2014424
TRAHAIR, Christine AnneThe early church music of Edward ElgarMAUniversity of Melbourne19832 vol
TRAINER, AdamRock'n'roll cinema PhDMurdock University2005412
TRAVAGLIA, Rebecca Anne.The 'exclusion' of autism: how does music therapy aid the psychological, social and educational difficulties confronted by children with autism in the special education setting?MMusTherMassey University200690
TREGEAR, Peter J.Fritz Bennicke Hart : an introduction to his life and music MMusUniversity of Melbourne1993246
TRELOYN, SallySongs that pull: jadmi junba from the Kimberley region of northwest AustraliaPhDUniversity of Sydney2006613 + CD
TREVENA, Bree ElizabethThe drum and bass scene in the City of Melbourne : narratives of urban identities through sites of cultural productionMAMonash University2009149
TRIFKOVIC, NelaBalkan as a metaphor in the film composition of Goran BregovicMAEdith Cowan University20042 microfiches
TRIFONOV, JuliaWhat motivates secondary school students to choose music M.EdMonash University200679
TRIMPER, Cheryl PMusic: therapeutic and educational usage with young autistic children : an investigation into the application of music as an educative and therapeutic agent with young autistic childrenAdvDip TeachFlinders University1972329
TRINICK, Robyn MargaretTe puoro, te reo, te ako : music, language, learningM.EdUniversity of Auckland2012119
TROMBI, DemetrioA folio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne2001231
TRUE, Alan HMusic for children by Australian composers 1960 to 1975 : a thesis MAUniversity of Western Aust.1977310
TRUMAN, JosephineExtreme throats : extended vocal techniques in contemporary music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries MMusUniversity of Sydney200873
TSAI, Eileen I-LingPiano pedagogy : exploring current practice in piano pedagogy.MMusUniversity of Auckland2005114
TSANG, VanessaAn itemised study of the relationship between student attitude and performance as measured by selected musical tasks in the 2000 National Education Monitoring Project (NEMP) scores and survey resultsMAUniversity of Canterbury20102 v.
TSITSISHVILI, NinoNational Unity and Gender Difference in Georgian Traditional Song-Culture: Ideologies and PracticesPhDMonash University2004294
TSITSISHVILI, NinoTable and solo work song genres in Kartli-Kakheti, eastern Georgia: context of performance, musical style, and culture contactMAMonash University1998160 + cass
TSOU, Nan ChienMusical life in Bendigo 1856-1918MMusUniversity of Melbourne1990156
TSOUNIS, DemeterRebetika music-making in Adelaide: diaspora musical style and identityPhDUniversity of Adelaide2002275
TUCKER, AlisonThe Process of Listening to Music: A Connectionist ConceptualizationPhDUniversity of New England19992 vol
TUNLEY, DavidThe eighteenth-century secular French cantataD.LittUniversity of Western Aust.19693 vol
TURNBULL, CatherineBach's Cello Suites for ViolaMPhil (perf)University of Queensland200661
TURNBULL, CatrionaPiano pedalling and pedagogical thought : an investigation of the elementary piano student MMus Ed.University of Sydney199482
TURNER, Ashley MaxwellDuri-dana music and hoho songs in South Nias PhDMonash University1984117
TURNER, Gemma BernadetteBody movement and sound intensity in Western contemporary popular singingPhDUniversity of Sydney2010261 + 1 CD + 1 DVD
TURPIN, MyfanyForm and meaning of Akwelye: A Kaytetye women's song series from Central AustraliaPhDUniversity of Sydney2005405
TWEEDIE, ShannonHandel opera presentation, past and presentMMusMassey University200476
TWIST, Joseph EdwardFolio of compositions with critical commentary : an exploration of musical influences and composing techniques. Critical commentary [electronic resource]PhDUniversity of Queensland2009686
TZENKA, DianovaJohn Cage’s prepared piano : the nuts and bolts : an exegesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Musical Arts (Piano Performance)`DMAUniversity of Auckland2007146
UBEDA, Patricia RosalindFrom Tin Pan Alley to the Royal Schools of Music : the institutionalisation of classical and jazz music MAMassey University2000187
UITDENBOGERD, Alexandra LouiseMusic information retrieval technologyPhDRMIT University2002173
ULENBERG, PhillippaComposition PortfolioMMusUniversity of Waikato2011191
UMALI, Mariane S.A. MedinaThe dialogical processes of vernacular mediation: new media and the Karay-a ethnic group of the Philippines.PhDUniversity of Adelaide2013308
UNKOVICH, YuriTracing the synthetic voice : contrapuntal textures of five or more parts in the works of J.S. BachPhDUniversity of Auckland2008219
UPJOHN BEATSON, Erin BethEstablishing and understanding of group dynamics and process within single-session music therapy groups open to both adolescents with mental illness and mental health staffMMusTherNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)201287
VAINER, SofyaThe evolution of the set of 24 preludes for piano in the nineteenth centuryMMusAustralian Catholic University1997102
VALLENCE, TimA poetry without attitudes: Music and silence in the poetry of Vincent Buckley.MAUniversity of Melbourne1995101
VALLIS, Owen SkipperContemporary approaches to live computer music: the evolution of the performer composerPhDVictoria University of Wellington2013174
VAN BEEK, SachaEnhancing quality of life through singing : a music therapy study into Huntington's DiseaseMMusVictoria University of Wellington2012109
VAN DE LAAR, Amy ThereseJohann Mattheson's "oratory in sound": the intelligibility of instrumental musicMAVictoria University of Wellington2004136
VAN DER WERFF, LaurenMusic performance and the chronically ill body: an autoethnographic approach to Body Mapping through illness narratives, Bonneau's Caprice en forme de valse and Leonard's Recitative and AbracadabraM.MusMonash University2014
van DIJK, NickBrass multiphonics in jazzMMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2009118
VAN EMMERIK, Matthew Compositional technique and the exploration of spirituality in the music of Brad Gill MMUs (Perf)University of Sydney200650
VAN EMMERIK, MatthewRevelation : the emergence of the euphonium from the traditional brass and wind band culture and its modern day acceptance in solo, chamber and orchestral genres PhDUniversity of Sydney2011164 + 2 CDs
VAN ERNST, BarbaraThe observation of the nature of mental activity in music thinking and making in 9-11 year olds M.EdLaTrobe University198476
VAN ERNST, BarbaraA study of the learning and teaching processes of non-naive music students engaged in compositionPhDLaTrobe University1991450
VAN GEENEN, Jurgen LippoldFormal methods for the design of imitative polyphonic structuresPhDUniversity of Sydney2013
VAN KONKELENBERG, Joshua MarcPortfolio of compositions and exegesis: an investigation of the expressive quality of six aspects of form.PhDUniversity of Adelaide2013
VAN MELLE, GerbrandSound bitesM.PhilAuckland University of Technology2013102
VAN PINXTEREN, William PeterMusical style in selected fantasias and preludes of Joachim van den Hove MMusUniversity of Melbourne1992110
VAN RIJ, IngeUnity and continuity in Brahm's German requiem.MMusVictoria University of Wellington1997173
VAN WAARDENBERG, Gerald EnnoSongs of Tai Tokerau : an analysis of 135 Northland songs MMusUniversity of Auckland1983424
VANDERLAAN, RobertAural devices in cinemaMAUniversity of Auckland200291 + 2CD-roms
VANN, Kerry V.Wagner's Siegfried: a study of compositional process based on selected sketches for Acts 1 and 2MMusUniversity of Queensland1989321
VANN, Kerry V.The Wagner's Lohengrin: a study of compositional process based on the sketches and draftsPhDUniversity of Queensland19993 vol
VANT, Arwen A. D.The Mass Ordinary 1420-1450 : a study and edition of five anonymous massesMMusUniversity of Auckland1997248
VARLEY, Susanne MaryAustralian 'sound surround' and Kodaly and Suzuki music education approaches: piano tutors for young piano studentsMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.2006222
VARNES, Eleanor JeanetteThe changing styles in the performance of Richard Strauss's Vier Letze Lieder and Samuel Barber's Hermit SongsM.PhilUniversity of Queensland200472
VARNEY, CMMusic as muse : excerpt of Earworm, a novel, plus an accompanying exegesis : "Will Bunny stay dead? : The unreconstructed male in Grinderman and The Death of Bunny Munro"MAARTUniversity of Tasmania201577
VARNEY, JohnThe Cúmbia : a performer's perspectiveGDip MusicolGriffith University199432
VARNEY, JohnO Cavaquinho GDip MusicolGriffith University199499
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