Writersort iconThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pages
CHI, Jasmine Yi-TzuCreative process in electroacoustic music with live acoustic performance composition : an observation on sound and the performer's gestureMMus(Composition)University of Auckland200930 + DVD
CHIANG, Jenny Yu KuanMusic therapy for young children who have special needs : the music therapy experience from the perspectives of carers and professionalsMMus TherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2008123
CHIANG, Niann TsuuOptical music recognition: processing the sacred harpMCMSCUniversity of Waikato1998104
CHICOINE, Matthew Robert "The Detroit Way": creative exchange in music production, 1950-2000MAUniversity of Auckland2014150
CHIEL, DanielleSolfa: a critical review of its analytic usePhDUniversity of Queensland1999363
CHILDS, CodieSpaces traversed : Master of Music portfolio submission thesisMMus(Composition)University of Auckland201161 + 2 DVDs
CHILDS, David ChristopherLandmarks in twentieth century organ music, with particular reference to MessiaenMAVictoria University of Wellington1964132
CHIN, Tan ChyuanTo muse beyond formal music training: the development and use of a measure of music engagement in everyday lifePhDMonash University2014
CHING, Florin Sui WengAdult beginner piano learners : needs and strategies for teachers and learnersMMusUniversity of Auckland2006148
CHITTY, Gina Ismene ShenazPublic postures, private positions: baila and Sydney Sri LankansPhDMacquarie University2005226
CHO, (Joseph) Beom-HyunResearch in vocal performancesMCAUniversity of Newcastle200036 + 3 CDs + video
CHOE, MinahPedagogy and performance practice of David Popper (1843-1913): An analysis of influence and legacy of Popper’s compositions in studio teachingDMAUniversity of Sydney2016159
CHOI, Eunice EunhaComposition portfolioM.Mus.University of Auckland2009115 + 1 CD
CHOI, Hee-ChanMulticultural encounters in music therapy in New Zealand : What particular clinical experiences do NZ music therapists describe when encountering clients who identify closely with a culture different from their own?MMus TherapyVictoria University of Wellington2008107
CHOI, Sueng YounContext and analysis of organ performances: an essay of critical analysisMCAAustralian Catholic University200696
CHOI, Young JiTowards better predictions of concert hall acoustic qualityPhDUniversity of Sydney2005299
CHONG, KristianSergei Rachmaninoff in Melbourne; a performer's reflection through the twenty-four Preludes Opp, 23 and 32; from Mack Jost to the twenty-first centuryPhDAustralian Catholic University2014
CHONG, Min YinDigital sound sampling: electronic piracy or technological creativity?LLMUniversity of Melbourne1995109
CHOO, NickFollow the lightMAMurdock University20054 vol + DVD + 2CD-Ro
CHOONG, Wi Yan KellyThe diffusion of MP3 and its impact on the music industry : a strategic analysisMBusQueensland University of Technology2001146
CHRISTIE, DavidAnthony Powell's "A Dance to the music of time": searching for secret harmonies MAUniversity of Newcastle2004143
CHRISTOFORIDIS, MichaelAspects of the creative process in Manuel de Falla's neoclassical works El retablo Maese Pedro and ConcertoPhDUniversity of Melbourne19972 vol
CHU, KalalyCross-modal experience in music and visual art : their correspondences and a new perspective of appreciation in education PhDUniversity of NSW2008308
CHUA, Bee YongAutomatic extraction of perceptual features and categorization of music emotional expressions from polyphonic music audio signals PhDMonash University2007171
CHUNG, Ai LayTan Dun's death and fire: ad parnassum, animals and Paul KleeMMusUniversity of Melbourne200284
CHUNG, LisaThe development of the left thumb use in cello playing from its beginning until 1900DMAUniversity of Auckland2014112
CHURTON, WadeAlternative music in New Zealand, 1981-2001: definitions, comparisons and historyMAUniversity of Canterbury2003161
CHYNOWETH, Neville JamesThe influence of the Oxford movement on the music of the church [Communion in F].MAUniversity of Sydney19572 vol
CID, Lesley LindaAnother kind of lesson : an inside investigation of reconciling classroom music pedagogy with private piano teachingMMus(MusEd)University of Sydney2011130
CLARK, Glenn R.Production library music in adviertising : contrasts in licensing mechanismsMMus.Griffith University201195
CLARK, Imogen NicolaMusic to support physical activity in older adults with health conditionsPHDLaTrobe University2016227
CLARK, RowanAn analysis of the bass playing of Scott LaFaro as part of the Bill Evans TrioMMusVictoria University of Wellington2014202
CLARKE, Anthony ScottRealising the Ninth : Werktreue and the evolution of score modification with specific reference to the performance and recorded history of Ludwig van Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in D minor, Op. 125 DMAUniversity of Sydney2012190
CLARKE, BrendanAn investigation of the background, influences and performance practices of five Sydney based jazz double bassistsMMusUniversity of Sydney2014177
CLARKE, Graham EdwardThe principles and teaching of bel canto: the grammar of the human cry PhDMonash University1999217
CLARKE, Justin R.Synchresis : Exploring gestural relationships between musical-sound and visual-gesture on film : Synchresis as a unifying concept for exploring and creating effective multimedia relationshipsM.M.AMassey University201280p + 1 CD
CLARKE, Margaret AnnA program of instruction in braille music for teachers of visually impaired studentsDipMusEdUniversity of Western Sydney199270+
CLARKSON, TimothyChromatic Thirds Relations In The Improvisations of Mark TurnerMMusUniversity of Sydney201359
CLEAVER, DavidIlluminating musical lifeworlds : phenomenological narratives of the musical lifeworlds of five senior secondary school studentsPhDUniversity of Tasmania2004294
CLELAND, Michelle AnnThe effects of pedagogical study on the current practice of woodwind instrumental teachers in the state of Victoria, Australia M.EdMonash University2007100
CLEMEN, Hannah ElizabethThe use of principles and techniques derived from meditation for the design and creation of co-participatory musical systems MAEdith Cowan University20052 microfiche + DVD +
CLEMENTS, Lucille DesotoRock'n'roll outlaw: the expression of freedom in cultureDCAUniversity of Technology Sydney2007100
CLERKIN, ConorBeyond Imitation, Without Limitations: A Student Music Therapist Supports the Participation and Development of Young People with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties in a School SettingMMusTherVictoria University of Wellington201386
CLINCH, PeterOral tract fluctuations in clarinet and saxophone performance: an acoustical analysis PhDMonash University1980188
CLINTON, TerryO s'io potessi donna and Se pur ti guardo : a survey of accidental usage in the practical sources for two sixteenth-century four-part songs MMusUniversity of Sydney20012 vol
CLOSE, KathrynThe history and development of violin and violoncello duetsMMusUniversity of Queensland200370
CLOUGH, Brent StephenOuternational reggae culturesMAUniversity of Technology Sydney1999213 + CD
COADY, Christopher WilliamAfro-modernist compositional strategies in selected works by John Lewis: 1952-1962PhDUniversity of NSW2011310
COBB, DonellaAn exploration of children’s attitudes towards singing MMus Ed.University of NSW20071 vol
COCKS, KathleenThe place of the Rock Eisteddfod Challenge in the extracurricular contextM.EdUniversity of Western Aust.2001129
CODDINGTON, Anna PinengaSinging as we speak? : an exploratory investigation of singing pronunciation in New Zealand popular music MAUniversity of Auckland2004135
COLE, AmandaCompositions exploring microtonal structures and interference beats : portfolio of compositions and analytical notesPhDUniversity of Sydney2008133 + 1 CD + 1 DVD
COLE, David RobertInstrumental music in the secondary schoolDipMusEd (Hons)University of Newcastle1974154
COLE, David RobertThe significance of the organ works of Olivier MessiaenDipMusEd (Hons)University of Sydney1974156
COLE, FredCreative practices in Australian techno and other electronica : a folio of original compositions and supporting documentation PhDSouthern Cross University1999221
COLE, Malcolm ATropical Sounds: A Music Education History of Cairns and Yarrabah: 1930 to 1970PhDJames Cook University2014
COLE, Malcolm A.The role of the etude in the development of the Australian tertiary violinistMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1997143
COLE, SuzanneThe reception of the sacred choral music of Thomas Tallis in nineteenth-century EnglandPhDUniversity of Melbourne2004203
COLEMAN, Jennie J.Transmigration of the Piob Mhor : the Scottish Highland piping tradition in the South Island of New Zealand, with particular reference to Southland, Otago, and South Canterbury to 1940PhDUniversity of Otago1996744
COLLARD, PhilipThe neural representation of structural musical processing in musicians and non-musiciansMScUniversity of Auckland200479
COLLETT, MorwennaThe role of Australian youth orchestras in the development of young musicians : a case study of the Queensland Youth OrchestraMMus StudsGriffith University20051 vol + 1 audio CD
COLLINGRIDGE, Lorna MarieMusic as evocative power: the intersection of music with images of the Divine in the songs of Hildegard of Bingen PhDGriffith University2004301
COLLINS, Anita MarieBigger, better brains: neuroscience, music education and the pre-service early childhood and primary (elementary) generalist teacherPhDUniversity of Melbourne2012291
COLLINS, GrantSolo Drumset: Revering the Drumset as a Solo Instrument with Expansions for the Instrument, Notation, Physical Expression and Compositional WorksDMAGriffith University2014238
COLLINS, Megan EricaThe Minangkabau Rabab Pasisia : music, performance and practice in West Sumatra Indonesia PhDVictoria University of Wellington20022 vol + 10 CDs
COLLINS, StephenThe greater right of the wrong [copyright]PhDMacquarie University2006365
COLLINS, Susan MayThe violin and piano music of Raymond HansenDCAUniversity of Wollongong20052 vol
COLLINS, Zelda T.The technique of elision: tonal procedures in the Preludes of Claude DebussyPhDUniversity of Otago1997506
COLLYER, SallyThe use of computers in aurally based voice classification for solo classical singersMMusGriffith University1997190
COLSON, GeoffroyCompositional Ethnomusicology and the Tahitian Musical Landscape: Towards Meta-Sustainability through Creative Practice Research Informed by Ethnographic FieldworkPhDUniversity of Sydney20162 Vols
COLVILLE FLETCHER, JanelleReligious music in everyday life: adolescents’ identity work in Catholic schoolingPhDUniversity of Queensland2015259
COMINOS, Margaret C. PatrikeosTranscriptions of 17 kontakia from Codex Ashburnham 64 MAUniversity of New England197985
COMINOS, Margaret C. PatrikeosThe rhetorical bias of Romanos' thought-world: musico-textual implications for his kontakiaPhDUniversity of Adelaide1991301
COMTE, Martin MiltonCreativity and the general music programme at the junior secondary level in Victoria and South AustraliaM.EdLaTrobe University1976402
COMTE, Martin MiltonArts Education in the State School system in Victoria, Australia: 1945 to 1980.PhDOverseas1983336
CONLEY, David JaedynComposition folioMMusUniversity of Melbourne2004136
CONNELL, RobertBrigands on the virtual sea: online music piracy and copyright under Australian law in the digital age? [Law]University of Western Aust.1999NS
CONNELLY, Kathrine JaneWomen in exercise to music : individual experiences of influences to be slim MADeakin University1997140
CONNELLY, Patrice C.The Viola da Gamba: the development of its technique and pedagogy to the presentMMusUniversity of Sydney1995139
CONNIE, MeredithAn aesthetic of resistance : exploring a distorted soundworld in American popular music of the 20th century MPhilUniversity of Sydney2000191
CONNOR, Pamela KA study of music and/or muscle relaxation and specific participant variables and their relationship with state anxiety reduction M.Ed (Couns)University of Canberra1999373
CONNORS, Teresa MarieMaster of Music in CompositionMMusUniversity of Waikato201352
CONNORS, Teresa MarieMaster of Music in CompositionMMusUniversity of Waikato201359
CONRAU, NatashaThe contextualization of Peter Sculthorpe's Irkanda IMMusPerfUniversity of Melbourne201289
CONYNGHAM, BarryFolio of compositionsDMusUniversity of Melbourne1979?4 vol
CONYNGHAM, BarryEdward John Eyre [music] ; Five for wind quintet ; Ends for solo piano ; Five windows ; Water - footsteps - time MAUniversity of Sydney19735 scores
COOK, IanTempo indications of Mozart [manuscript] : an analytical study of performance practice in the twentieth century as it relates to The Magic Flute and The Marriage of FigaroPhDUniversity of Newcastle2008373
COOK, LauraAudiovisual synchrony perception and organisation in complex sequencesPhDUniversity of Western Aust.2011167
COOK, PhilippaThe vocal accompanist : an examination of the pianist's role in the performance of Australian contemporary art songs MMus (Perf)University of Sydney200655
COOK, Shane SamuelMinimum message length comparison of musical sequencesMScUniversity of Waikato1994114
COOMBES, Alison OdineSchubert, interpreter of romantic love through song MAUniversity of Auckland2000156
COONEY, PhilipBeyond Sacred and Maninya: The Music of Ross Edwards 1991-2001PhDUniversity of Newcastle2003449
COOPER, Alison ClaireInsights from music therapy assessment : single session encounters with children and young people who may be blind or low vision, and who may have additional or complex needs MMusTherNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2006248
COOPER, Carl GeraldThe contribution of contemporary Australian composers to the tenor concert repertoire GradDipMusAustralian National University199868
COOPER, ChrisAccounts of developing absolute pitch in young children's music educationPhDDeakin University2009207
COOPER, Judith RuthFrom random and fragmented playing to more organised, meaningful forms : an inquiry into rhythm's unique qualities in facilitating such changes in music therapy and their therapeutic significance for clients with complex needs MMusTherapyMassey University2006185
COOPER, Sharon AnneYouth and the production of popular music: the generational rift M.EdUniversity of Newcastle199869
COOPER, Tonya"Sometimes I live in the country, sometimes I live in town" : discourses of authenticity, cultural capital, and the rural/urban dichotomy in alternative country musicM.AVictoria University of Wellington2012132
COOPER-DE VRIES, Teresa M.To be or not to be : balancing process and product in the classical piano lesson through improvisationMMusUniversity of Auckland201483
COOTE, Darryl GlenThe influence of Alfred Cortot on the performance, teaching and research-editing of piano music from the Romantic era MMusUniversity of Melbourne198950
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