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COSAITIS, WeiAn investigation of primary music education in Victorian schools: a single case studyPhDMonash University2012308
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COSTELLO, ChristopherThe timpaniMMusUniversity of Adelaide1990167
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CRAWSHAW, Sandra NoelineThe Reception of the Music of Cécile Chaminade in Colonial New Zealand (1894 - 1934): Contexts and InstitutionsMArtsUniversity of Otago2015
CREIGHTON, Alison, LPlay songs and lullabies : features of emotional communication and developing mother-infant attachmentPhDUniversity of Western Sydney2014
CRESSWELL, IanCritical commentary [electronic resource]MPhilUniversity of Queensland2009
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CRIMMINS, BettinaLe Roseau Chantant : reflective doument outlining use of vocal repertoire to aid development of a wider interpretative palette on the oboe, through the recital "Le Rose Chantant" held on November 5MMusGriffith University201142 + DVD
CRISP, DeborahChopin as composer and pianist: stylistic sourcesMMusAustralian National University1994154
CRISPIN, Judith MichellePillars of the temple: the Busoni-Sitsky esoteric traditionPhDAustralian National University20032 vol + 1 CD
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CROFT, GraemeThe human body as an instrument: an investigation into its musicMMusRMIT University2015115
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CROWE, SusanDance, drama and music [electronic resource] : a foundation for education : a study on implementing the performing arts in the early years of educationPhDRMIT University20071 CDRom
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CURKPATRICK, Surekha.Tertiary flute students’ listening habits regarding live performances and commercial recordings : the influence of listening on students’ attitudes towards study, practice, performance and further listening.MMusUniversity of Adelaide2012229
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CUSKELLY, JamesThe Search for Meaning in Music Education: Reflections on Difference and Practice.PhDUniversity of Queensland2007NS
CUTLAN, PaulDifferent every time : the integration of improvisation into through-composed musicM.MusUniversity of Sydney201276p +1CD
CVETKOVSKI, TrajceThe political economy of the music industry : technological change and the political control of music PhDUniversity of Queensland2004272
CWACH, Michael.The pukl and Chodsko : aspects of linkage between a bagpipe and an ethnographic regionPhDUniversity of Canterbury2012583p +2 DVD
CYBA, Hanna DorotaA performer's guide to the piano sonatas by Carl VineDMAOverseas2002102
CZAPLOWSKI, PhilipThe use of multiple styles as a compositional approach PhDMonash University20072 vol + CD
D'ARCY, SingThe organ as architecture : reconfiguring the ecclesiastical space of the Hispanic BaroquePhDUniversity of Sydney2010
D'OMBRAIN, Geoffrey RobertThe concept of the electronic music studio North America 1972 MMusUniversity of Melbourne1974264
DAHM, RobertFolio of compositions [music] M.Mus.University of Melbourne200887
DALE, Mark StephenThe Ponce-Segovia collaboration : creating the modern guitar repertory PhDMonash University2005311
DALE, TomMusic video: texts and contexts, at home and abroadMAUniversity of Auckland1995144
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DALTON, Fion Margaret PageTransforming Dalit identity : ancient drum beat, new songMDev.Stud.Victoria University of Wellington2008179
DALTON, Grant B.Nigel Westlake's "Omphalo Centric Lecture": A guide for performance including a biography of the composer and an examination of the different versions of the workDMAOverseas2006181
DAMBERG, ErikExotic Australia songs from the 1920s-1950sMAMacquarie University200367 + 2 CDs
The nature, cause and trajectory of emerging business models in the digital music sector: opportunities for specialised musiciansPhDAustralian Catholic University2010325
DANIEL, RyanChallenging the orthodoxy : an alternative strategy for the tertiary teaching of pianoPhDJames Cook University2005IN PROCESS
DANILLON, RegisThe solo piano works of Roger-Ducasse: an analysis of styleMMusUniversity of Queensland198881
DART, Peter J.Criticism in a developing culture : Australian music periodicals to 1931PhDUniversity of Queensland1998360
DART, WilliamHubert Parry and Cyril Scott two post-Victorian songwriters. With an introductory essay on the musical problems of Great Britain in the nineteenth centuryPhDUniversity of Auckland1975456
DART, WilliamThe lieder of Franz LisztMMusUniversity of Auckland1970296
DASS, RozitaTowards a theory of how teachers and students in Singapore secondary schools deal with literature in English studiesPhDUniversity of Western Aust.2011254
DASSENAIKE, Nilusha RanjiniSinhala folk music : its vocal traditions and stylistic nuancesMPhilAustralian National University201289 + CD
DAVENPORT, Andrew RussellThe development of alternate picking and plectrum technique for the electric guitarMAUniversity of Waikato1998124 + 1 comp laser o
DAVENPORT, Andrew RussellPaganini's 24 caprices, opus 1: a transcription for electric guitar, and analysis and development of the techniques to perform themPhDMassey University20082 v. : col. ill., mu
DAVENPORT, Charles H.H.Paul Rolland and his teaching: applications to the cello in different contextsMMusVictoria University of Wellington2005170
DAVESON, Barbara AliciaA grounded theory study of music therapists' and clients' experiences and descriptions of temporality within music therapyPhDUniversity of Melbourne2007281
DAVIDSON, GaryCommunity Music Therapy: A Pathway to a Sense of Belonging in a SchoolM.Mus.TherVictoria University of Wellington201364
DAVIDSON, Gary HaydenAnatomy of pop music: the work of pop performer and how their work is judgedMAUniversity of Melbourne199586
DAVIDSON, JimThe career of a musical expatriate : Louise Hanson-Dyer of l'oiseau-lyre, 1927-1962PhDUniversity of Melbourne1992668
DAVIDSON, RobertFolio of compositions and critical commentaryPhDUniversity of Queensland20012 vol
DAVIDSON-IRWIN, Rhonda G.The role of Chinese music in the Queensland primary school curriculumMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1997161
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