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BROWN, Reuben JayFollowing footsteps: The kun-borrk/​manyardi song tradition and its role in western Arnhem Land society.PhDUniversity of Sydney2016
BROWN, Shaun JosephInterpreting the Early Lieder of Erich Korngold: A Performer’s Perspective on So Gott und Papa will (1910)MMus?University of Queensland2016
BROWNE, StephanieThe life and career of Peers Coetmore, English cellist (1905-1976)MMusUniversity of Melbourne2012
BROWNE, SusanThe gender implications of dangdut kampungan : Indonesian 'low class' popular music MAMonash University199780
BROWNING, GeorgeSocial innovation : post-postmodern eclecticism in 21st century musicMMusGriffith University2011119
BROWNLEE, JaneThe transmission of traditional fiddle music in AustraliaMMusUniversity of Sydney2009193
BROWNLEE, PhilipPhD in composition [Part 1. Folio of compositions -- Part 2. Structural functions of timbre in selected works of Philip Brownlee]PhDVictoria University of Wellington2007
BRUCE, Neil MackayThe role of a musical director in a music centre : an action research study of tutor development M.EdUniversity of Waikato1992213
BRUER, TimA study of pianist Keith Jarrett's approach to the structuring of an improvised performance, based upon the standard song, from the years 1985 to 1989 MMus (Jazz)University of Sydney2003
BRUMBY, ColinLitanies of the sun ; Stabat Mater speciosa DMusUniversity of Melbourne19712 scores
BRUNORO, Gioia Sofia SerafinaThe life and works of Giovanni Lorenzo LulierPhDVictoria University of Wellington1994585
BRUNSDON, LindsayFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne2001403
BRUNT, Shelley"Performing community: Japan's 50th Kouhaku Song Contest"PhDUniversity of Adelaide20062 vol + DVD
BRUNTON, MarylouiseThe usage of musical patterns by primary school childrenMMusUniversity of Adelaide19762 vol
BRUSKY, PaulaPerformance-related musculoskeletal disorders in bassoon playersPhDUniversity of Sydney2009170
BRYANT, GaiCuban Folkloric and Traditional Music Styles: rumba, danzón, punto libre and bolero adapted for Jazz Big Band in Australia using Modern Compositional TechniquesPHDUniversity of Sydney2016
BRYANT, Helen JuliaThe nature and role of music in No - with special reference to the play, HogoromoMAAustralian National University19751 vol
BRYON, ExperienceThe integrative performance theory: an anti-hermeneutic approach for operaPhDMonash University1999235
BUCHAN, SusanMusic, marimbas and children : exploring the meaning that children make of playing marimbas and wacky instruments with Artist-In-Residence, Jon MadinM.EdVictoria University (Vic. Australia)2012156
BUCHANAN, Heather JoanBody mapping : self-reflective views of student musiciansPhDUniversity of New England2010TBA
BUCK, MaryMusic, geometry, and the listener : space in the history of Western philosophy and Western classical musicPhDUniversity of New England2008TBA
BUCKINGHAM, AliceInformed Performance Practice of Sonata for Viola and Piano, op. 147 by Dmitri Shostakovich: A Study of InterpretationMPhilUniversity of Queensland2014
BUCKLEY, DarylFrom body schema to score: creating spatial grammars in contemporary electric guitar practice.PhDRMIT University2015108
BUCKLEY, KitIndeterminate composition by note omission, shortening and contraction MMusUniversity of Western Aust.20121 vol + 1 CD
BUCKTON, RogerVocal and instrumental instructions a comparison. A comparison of the effect of vocal and instrumental instructions on the development of vocal and melodic abilities in young childrenMAUniversity of Auckland1972158
BUCKTON, Roger MalcolmThe development of musical concepts in young children an investigationPhDUniversity of Auckland1981300
BUNTING, SueThe protection of music as intellectual property : the historical framework and its effects upon contemporary Australian legislation.MMusAustralian National University1996129
BUNTING, Susan LynetteCan Copyright Cope with MusicPhDUniversity of Melbourne2002412
BUNTON, JeanImaginative music for Chinese-speaking childrenPhDUniversity of Western Sydney2013214
BURDEN, MichaelSix concertos for violin and string orchestra, 1733 [music] / Giueseppe [sic] Tartini ; edited by Michael BurdenMAUniversity of Adelaide19862 vol
BURGESS, Geoffrey VictorMetric structures in the neo-classical music of Stravinsky MMusUniversity of Sydney1989142
BURGESS, HilaryUnderstanding the group violin program: the early stages, 6-9 years of ageMAUniversity of Newcastle2005223
BURGESS, JeanHigh culture as subculture: Brisbane's contemporary chamber music sceneM.PhilUniversity of Queensland2004101
BURGESS, NadiaAn overview of third stream/confluent music and the involvement of Australian composers + Portfolio of original compositionsMMus (Comp)University of Sydney20042 vol + CD
BURGESS, NadiaA study of compositional techniques used in the fusion of art music with jazz and popular musicPhDUniversity of Sydney2014
BURK, IanThe influence of Dr. A.E. Floyd as music critic and broadcaster on musical culture in Australia 1915-1974MMusUniversity of Melbourne2001150
BURK, IanA Tradition Transplanted and Nurtured: The Contribution of A.E.Floyd to Cathederal and Church Music in Australia, 1915-1947PhDUniversity of Melbourne2005427
BURKE RIGO, BEscapee gloss : a symphony of polymediaM?University of Tasmania2014
BURKE, HarryAn investigation into the standards curriculum in music education in America, the U.K. and Victoria, 1992-2000MAMonash University200273
BURKE, HarryThe introduction of creative music education in Victorian state secondary schools 1957 to 1988.PhDMonash University20101 v.
BURKE, Robert LouisAnalysis and observation of pre-learnt and idosyncratic elements in improvisation : a reflection study in jazz performancePhDMonash University2013141
BURNARD, Pamela AnnA study of the relationship between task design and the experience of composition in senior secondary music studentsM.EdUniversity of Queensland1995270
BURNS, Carolyn Claire IsabelleAdaptation and twentieth-century operaPhDUniversity of Sydney2014260
BURNS, ChristopherParading kiwis : New Zealand soldier concert parties, 1916-1954MAUniversity of Auckland2012157
BURNS, RobertTransforming folk : innovation and tradition in English folk-rock musicPhDUniversity of Otago2008307
BURNS, Sarah Judith ImogenThe experience and effects of group improvisational music therapy amongst women recently diagnosed with breast cancer [manuscript] : a mixed methods studyPhDUniversity of Newcastle2009269 + 1CDRom
BURRASTON, David MGenerative music and cellular automataPhDUniversity of Technology Sydney2006211 + CD-Rom
BURREL, Robert W. B.A Process of Becoming: A Musical Enquiry into Process-Relational Philosophy Through Autoethnographical and Zoomusicological MeansPhDGriffith University2013
BURSLEM, MeganArticulating Armenian folk music characteristics in Tigran Mansurian's Havik for viola and percussion (1998), as mediated by the work of Komitas VardapetM.AMonash University2014
BURT, WarrenAlgorithms, Microtonality, Performance: Eleven Musical CompositionsPhDUniversity of Wollongong2007301 + 2 CDs + DVD
BURTENSHAW, Leonard JohnThe stylistic influences on the principal basso ostinato organ works of Dietrich BuxtehudeMMusUniversity of Sydney197775
BURTON, RussellThe effect of non-visual conductor activities on the quality of an instrumental ensemble as judged by Eisteddfod scoresMMusUniversity of Adelaide1998111
BUTCHER, Judith MThe introduction of the music of ethnic minority groups into Queensland State schools MAUniversity of Queensland197778
BUTCHER, Judith MThe development of a guide to assist the Queensland primary school teacher in introducing the music of other cultures into the classroom: with particular emphasis on the music of Australian aboriginal and migrant peopleMAUniversity of Queensland1981379
BUTLER, GaryPrepared instruments in improvised music : precedents and purposesPhDUniversity of Wollongong2000374
BUTLER, JenniferAmbiguity in nineteenth-century Russian literature and operaPhDUniversity of NSW2004359
BUTLER, Peter MauricePrimary school music education: a study of teachers, composers and original works in a pedagogical contextPhDAustralian National University2015222
BUTLER, Ronald KennethThe Influence of Theosophy on the Tradition of Speculative and Esoteric Theories of MusicPhDGriffith University2013
BUTLER, SarahMusic Inside the Walls: Mapuche Expressive Culture and Identity in the Context of a Southern Chile Boarding SchoolMMusUniversity of Sydney2014
BUTTERSWORTH, Louise, M.Personality variables and other predictors of musical performance achievementMAUniversity of Queensland1994183
BUXTON, SophieMusic therapy in an early intervention centre for children who have cochlear implantsMMusVictoria University of Wellington2012109
BYGRAVE, PatriciaMusic as a cognitive developing activity : implications for learning and for the learning disabled childM.EdUniversity of Canberra1985158
BYGRAVE, PatriciaMusic and the development of listening skills in children with learning difficulties PhDMacquarie University1992467
BYNRE, Daniele BurckhardtThe influence of specific musical variables on perceived meaning: a developmental study.PhDUniversity of New England1985257
BYRNE, AndrewDonald Martino's fantasies and impromptus : a study of a twelve tone system and its applications and a folio of compositionsMALaTrobe University199493
BYRNE, Benjamin AlexanderMurmurPhdUniversity of Technology Sydney2012187
BYRNE, John H.Sacred or Profane: The influence of Vatican legislation upon music in the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. MMusAustralian Catholic University2005238
BYRNE, Timothy FrancisAspects of technique in Dvořák’s cello concerto [electronic resource] : an approach based on a comparative study of relevant treatisesMPhilUniversity of Queensland201057
BYRNES, Jonathan LawrenceThe devil’s horn and the music of the brothel approaching adaptation and performance of tango for the classical saxophonistPhDUniversity of Sydney2016111
BYRNES, Lasallian AA self-help programme for parents of children aged 0-5 utilizing music as a basis [Not found in Catalogue]NSUniversity of Sydney198?103
BYWATER, Philip FrankAs the spirit moves : a study of personal spirituality as a source for musical inspirationMMus(Perf)University of Melbourne201090 + 1 CD
CABRERA, DensilA psychoacoustical study of resonating sound artPhDUniversity of Sydney2001578 + 4 CDs
CADELL, AdamThe Radical Violinist: Henry Flynt, Tony Conrad and the Liberation of the ViolinPhDGriffith University2013
CADELL, Adam BroughtonThe final violin sonatas of Beethoven and Brahms [electronic resource] : a consideration of the influence of Pierre Rode and Joseph JoachimMPhilUniversity of Queensland2007
CAESAR, MichaelThe use of indeterminacy in music composition as a stimulus for developing music improvisation skill in performersPhDAustralian National University20052 vol
CAESAR, MichaelThe processes used by high school music instrumentalists when improving music and the factors which influence those processesM.EdUniversity of Canberra1999262
CAESER, MichaelThe processes used by high school music instrumentalists when improvising music and the factors which influence those processesM.EdUniversity of Canberra1999262
CAFOOT, Gavin StevenDeleuze and music: a creative approach to the study of musicMMusUniversity of Queensland2004110
CAIN, Melissa AnnePhilosophy, Policy, Practice Visions and Realities of Cultural Diversity in Selected Primary Music Classrooms in Brisbane and SingaporePhDGriffith University2011343
CAINGLET, Enrique CantelHispanic influences on the West Visayan folk song tradition of the PhilippinesPhDUniversity of Adelaide19812 vol
CALABRO, JacintaMusic therapy for infants with neonatal abstinence syndromeMMusUniversity of Melbourne2006164
CALDWELL, David LukeThe rhetoric of rap: a social semiotic analysis of Kanye WestPhDUniversity of Sydney20101 v. + CD
CALDWELL, MargaretA preliminary survey of the information needs of practical music teachers in New South WalesMLibUniversity of NSW1980ns
CALEY, Margaret AnneRe-contextualising the early French solo violin sonata (c.1692-1723)MMusJames Cook University2005265 + 1 sound CD
CALLAGHAN, Laurel JeanA comparative framework for an analysis of the influence of language on national music style MAUniversity of Western Aust.19792 vol
CALLAGHAN, MervynA comparison of music in certain selected independent schools in England and Australia MMusUniversity of Melbourne19832 vol
CALLINAN, TraceyA case study of videoconferencing for instrumental music teaching MMus Ed.University of Sydney2004205
CALLINAN-ROBERTSON, JoanneThe effects on vocal quality of the Marchesi pedagogical approach in female singers in the western classical tradition MMus (Perf)University of Sydney2007112
CALLINAN-ROBERTSON, JoanneThe effects on vocal quality of the Marchesi pedagogical approach in female singers in the western classical traditionMMusUniversity of Sydney2007112
CAMERON, Alexandra EThe class teaching of music in secondary schools, Victoria, 1905-1955 : an investigation into the major influences affecting the development of music as a class subject in Victorian secondary schools M.EdUniversity of Melbourne1969387
CAMERON, Christopher PaulExploring applications of multi-dexterity in drum kit performanceMMusMonash University2016
CAMERON, Eleanor EliseMusic in tempore belli: an exploration of how to perform Dmitri Shostakovich's Eighth String Quartet and George Crumb's Black Angels: thirteen images from the dark land for electric string quartet as works written in response to warMA (perf)Monash University200658 + CD
CAMERON, KevinJoseph Post: Australia's maestro?MMusUniversity of Western Aust.199575
CAMERON, Kevin JohnA Fantastic Symphony: The life of Henri VerbruggenPhDUniversity of Newcastle1999248
CAMERON, Neil MathesonMusic of the Anglican churches of the diocese of Sydney, 1836-1868 MMus (Musicology)University of Sydney2006269
CAMM, CherylIn the teeth of itDMusUniversity of Auckland19951 score
CAMM, CherylTam O’Shanter : a cantata for baritone solo / words, Robert Burns ; music, Cheryl Camm.DMusUniversity of Auckland1995325
CAMM, Suzie-MayFolio of compositions [music]M.Mus.University of Melbourne2009167 + 1 CD
Cammell, ShaneWhat can I understand about children with special needs from the musical offerings that emerge in the music therapy process?MMus TherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2008
CAMPBELL, FionaPeggy Glanville-Hicks' opera Sappho, a critical examinationMMusEdith Cowan University19952 microfiches
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