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CANDY, PhillipaMotivic/thematic development in the piano works of Alexander ScriabinMMusUniversity of Tasmania1984165
CANHAM, NicoleKindred Spirits: The beliefs, values, work and learning of independent classical artistsPhDUniversity of Queensland2016
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CAREY, Benedict ErisNotation sequence generation and sound synthesis in interactive spectral musicMMus(Comp)University of Sydney201364
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CARR, Sherilene MargaretTesting the neurobiological model of emotion-enhanced memory with emotion elicited by musicPhDMonash University2013237
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CARRIGAN, Jeanell K.Towards an Australian style: on the relationship between the Australian landscape and natural environment and the music of Peter Sculthorpe and Ross EdwardsMMusUniversity of Queensland199462
CARRIGAN, Jeanell K.Australian post-1970 solo piano literature [manuscript] : a study of the available literature including a discussion of relevant contemporary compositional elements DCAUniversity of Wollongong19982 vol+CD-Rom
CARROLL, Adrian D.Beat-mixing Rock music : Rock and electronic dance music merge to create the ManaraysM.AQueensland University of Technology2012118
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CARTER, JenniferAssessment Practice in Year 10 Elective Music in New South Wales Secondary SchoolsM.MusUniversity of Sydney2012179
CARTER, John EdwardSchumann the criticMAUniversity of Canterbury1961108
CARTER, KarenItinerant teachers of music: a state of fluxMTeachingUniversity of Canterbury200395
CARTER, TristanInfluence, intuition and integration : an exploration into my creative processM.M.AVictoria University of Wellington201245p+2CD+2DVD
CARTLEDGE, Damon NeilDeveloping professionals for a changing world of work: identity and change in the Australian Army Band Corps.D.EdRMIT University20021 vol
CARY, TristramPortfolio of original compositionsDMusUniversity of Adelaide20001 vol
CASSIDY, CaitlinThe Making of Disgrace Kelly: Dragging the Diva through Cabarets, Pubs and Into the Recital HallM.AEdith Cowan University2013158
CASSON, DonaldThe development of woodwind instruments and their timbresMAUniversity of Western Aust.1977158
CASTEELS, RobertBerlayar ke mata hari (Set sail to the sun) : a folio of original compositions comprising the use of gamelan instruments with related exegesisPhDUniversity of Melbourne20032 vol + 3 CD-Roms
CASTELINO, AjayThe effect of single sessions of music therapy on the level of anxiety in older persons with psychiatric disorders : a pilot studyMMus TherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)200982
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CATSALIS, Marie-LouiseThe serenata and Alessandro Scarlatti: a genre study, with six editionsPhDUniversity of Newcastle20042 vol
CATTERMOLE, Jennifer AnneThe routes of roots of reggae in Aotearoa/New Zealand: the musical construction of place and identityMAMusUniversity of Otago2004224
CATTERMOLE, Jennifer AnneSere ni cumu: a localised music tradition on Taveuni, FijiPhDMacquarie University2007952 + 1 CD
CAVE, JennaPortfolio of compositions /​ Jenna CaveMMus.University of Sydney201068p + 1CD
CAWRSE, AnnePortfolio of original compositions and exegesis: a personal exploration of modal processesPhDUniversity of Adelaide2008170 + 2 CDs
CECIL, AnnJohn Amadio : virtuoso flautistMMusUniversity of Melbourne199852
CHADWICK, FeliciaAn Australian perspective on talent development in music : the influence of environmental catalysts upon the provision of opportunities for learning, training, and practice in the musical domainPhDUniversity of NSW2000895
CHAI, Chang-ningThe dizi (Chinese bamboo flute) its representative repertoires in the years from 1949 to 1985PhDUniversity of Sydney2014305
CHALABI, Karen LouiseThe architecture of spirit : a phenomenological study of archetypal forces in Eastern European flute repertoire.PhDUniversity of Melbourne2014271
CHALMERS, BrianA study of musical preferences among first year university students MMusUniversity of Melbourne1973303
CHAMBERLAIN, Grant MichaelTranscription and analysesMMus (Jazz)Australian National University19981 vol + 1 cass
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CHAMBERS, Allison MargaretConcert organ recital programming: an investigation and critical account of the contemporary resurrection of the English symphonic organ ethos with particular emphasis on the programming styles of W.T. Best, E.H. Lemare, A. Hollins and W. Wolstenholme.MMusUniversity of Queensland1993110
CHAMBERS, TimImpact of background music on task performance of adults with AD/HD : moderating effects of rhythm dominance and task characteristicsMSpEdUniversity of Western Aust.200992
CHAMPION, HollyDramaturgical analysis of opera performance: four recent productions of Dido and AeneasPhDUniversity of NSW2016457
CHAN, Amy Wai YeeComposing race and nation: intercultural music and postcolonial identities in Malaysia and Singapore.PhDAustralian National University2005326 + 1 CD
CHAN, CatherineIn search of an Australian music canonMMusUniversity of Sydney200748
CHAN, Chi ManAspects of the impact of postmodernist thought on the analysis of musicMAUniversity of Sydney199675
CHAN, Chi-Wah WinsorProfessional learning and pre-school music teacher education : developing a framework for early childhood music teacher educationPhDUniversity of New England2012346
CHAN, HevaPortfolio of compositionsPhDUniversity of Sydney2002317+ CD
CHAN, June Lai-YeeThe devlopment of tonal language in the nocturnes for piano by Gabriel FaureMMusAustralian Catholic University1995113
CHAN, Karyn Oi LimAffective concepts in music performance education : an Einsteinian approachPhDUniversity of Western Aust.2011240
CHAO, Peter Yu-ChunMulti-stylistic fluency on the saxophone: Delineating pedagogical strategies for the interpretation of jazz-influenced classical saxophone worksMMusUniversity of Sydney201683
CHAPLIN, PeterFolio of compositions and analysesMMusUniversity of Melbourne19867 vol + tape
CHAPMAN, Christopher AdamRegional traditions of Lao vocal music lam siphandon and khap ngeumPhDMonash University2003463 + CD
CHAPMAN, Ian CharlesDavid Bowie: life is a cabaretMAUniversity of Otago2005141
CHAPMAN, Jim (James Norman)Afro No-Clash: Composing syncretic African/Western music: Eleven Compositions and frameworks for their systematic analysisPhDQueensland University of Technology20072v (225 + 237) + 1CD
CHAPPELL, William FielderThe late nineteenth century renaissance of music in England (with special reference to the work of Parry and Stanford)MAUniversity of Melbourne1963317
CHARLES, EmmaA problematic portfolio: an exploration of style and identity in the life of Gerald Finzi and the performance of "Introit" as part of his discarded Violin ConcertoMMusMonash University2015
CHARLES, RobinThe performerless performanceMAAuckland University of Technology200524
CHARLES, Simon BernardIdeokinesis as a practice strategy in musical performanceM.MusUniversity of Melbourne2013
CHASELING, Marilyn JoanTeaching music in New South Wales primary schools : 1920-1956 PhDDeakin University20091 CD-ROM
CHATFIELD, John EThe benefits of small group vocal tuition with particular reference to its place in choral developmentMMus StudsUniversity of Queensland199692
CHATSWOOD, AstraParental Engagement in Stringed Instrument Learning: A Case Study Investigation of the Familial Factors that Shape Children's Stringed Instrument Learning.MPhilUniversity of Queensland2011172
CHATWOOD, AstraParental engagement in stringed instrument learning [electronic resource] : a case study investigation of the familial factors that shape children's stringed instrument learningMPhilUniversity of Queensland2011172
CHEAH, Siew YongKnowledge and skills that beginner piano teachers need to teach a music program in Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaM.EdRMIT University2012143
CHEN, AngieFactors affecting the self-fulfilment of secondary school teachers in Western Australia: implications for pre- and in-service teacher education NOT FOUND IN CATALOGUEMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1997nf
CHEN, Chi WaiThe creative process of computer-assisted composition and multimedia composition visual images and musicPhDRMIT University20071 CDRom
CHEN, Cindy Hsin-YuFolio of compositions 2002-2003MMusUniversity of Melbourne2004130 + CD
CHEN, Hung PaiThe integration of information technology in music teacher education and school music education in TaiwanPhDRMIT University2012289
CHEN, PaulineCao Zheng: master of the ZhengMMusUniversity of Sydney199260
CHEN, Sarah Yi-YingA study of the ShengMMusUniversity of Sydney199477
CHEN, Si-leA comparative study of value systems amongst popular and classical musiciansM.EdUniversity of Auckland200391
CHEN-MERRETT, ShaohuaBeethoven and the Violoncello: The Influence of Jean-Louis Duport (1749-1819)Mphil (perf)University of Queensland200696
CHENG, Hsin[portfolio of compositions]MMusUniversity of Canterbury20051 vol + 1 vid + CD
CHENG, Lancini Jen-Hao Taxonomies of Taiwanese Aboriginal musical instruments PhDUniversity of Otago2014989
CHENOWETH, VidaThe music of the UsarufasPhDUniversity of Auckland19742 vol
CHEONG, Simplicius T.E.A critique of Adorno's philosophy of music : expression, creativity, formalism MAMacquarie University198888
CHEONG, Simplicius T.E.The notion of total serialization in the late works of Anton Webern [and] Exercise : symphony, wind quintet, sonata for flute and pianoMMusUniversity of Sydney19762 vol + cass
CHEONG-CLINCH, CarmenAn investigation of relationships between music literacy and textual literacy in young children M.EdSouthern Cross University1999128
CHEONG-CLINCH, CarmenMusical diaries: an investigation of preferred music listening by young people with mental illness in various contexts and conditionsPhDUniversity of Melbourne2013
CHESNEY, SarahGothic imaginations in primo ottocento operaMMusVictoria University of Wellington2010259
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