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WEBSTER, Margaret LouisePortfolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Auckland2011165 + Disc
WEE, Brenna Weng HanChinese-Western hybrid music development in Australia as exemplified through the life and works of Julian YuMMusPerfUniversity of Melbourne201185
WEEKES, Diana K.Twistonality: A Personal Exploration: portfolio of original compositions and exegesisPhD (Comp)University of Adelaide20073 vol
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WEI, DengHistorical development of the pipa [Chinese Lute]MMusUniversity of Tasmania1987192
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WEIDENBACH, VandaThe Influence of self-regulation on instrumental practiceDPhilUniversity of Western Sydney1996212
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WEIR, DavidMashing power : musical re-imaginings of post 9/11 political rhetoricPhDSouthern Cross University2009232
WEISS, MichaelThe nineteenth-century Fonte : the continuing tradition of a galant musical patternMMusUniversity of Auckland2013188
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WELLS, JessicaCompositionsMMus (Comp)University of Sydney19985 scores
WELLS, Sarah EllenWomen as musical leaders : experiences and perceptions of female conductors and concertmasters in Perth, Western AustraliaMAUniversity of Western Aust.2011173
WELSH, Juanita M.F.George Frederick Tendall (1845-1901): the career of a professional musician in late-Victorian ChristchurchMAUniversity of Canterbury2004302
WEMYSS, KathrynMusic teaching and learning in the Torres Strait Islands : indigenous music education in a post-colonial contextPhDUniversity of Sydney2011334
WEMYSS, Kathryn L.The nature of fatigue and strategies to develop and maintain endurance as reported by orchestral brass playersMMus (MusEd)University of Sydney1997132
WEN, XuBaroque influences in nineteenth and twentieth century piano repertoire: a study of interpretative issuesMMusUniversity of Adelaide200750 + 2 CDs
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WERNERT, GregoryMusic and emotions: an investigation into the musical representation of the identified emotional content of poetic textM.A.Monash University2009103 + Sound Disc
WESLEY-SMITH, MartinThe orchestral score of "Interval piece" : the score of "Hansard music" : the score of "To noddy-man" for high voice and piano : and a tape of "Vietnam image".MMusUniversity of Adelaide19703 vol + tape
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WESTON, IanBut beautiful : a study of the harmonic and melodic elements of jazz guitarist Jimmy Raney's improvisational style MMus StudsGriffith University20051 vol
WETT, JordanPedalling piano music [manuscript] : the performers educated ear is the ultimate guideMCAUniversity of Newcastle200897
WETT, Jordan JamesOnline keyboard harmony: creating and assessing an online introductory keyboard harmony class for undergraduate level keyboard music majorsPhDUniversity of Newcastle2016436
WHALLEY, Ian HarryMusic for the dream factory: 1955 to 1985MSocSciUniversity of Waikato1991102
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WHELAN, MichaelTrilogy : contextualizing and creating music theatre in the 1990sMCAJames Cook University1994451 + 1 videocassett
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WHIFFEN, LawrenceMusic in the Mirabell garden: analysisMMusLaTrobe University199396
WHITE, AlexanderA performer’s analysis of Franko’s Cadenza to Mozart’s Violin concerto No.3 in G major, K.216, with specific reference to the classic ideals detailed in Türk’s treatiseMMusMonash University201645
WHITE, GregTowards maximal convergence: the relationship between composition, performance, and production in realtime software environmentsPhDUniversity of Newcastle2015200
WHITE, MelitaMusic composition as an expression of research in feminist theoryMAMonash University20062 vol + CD
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WHITEHEAD, Geoffrey I.The role of the tuba in Wagner's "Ring cycle".MAUniversity of Western Aust.19952 vol
WHITELAW, Maureen S.An analysis of the inter-dependent musical structures of seven three-voiced motets of Philippe de Vitry PhDMonash University1991184
WHITELEY, Christina JenniferJan Ladislav Dussek: a study of his solo piano sonatas and performance practice issuesMMus (Hons)University of New England20022 vol
WHITELEY, Christina JenniferReading the past through colonial piano music of New South WalesPhDUniversity of New England2007TBA
WHITEMAN, Peter JohnHow the bananas got their pyjamas: A study of the metamorphosis of preschoolers' spontaneous singing as viewed through Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal DevelopmentPhDUniversity of NSW2001318
WHITEOAK, JohnAustralian approaches to improvisatory musical practice 1836-1970: a Melbourne perspectivePhDLaTrobe University1993652
WHITEOAK, Ralph AndrewA SEARING SOUND - A preliminary investigation into the legend of Australian saxophonist, Frank Smith.MMus (Perf)University of Melbourne2004 (NiC)
WHITICKER, MichaelThe music of Michael WhitickerDCAUniversity of Wollongong19988 vol
WHITMORE, KeithThe piano music of Percy Grainger: An analysis of ten original worksDMAOverseas2004112
WICAL, CarolStand still, look pretty: representation and tradition in mainstream American women's country music 1972-2005M.PhilUniversity of Queensland2006106
WICKS, DarrenImplementing music technology in the lower secondary classroom M.EdMonash University200374
WICKS, DarrenVoices of learning: teacher knowledge, skill and development in secondary school singingPhDUniversity of Sydney2014254
WIDJAJA, Stephanie(y-condition) : architecture + musicMArchUniversity of Auckland20091 v.
WIGLEY, Charles AdamReading fluency, temporal processing and musical training : exploring the relationship between musical training and rhythmic-motor ability, and the development of literacy sub skills that contribute to reading fluencyPhDUniversity of Western Aust.2012354
WIJAYA, KadirExtending cantor: an optical music recognition systemMCMSUniversity of Waikato1999114
WILBOURNE, EmilyGendering opera: Elena Kats-Chernin's Iphis (1997) and Matricide the musical (1998)MMusUniversity of Melbourne2003120
WILBY, G. I.An experience in aesthetic education : a qualitative description, analysis, and evaluation MAUniversity of Canterbury1977272
WILD, StephenE.J. Moeran - an assessmentMAUniversity of Western Aust.19662 vol
WILKIN, Phyllis E.The response of the foetus and the newborn, to music and other sound stimuliMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1989125
WILKINS, Sally LeannePrimary school music education and the generalist teacher : a case study M.EdMonash University2006114
WILKINSON, Anne MareeBalakirev's role in the development of Russian music and his influence on The KutchkaMMusUniversity of Tasmania1991109
WILKINSON, Christine EThe compilation of thematic catalogues with special reference to thematic locators and the effect of computerizationMAMonash University1981118
WILKINSON, PeterDe concentv amisso qvaerendo: An investigation into the relative benefits of three different types of ambient music on the observed agitated behaviour and quality of life of dementia sufferers in residential aged care facilitiesPhDEdith Cowan University2014200
WILLBERG, HelenMusic for fun: hiding the music curriculumM.EdVictoria University of Wellington2001213
WILLGOSS, Richard AdrianCreativity in Art Music CompositionPhDUniversity of Sydney2018225
WILLIAMS, AlexandraThe Dodo was Really a Phoenix: The Renaissance and Revival of the Recorder in England 1879-1941PhDUniversity of Melbourne2005453
WILLIAMS, AndrewThe functions of Walkman musicPhDUniversity of Adelaide2004NS
WILLIAMS, Barbara ClaireBraille: New codes for early music notations, long cells, and exploratory coding analysisPhDMonash University1995326
WILLIAMS, BethLineages of Garcia-Marchesi and Other Traditional Italian Vocal Pedagogy in Australia, 1850-1950PhDUniversity of Melbourne20022vol
WILLIAMS, Carol JaniceThe Mancini Codex: a manuscript studyPhDUniversity of Adelaide19833 vol
WILLIAMS, Craig EvanViolin bowing skill analysis : the mechanics and acoustics of the change in direction PhDUniversity of Melbourne1985520
WILLIAMS, GrahamThe theories of Olivier Messiaen : their origins and their application in his piano music PhDUniversity of Adelaide19782 vol
WILLIAMS, Kate ElizabethThe effectiveness of a short-term group music therapy intervention for parents who have a child with a disabilityM.EdQueensland University of Technology2010159
WILLIAMS, Lloyd PriorOrganizational change in symphony orchestras : a description and comparison of the two principal organizational structures adopted by professional symphony orchestras, changes that occur in these structures and the reasons for change or stasisPhDUniversity of Auckland2008294
WILLIAMS, Lynette FrancesNew directions in contemporary music theatre/operaMAUniversity of Wollongong1986214
WILLIAMS, Megan JaneMaking both ends meet : a critical perspective on becoming an artist in the new cultural economyM.Ed (Mus)University of Auckland2005174
WILLIAMS, Michael FrancisComposition PortfolioPhDUniversity of Melbourne2014
WILLIAMS, NatalieFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne20021 vol + Cd
WILLIAMS, Ross AdrianOn Open SkyDMAOverseas200227
WILLIAMS, ShaneArchitecture in musicGDipArchQueensland University of Technology198062
WILLIAMS, Stephen JohnEmeritus Professor Harry Begian: conductor and teacher of symphonic bands.MMusUniversity of Queensland1995135
WILLIAMSON, ChloeFrançois Rabbath’s A New Technique for Double Bass and its orchestral applicationM.PhilUniversity of Queensland201351
WILLIAMSON, Michael NoelRagging the classics: an examination of ragtime in piano compositions by Claude Debussy, Percy Grainger and Igor StravinskyMMusUniversity of Melbourne2013
WILLIAMSON, PaulDeveloping technical control, ensemble interaction, and flow within jazz performancePhDMonash University2014
WILLIAMSON, Sarah Elizabeth Mary Things Curt, Bass and Vile: Kurt Weill's Degenerate Music for Die Dreigroschenoper as Adorno's Social-Polemic Surrealist MusicMArtsUniversity of Otago2015
WILLIS, Elizabeth CVocal health through singing : considerations for Australian schoolsM.EdUniversity of Melbourne1996192
WILLIS, Elizabeth CAdolescent changing voice : a developmental acoustic studyPhDUniversity of Sydney2010185 + Charts + 1 CD
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