WriterThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pagessort icon
PARSONS, Michael GrahamMusic compositionsMMusVictoria University of Wellington20051 vol + 2 CDs
NEWLAND, Dorothea ElizabethMusical empowerment for people with multiple disability M.EdUniversity of Technology Sydney20031 vol + 4 CDs + CD-R
BONETTI, RuthA performing edition of Georg Philipp Telemann's Ouverture in F Major for 2 chalumeaux, 2 violettas, and basso, transcribed for clarinet, violin, and keyboardMMusUniversity of Queensland19891 vol + 4 parts
KELLY, WayneTranscriptions and analysesGradDipMusAustralian National University19991 vol + cass
ABBOTT, KatrinaFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne20011 vol + cd
HUGHES, William DavinFolio of compositionsPhDUniversity of Melbourne20011 vol + CD
WILLIAMS, NatalieFolio of compositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne20021 vol + Cd
DELLA-BOSCA, RoxanneFostering creativity in the field of musical composition : a vision for tertiary level pedagogy + Folio of CompositionsMMus (Comp)University of Sydney20051 vol + CD
GRANT, AlisonMusic compositionsMMusVictoria University of Wellington20061 vol + CD
WATSON, ChrisMusic compositionsMMusVictoria University of Wellington20021 vol + CD
LARDELLI, Dylan Marcel VictorMusic compositionsMMusVictoria University of Wellington20031 vol + CD
KISTERS, LudgerTe Raekaihau : and other works MMusVictoria University (Vic. Australia)20041 vol + CD
VENNONEN, KimmoSubmission for the Graduate Diploma in Music (Computer Music)GradDipMusAustralian National University19941 vol + floppy disk
WHATELY, GregAn historic outline of operetta and the composition of seven original works illustrating present day use of the devices identified M.EdUniversity of Melbourne19881 vol + video
SHANAHAN, IanA world of becoming : eleven original compositions, with analytical notesPhDUniversity of Sydney20021 vol +3CDs
FARAGHER, Michael AllanA folio of musical compositionsMMusUniversity of Queensland199610 scores + cass
BLOM, DianaInvocation to earth : an opera ; Prelude for orchestra ; [and] Daisy Bates : a documentary essay for televisionMMUniversity of Sydney1972100
LYNCH, PeterGertrude Healy: the Australian violinist.MAMonash University1996100
STORER, StuartThe piano music of Erik Satie and his influence on later composersMMusUniversity of Adelaide1987100
ZUMERIS, BroniusKicking against the pricks: Melbourne alternative music, 1978-1985MAUniversity of Melbourne1997100
LAIRD, WayneDrums and drumming in the Cook IslandsMMusUniversity of Auckland1982100
CLEMENTS, Lucille DesotoRock'n'roll outlaw: the expression of freedom in cultureDCAUniversity of Technology Sydney2007100
CLELAND, Michelle AnnThe effects of pedagogical study on the current practice of woodwind instrumental teachers in the state of Victoria, Australia M.EdMonash University2007100
SAVAIINAEA, Chelsea MakereChallenges in communication : a critical analysis of a student music therapist's techniques in working with special needs children MMus TherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2009100
LIGHTFOOT, Jessica ClaireThe expression of religion in German instrumental Baroque musicMMusUniversity of Auckland2010100
NAUMOVSKA, MarijaThe effects of computer-based technologies on students’ music compositional processes in New Zealand secondary schoolsM.Ed.University of Auckland2009100
BANKS, Jy-PerryVoices of the Australian tuba : a consideration of factors influencing its changing sound and musical statusMMusPerfUniversity of Sydney2013100
JEONG, Ah Young (Angela) How did Music Therapy Contribute to a Patients' Quality of Life in a Hospice and Palliative Care Setting?MMusTherVictoria University of Wellington2016100
NGIAO, Tzu-EnAudiovisual composition employing pitch-space visualisation based on the Lissajous meshMMusVictoria University of Wellington2016100
ZABORAC, PaulThe saxophone as accompaniment in improvised music : an exploration through extended techniquesMMusPerfUniversity of Sydney2012100 + CD
MEEHAN, NormanAfter the melody : Paul Bley and jazz piano after Ornette Coleman MMusMassey University2002101
BOWERING, Philip GrahamA study of the relationship between synergy in the group dynamic of contemporary music making and the use of midi/personal computer based music systems in an OSI/ISDN environmentMAVictoria University of Wellington1990101
BURGESS, JeanHigh culture as subculture: Brisbane's contemporary chamber music sceneM.PhilUniversity of Queensland2004101
FROMYHR, Judith JReady to teach - ? : a study of influences on the readiness of general primary school teachers to teach a "specialist" subject area M.EdQueensland University of Technology1995101
HAUGEN, HAllans Music ServicesMBAUniversity of Melbourne1976101
KELLY, EamonnMaidservants to the muse: professional female musicians in Roman Italy, 200 BC - 400 ADMMusUniversity of Melbourne2002101
SCHMORL, VictoriaAustralian percussion music: an analytical study of selected percussion works commissioned by SynergyMMusGriffith University1996101
VALLENCE, TimA poetry without attitudes: Music and silence in the poetry of Vincent Buckley.MAUniversity of Melbourne1995101
JUTSUM, Ross FrederickAn examination of musical-textual relationships in the choral music of Colin Brumby, a lecture recital, with three recitals of selected works by Bartok, Durufle-Chevalier, Duson, Mendelssohn, Poulenc, Sallinen, and SchoenbergDMAOverseas1995101
BARLOW, ShaunBeatbox flute : An historical account, performance manual and notational guideMMusPerfUniversity of Sydney2011101
DUNSTAN, Kaylie JanePercussion and Theatrical Techniques: An Investigation into Percussion Theatre Repertoire and its Presence in Australian Classical Music CultureMMusUniversity of Sydney2016101
HODGSON, RobinThe songmen [manuscript] : a comparative study of the relations between song style, society and the social role of performers in Aboriginal Australia unknownCharles Darwin University1990101 + maps
ABECASIS REQUENA, Silvana BeatrizA study of the Argentine composer's style through analysis of selected instrumental pieces with piano. [Guastavino Carlos] MMusUniversity of Newcastle2005102
BOURCHIER, RandallAustralian multicultural policies, the arts and traditional music and dance within the Cambodian community of Melbourne MAMonash University1991102
KOCH, ElizabethContemporary flute techniques since 1950MMusUniversity of Adelaide1982102
KOSTROMIN, MarinaAustralian cross-over performers of improvisatory jazz since the 1950sMAMonash University1996102
STRAND, JoachimThe cinesthetic montage of music-video: hearing the image and seeing the sound MCACurtin University of Technology2006102
VAINER, SofyaThe evolution of the set of 24 preludes for piano in the nineteenth centuryMMusAustralian Catholic University1997102
WHALLEY, Ian HarryMusic for the dream factory: 1955 to 1985MSocSciUniversity of Waikato1991102
CYBA, Hanna DorotaA performer's guide to the piano sonatas by Carl VineDMAOverseas2002102
LIM, Vanessa KA paradox in the laterality of melody processingMScUUniversity of Auckland1999102
SQUIRES, KerynStaff perceptions of how music therapy can support palliative care patients in a New Zealand / Aotearoa hospice, with a particular focus on spiritual careMMusTherNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2011102
KAENAMPORNPAN, PornpanA music therapy student's exploration of single session music therapy for children on a paediatric ward using action research methodologyMMusTherNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2010102
BRENNAN, CassandraStudent engagement for enhanced learning in diverse school communities : a culturally inclusive approach through music educationMMusEdUniversity of Sydney2011102
BAINES, Rowena MeganSamba and the Afro-Brazilian favela communitiesMSciCommUniversity of Otago2012102
VAN MELLE, GerbrandSound bitesM.PhilAuckland University of Technology2013102
KING, Jason Philip AllenPilot testing a music appreciation training program for cochlear implant recipients and users of hearing aidsMAudUniversity of Canterbury2013102
BARTLETT, Simon JohnAn Exploration of the Origins and Expression of Implied Harmony in The Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Chet Baker (1952-1953)MMusUniversity of Sydney2016102
JAMES, Caleb PaulTranslating Song Writing to a Recorded Work: Comparing Two Modes of Music Production from the Perspective of the SongwriterMastersGriffith University2016102
COUGHLAN, MarkCharles-Valentin Alkan, twelve studies in all the major keys op. 35: an analysisMusMUniversity of Western Aust.1988102 + 2 tapes
VOYCE, ThomasA personal and fragile affair : the sonic environment and its place in my compositions MMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2009102 + 2CDs
AMATO, NolaThe design and implementation of a keyboard scale tutoring systemMScUniversity of Western Aust.1988103
BEAVERSTOCK, John G.The employment of the organ in three great oratorios of Edward ElgarMusMUniversity of Western Aust.1995103
BYRNES, Lasallian AA self-help programme for parents of children aged 0-5 utilizing music as a basis [Not found in Catalogue]NSUniversity of Sydney198?103
CURTIS, OlyaThe life, career, and music of Aram Khatchaturyan: the origin of and influences on his musical styleMMusVictoria University of Wellington2000103
FURZE, Christine HMusic and movement with preschool aged retarded childrenAdvDipSp.Ed.Flinders University1976103
GREEN-ARMYTAGE, EmilyThe recent music of Roger Smalley : modernist or postmodernist?MusMUniversity of Western Aust.2004103
MURRAY, KennethAngel Barrios : Granada, the guitar and Manuel de FallaMMusUniversity of Melbourne1994103
HART, Amy JoanOn rough ground : New Zealand art and music, 1930-1990, and the problematics of landscape and national identityMAUniversity of Auckland2005103
PRITCHETT, SarahLiving to perform, playing for passion : a "girls" guide to rockMAUniversity of Auckland2002103
NG, Joy Chi ChingMan or mask? : artistic identity and the music of RavelMMus(Perf)University of Sydney2013103
MCINTOSH, SkyeSinging and the violin : Portamento and vibrato practices applied to Beethoven's violin sonatasMMusUniversity of Sydney2012103
REES, Sally AnneKaraoke : creating an intimate connection between artist and audience through popular music, an enquiry in performance and video MFAUniversity of Tasmania2005103 + 3 DVD
WERNERT, GregoryMusic and emotions: an investigation into the musical representation of the identified emotional content of poetic textM.A.Monash University2009103 + Sound Disc
HAMMOND, CarlREM: (Rapid eye movement): a musicalPhDUniversity of Sydney19981031
BARTLETT, IreneClassical technique meets contemporary style : beliefs and practices of voice teachers in contemporary studiosMMusGriffith University1998104
CHIANG, Niann TsuuOptical music recognition: processing the sacred harpMCMSCUniversity of Waikato1998104
HAMILTON, Ross AAspects of the musical development of talented young instrumental performers MMusUniversity of Sydney1996104
HARRIS, NatashaHow to disappear : Radioheads struggle with the role of rock artistMAUniversity of Melbourne2005104
RAE, Natalie-AnneThe effects of an outcomes and profiles approach on music educators in New South Wales MMus Ed.University of Sydney1995104
BIRDWELL, John CodyThe utilization of folk song elements in selected works by Ralph Vaughan Williams and Percy Grainger with subsequent treatment exemplified in the wind band music of David StanhopeDMAOverseas1996104
ZHANG, YunjieFinding freedom in classical music : a study of incorporating improvisation in individual piano lessons MMusUniversity of Auckland2003104
JAMESON, Jennifer A. (Cutler)Music education at the secondary level in a New Zealand urban areaMAUniversity of Canterbury1967104
WADE, JamesFolio of compositions [music] : 2009-2011MMusUniversity of Melbourne2011104
REDHEAD, TracyInteractive music formats : will audiences interact?MArtsQueensland University of Technology2015104
BEILHARZ, KristyContemporary violin techniquesMMusUniversity of Sydney1994105
HARRIS, AmandaNationality is one thing that never fails : the musical consequences of Grainger's Nordic obsession MMus (Hons)University of NSW1998105
O'BRIEN, EmmaThe Nature of the interactions between patient and therapist when writing a song in music therapy on a bone marrow transplant wardMMusUniversity of Melbourne2003105
PERISSINOTTO, DominicA Survey of intabulation techniques in keyboard music of sixteenth-century SpainMMusUniversity of Melbourne2002105
POLLARD, MarkAspects of American serialism since 1960 : as exemplified in the compositions Notturno by Donald Martino and Janissary music by Charles WuorinenMALaTrobe University1983105
KANIA, AndrewNot just for the record : a philosophical analysis of classical music recordingsMAUniversity of Auckland1998105
EDMEADES, LynleyAs I exemplify : an examination of the musical-literary relationship in the work of John CageMAUniversity of Otago2013105
WALTER, ReynoldThe moment of performance : trace and materiality in improvisational music practiceMFAUniversity of Melbourne2014105
KIRBY, Catherine Sarah'The Art-Twins of Our Timestretch': Percy Grainger, Frederick Delius and the 1914-1934 American 'Delius Campaign'MMusUniversity of Melbourne2015105
NEWTON, Neil EdwardMusic inspired by Grafton & Admiration or imitation : Anthony Watson’s String quartet no. 1 and Béla Bartók’s String quartet no. 3M.Mus.University of Auckland2007105 + 1 CD
GUYMER, SheilaJohannes Brahms: classicist, gypsy or 'the best of all Wagnerians'? issues of tempo and rubato in Brahms performance practice, with a study of the sonatas for violin and piano, Opera 78 and 100MMusUniversity of Sydney2007105 + 1 CD
WREN, TobyThe carnatic jazz experiment : the influence of carnatic music on my composition and improvisational practiceMMusPerfGriffith University2010105 + CD Rom
EVANS, SamuelRepresenting tabla music : defining an effective notation system for Indian tabla repertoire MAMonash University2010105 + DVD
BARNARD, Geoffrey DavidIndeterminate composition and ideological determination MAUniversity of Technology Sydney2003106
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