Writersort iconThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pages
STAPLETON, PeterThe rockumentaries, direct cinema, and the politics of the 1960sMAUniversity of Otago2011153
STANLEY, Michael BrookeParticipant music listening behaviours in interactive multimedia music instructionPhDUniversity of Sydney1999345
STANLEY, MichaelPulling music out of thin air [kit] : an introduction to the Theremin (documentation of the development of a multimedia CAI program) MMus Ed.University of Sydney199344 + 5 disks
STANLEY, Jane E.A study of bricolage in Elena Kats-Chernin's opera IphisMMusUniversity of Sydney2000110
STANLEY, Jane E.Folio of compositionsPhDUniversity of Sydney200550+189+2CDs
STANKE, StevenNeo-classicism in four chamber operas of Darius Milhaud : an examination of traditional elements within his musical language MMusGriffith University1996266
STANKE, StevenEssential and inevitable ideas: a musico-dramatic analysis of Fritz Hart's 1919 opera "The Fantasticks" op. 35PhDUniversity of Melbourne2010
STANIC, VioletaA garden for Percy's delightMAMonash University2000130
STANHOPE, PaulThe music of Ross Edwards: aspects of ritualMA (Hons)University of Wollongong19942 vol + cass
STANHOPE, PaulCompositions by Paul Stanhope : a personal geography PhDUniversity of Sydney19992vol+2cd
STANHOPE, David RichardOrchestration in the 21st century: portfolio of compositions and exegesisMaster of Philosophy University of Adelaide2016457
STAMENOVIC, MionaEngagement in music therapy : a detailed study of communication between the therapist and client presenting with severe and multiple handicapsMMus TherapyNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2010108
STAINSBY, Thomas HaroldThe perception of musical sounds with cochlear implantsPhDUniversity of Melbourne2000286
STAFFORD, AndrewPig city: from The Saints to Savage GardenMAQueensland University of Technology2004326
STACHURSKI, Michael RaymundWe will sing our own songs : a content analysis of selected Presbyterian hymnals, 1982-1993 MLISVictoria University of Wellington2004114
STACEY, Brian JMusic education and the hearing impaired child: an experimental programMMusUniversity of Queensland1980215
ST. GEORGE, Jennifer MaryThe subjectivity of musical learning understanding participation in instrumental music instructionPhDUniversity of Newcastle2010390
St GEORGE, Jennifer MThe role of the instrumental teacher in the learning processMMusUniversity of South Queensland2003ns
SQUIRES, KerynStaff perceptions of how music therapy can support palliative care patients in a New Zealand / Aotearoa hospice, with a particular focus on spiritual careMMusTherNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2011102
SPRECHER, KateThe neural basis of perceptual integration and expertise in the auditory processing of musicMScUniversity of Otago201251
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SPIROU, PenelopeThe contemporary musical biopic: representing the lives of music artists in 21st century cinemaPhDMacquarie University2011304
SPICER, Michael JohnA portfolio of compositions based on trajectories through musical state spacesPhDMonash University2016
SPICER, LukeOrchestral viola professional practice and performance techniqueMMusUniversity of Sydney200845
SPICCIA, JessicaFrancesco Balilla Pratella (1880-1955) and futurism in musicMMusUniversity of Melbourne1998161
SPENCER, Deborah AThe French melodie and German Lied with special focus on the songs of Henri Duparc: an essay of critical analysis MCAUniversity of Newcastle20002 vol
SPEARRITT, Gordon DonaldThe music of the Iatmul people of the Middle Sepik River (Papua New Guinea): with special reference to instrumental music of Kandangai and AibomPhDUniversity of Queensland19802 vol
SPARGO, SophieTowards the evolution of style: Einstein’s garden and somewhere between the sky and the seaMMusUniversity of Sydney2014107
SPANNEY, K.D.Aspects of form in electronic musicMAUniversity of Western Aust.19691 vol
SOUTHGATE (MARTIN), Rosemary.An analysis of Mozart's Don Giovanni, with particular reference to characterizationMAUniversity of Otago196781
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SOUTH, Pei-GwenRussian music in England 1895-1939 : a history of its receptionPhDUniversity of Queensland2001312
SOUTER, Tony MichaelEye movement, memory and tempo in the sight reading of keyboard musicPhDUniversity of Sydney2001255
SOTHERAN, Joy MareeCan creativity be accommodated In the competency paradigm? : a music industry case studyPhDUniversity of Technology Sydney2013369
SORRELL, UrsulaThe other side of the contemporary teen queen: an examination of the compelling structures of music videoMAUniversity of Otago2004139
SORKIN, EvgenySecure foundations of advanced violin playing : Analysing technical development and systematic pedagogical use of etudesDMAUniversity of Sydney2012164
SONG, Sun-JuAn analysis of selected sonata-form movements in Schubert's string quartets /MMusGriffith University1999125
SONG, Sun-JuMusic analysis and the avant-garde compositions of post-world war II: four case studiesPhDGriffith University20112 v.
SOMMERVELLE, ChristopherThinking in sound: a survey of audiation in Australian music studentsPHDUniversity of Melbourne2015191
SOLOMONS, Roger MalcolmAbsolute pitch : a widespread latent ability responsive to training using a new chroma-isolation method PhDUniversity of NSW2002571
SOLOMONA, TelesiaTeuila : an ethnography of Samoan music and identityMAUniversity of Otago2009133
SOH, Chew MayClassifying music performance using k-nearest neighbor classification MITMonash University2006157
SNOWDON, John.The marginPhDLaTrobe University2013320
SNOOK, StephenKinesthetic analysis and performance practice in post-tonal composition for guitar PhDUniversity of Sydney1998415
SNELL, DaveWhat's it like to be a heretic? Heavy metal communities in practise.MSocScUniversity of Waikato2006120
SNELL, DaveThe everyday Bogans: Identity and community amongst Heavy Metal fansPhDUniversity of Waikato2012235
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SMOUT, nNaomiConfessions and reflections on performing Twentieth-century Argentine piano musicMMusUniversity of Western Aust.201580
SMITH, YvonnePut your ear to the track: riding Alt Country, the songline of Grace: a religionless gospel for the 21st centuryMAUniversity of Canterbury2005185
SMITH, StruanNew dimensions in percussion : 'Black snow' by Michael Smetanin MMusUniversity of NSW199374
SMITH, Russell HughAlbert Lortzing, Der Wildschutz : the creative process MMusUniversity of Tasmania1988525 + cass
SMITH, RossEffective practice : a study of three advanced piano students MMus (Mus Ed.)University of Sydney2005146 + 4 vid
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SMITH, Robert GeorgeIndigenous Australian music and dance in West-centrically oriented primary classrooms : evaluating the initiation, application and appropriateness of a series of customised teaching and learning strategies designed to communicate musical and related understandings interculturallyD.TeachNorthern Territory University Darwin1998202
SMITH, Robert AHandedness and achievement of young beginner pianists on elementary performance tasks MA (Hons)University of Wollongong1991243
SMITH, Peter AnthonyComputer Aided Statistical Analysis of Motive Use and Compositional IdiomMMusUniversity of Sydney201283
SMITH, Mark MervynCertain aspects of Baroque music for the violoncello as finally exemplified in the suites for unaccompnaied violoncello by Johann Sebastian Bach DPhilFlinders University1983186
SMITH, Mark ColinCasting brass: a portfolio of original compositions and exegesisPhDUniversity of Adelaide2013432
SMITH, MargeryImprovisation as a Catalyst for Collaborative Musical Thinking and CompositionPhDUniversity of Newcastle2006186 + 8 Cds
SMITH, Kylie DeborahHarmonisation with nature: enhancing health education through empathetic ecomusicationPhDUniversity of Newcastle2015468
SMITH, JudyBjörk, buskers and songbirds : realism and the revision in the musical genreMAUniversity of Auckland200886
SMITH, Jacqueline ElizabethMemory for musical rhythms: the effect of skillPhDMacquarie University1984191
SMITH, Gregory MichaelPerformance practice issues in Russian piano musicMCAUniversity of Newcastle2003243 + 4 CDs
SMITH, GraemeThe social meaning of Irish button accordian playing styles from 1900-1975PhDMonash University1990505
SMITH, GeorginaSomething old something new : the development of the saxophone quartet and interpreting Alexander Glazunov's Quartet for saxophones op. 109MMusUniversity of Tasmania201165 + CD
SMITH, FelicityThe music of Rene Drouard de Bousset (1703-1760) : a source study and stylistic survey, with emphasis on his sacred output MMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2008166; 92
SMITH, Dianne MarieDeci-belles : gender and power in sound engineering for popular music in New ZealandPhDUniversity of Otago2009368
SMITH, AndyPat Metheny : composing to exploit the sound of the guitar MMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)200891
SMITH, AndrewSaxophone promotion through pedagogical textsMMusUniversity of Sydney201055
SMITH, Adriann Anne HerronSeeing ourselves on stage : revealing ideas about Pā̄kehā cultural identity through theatrical performancePhDUniversity of Otago2010351 + CD
SMETANIN, MichaelObject and Shape [+ original compositions]PhDUniversity of Sydney2005109 + 6 scores 1 CD
SMART, RonnieThe role linguistic, stylistic and sociocultural factors play in the popularity of contemporary Chinese-English codeswitching pop songs among urban youth in Shanghai PhD (Chinese)University of Canterbury2013
SMART, Gabriella JoyTristram Cary scenes from a composer's lifeMMusUniversity of Adelaide2009193 + CD
SMART, BonnieLeon Caron and the music profession in AustraliaMMusUniversity of Melbourne200367
SMALL, Stephen KenethSongs of Middle America: Burt Bacharach and Hal David in the SixtiesMAUniversity of Otago2002195
SMALL, Stephen KenethPopular music, genre and the keyboardDMAUniversity of Auckland2009138 + 1 CD
Slynn, DarrenMusic, place and public space: street music in Rundle Mall, South AustraliaMPhilUniversity of Adelaide2017131
SLOWO, NathanMusic: a programme of creative music to cultivate concepts and social competence in children with developmental and learning disabilities M.EdMonash University1981375
SKRZYPCZAK, Sabina.Some aspects of correlation between music and text in chansons from Harmonice musices odhecaton-A : an approach through semiotics MMusUniversity of Sydney19842 vol
SKIPWORTH, LachlanMoments of Ma : aspects of shakuhachi honkyoku and their integration into a compositional approachMMusUniversity of Sydney201059 + portfolio
SKINNER, Janine EvelynThe establishment of the Luton Music Service United Kingdom as a multifaceted model of instrumental education M.PsychMonash University2006162
SKINNER, GraemeToward a general history of Australian musical composition: first national music, 1788-c.1860PhDUniversity of Sydney2010581
SKEWES, KatrinaThe Experience of Group Music Therapy for Six Bereaved AdolescentsPhDUniversity of Melbourne2001642
SKARECKY, JanaDuality in the music of Peter SculthorpeMMus (Comp)University of Sydney198785
SIVARAJ, SargunamoorthyHearing in various age groups of orchestral musicians and progression of hearing loss with increased number of years of music exposure PhDMassey University20111 v.
SIU, Rhonda ClaireMusic and human existencePhDUniversity of NSW2014294
SIPOS-ORI, RobertFolk influences in Bela Bartok's Ten easy pieces and Allegro BarbaroMMusUniversity of Melbourne200161
SINGER, LoisAbsolute pitch judgement : the ability of Yamaha, Suzuki, and Traditional music studentsM.EdUniversity of Melbourne1992165
SIMPSON, Kathryn MaryThe Use of musical elements to influence the learning of receptive communication skills in children with autismPhDAustralian Catholic University2013292
SIMPSON, CheralynBéla Bartók’s Viola Concerto which published edition should I perform?MMusMonash University2016
SIMPSON, Adrienne MarieTwo Georgian songwriters: Ivor Gurney and Peter WarlockMAVictoria University of Wellington1964114
SIMPER, Doug AVenus in Eritrea : an original work for music theatre PhDSouthern Cross University1999NS
SIMPER, Doug AThe research and design of an original piano curriculum 'Hands on Music'M.EdUniversity of NSW1994179
SIMONS, TanyaApproaches to Tchaikovsky's sixth symphony : a comparative analysis of three recordings MMus StudUniversity of Queensland199948
SIMON, Scott LawrenceDivine arcadian technologies : a cycle of recorded electronic musical works and exegesisMMusUniversity of Adelaide201190 + CD
SIMMERMACHER, ChristianDetecting instruments in classical music : a view on timbre, musical features, and classification MScUniversity of Otago200585
SIMATUPANG, Gabriel Roosmargo Lono LastoroThe development of dangdut and its meanings: a study of popular music in Indonesia MAMonash University1996127
SILLS, DavidA commentary on teaching fundamental cello technique, referring to the methods of Mei-Lee Stocker and Feulliard's 'Methode du Jeune Violoncelliste' and 'Technique de Violoncello' Volumes 1-3 M.PhilUniversity of Queensland200390
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