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JACKSON-TRETCHIKOFF, JulieThe operas of Michael Tippett : the inner values of Tippett as portrayed by selected female charactersMPhilMassey University2006107
GERRARD, KathleenThe livre d'airs et de simphonies meslés de quelques fragmens d'opéra 1697 of Pierre Gillier : an edition and studyM.MusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2010107
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ATKIN, NancyWhy song is useful in teaching pronunciation and spoken EnglishM.EdLaTrobe University1998110
CAFOOT, Gavin StevenDeleuze and music: a creative approach to the study of musicMMusUniversity of Queensland2004110
CHAMBERS, Allison MargaretConcert organ recital programming: an investigation and critical account of the contemporary resurrection of the English symphonic organ ethos with particular emphasis on the programming styles of W.T. Best, E.H. Lemare, A. Hollins and W. Wolstenholme.MMusUniversity of Queensland1993110
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PAVER, SamanthaThe impact of colour on music performanceMMusPerfUniversity of Sydney2011110
ROUND, Ruth Louise Music signifiers : focussed listening to music as a stimulus to creative writingMEd University of Auckland2015110
KAWABATA, TomoePerforming and contextualising the late piano works of Akira Miyoshi: a portfolio of recorded performances and exegesisPHDUniversity of Adelaide2016110 + 4CDs
HANDEL, AmandaMusic of balance: circles and squares [Portfolio of compositions]MA (Hons)University of Western Sydney2004110 + CD + DVD
MURRAY, ClaireArthur Benjamin's Le Tombeau de Ravel : approaches for accurate tuning and intonation for 'Bb' clarinetM.AMonash University2011110P+1CD
BURTON, RussellThe effect of non-visual conductor activities on the quality of an instrumental ensemble as judged by Eisteddfod scoresMMusUniversity of Adelaide1998111
CHAMBERLAIN, Robert ESchubert's Mayrhofer Lieder : an examination of the relationship between accompaniment and text MMusUniversity of Melbourne1989111
FORREST, David LawrenceThe form of the keyboard preludeMCAUniversity of Wollongong1986111
GUNN, MalcolmEnter 'Exhalted Guest:' the role of the music in an Indonesian feature film of 1955MAMonash University1997111
O'CALLAGHAN, ClareSong writing in palliative careMMusUniversity of Melbourne1994111
NEILL, KarenHook, line & singer! : essential criteria for maximising the playlist potential of New Zealand music on commercial radio : a programme directors' perspective MAMassey University2000111
IP-WINFIELD, VannieMethods used in cross-cultural music therapy in aged care in AustraliaM.Mus.University of Melbourne2010111
NGUYEN, Alan Duc KhoiThat's a rap : the making of an Australian hip hop integrated musical filmM.AQueensland University of Technology2010111
PALMER, Eliot SamuelSurface resonanceM.ARMIT University2010111
MARSH, NicholasThe decline of speech surrogacy in Cuban bàtá drummingMMusUniversity of Auckland2013111
DENG, Melody ZhengPiano pedagogy research : an ethnographic study of strategies and processes used to foster expressiveness in piano playing in children and youthMMusUniversity of Auckland2014111
DAVIES, RyanUncovering the unpublished chamber music of George Frederick Boyle Volume I: DissertationMArtsEdith Cowan University2016111
BYRNES, Jonathan LawrenceThe devil’s horn and the music of the brothel approaching adaptation and performance of tango for the classical saxophonistPhDUniversity of Sydney2016111
DIXON, Michael HughJust intonation: a study through its notationMMusGriffith University2000111 + 1 audio CD
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ELLIS, Angelina M.The Classical guitar in Australia: FoundationsMAQueensland University of Technology2000112
HOWES, Patricia MaureenA perceptual study of vibrato and its relationship to the expression of emotion in Western operatic singing MApScUniversity of Sydney2001112
WHITMORE, KeithThe piano music of Percy Grainger: An analysis of ten original worksDMAOverseas2004112
BRIEN, StephenAn investigation of forward motion as an analytic template MMus (Perf)University of Sydney2004112
EDWARDS, Sharon Rosalie GwennethVisual perception in music reading : a discussion of related research and theoriesMAUniversity of Auckland1977112
CALLINAN-ROBERTSON, JoanneThe effects on vocal quality of the Marchesi pedagogical approach in female singers in the western classical traditionMMusUniversity of Sydney2007112
HANNAFORD, MarcElliott Carter's rhythmic language : a framework for improvisationMMusPerfUniversity of Melbourne2012112
RANN, ThomasDefining an Israeli school of cello pedagogy and performance through an analysis of the teaching of Professor Uziahu WieselMMusUniversity of Sydney2012112
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